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  1. Oops... SmoothText didn't cause any of the Word problems...
  2. Uh oh: picture Oo I never noticed that until now... Don't know how far back this bug goes. Also a bug with WinRAR is fixed now: The addition/extraction process won't budge unless I rapidly move my cursor over the window. Now it just works. FF3.0.6 setup freezes at Choose what type of install dialog as well...
  3. I never really considered SmoothText as a software in progress. The very early versions (0.4-0.5) were slow for word editing and powerpoint slide editing (slow computer ya know.) Now it's just always there.
  4. True the painting bugs on menu's are fixed... but only when the mouse is not moving. If you move the mouse really quickly across the menu, you'll see that the text will "jump out at you". Granted this is the same behavior as before, although in 0.6.6 it left the reminants of the text. Now, it doesn't. Given it's kind of hard to screenshot something that only appears while in motion... I hope I've explained it well enough... It's not interfering with anything, just kind of an eyesore.
  5. The pop-up menu fonts are going crazy... it unsmoothes entries that I hover over, and leaves a few pixels. screenshot Other than that, things seem faster... What painting bug was re-introduced in 0.6.2? Didn't notice anything. EDIT: Some menus are showing up blank until hovered over. Not present in 0.6.2 (last version I kept)
  6. Word and Powerpoint are zooming along much faster Have you ever noticed that in the MSFN forum, when the mouse hovers over a member name on the left column, the entire page shifts slightly? Doesn't show up anywhere else that I know of... Also, scrolling the text input cursor by arrow keys leaves trails... Is it trying to smooth that one pixel line?
  7. It's so much faster now; SYSTEM32 loads almost instantaneously now
  8. Hi everybody! I've been working on this bootscreen for a few weeks now to replace the standard Windows 2000 boot screen. The 2000 animated bar is much more suitable for the glass bar. I took the glass bar from Vishal's Windows 7 Bootscreen for Vista, which can be found here: Link. Unfortunately I couldn't figure out how to extract the actual image from the given Vista files, so I used the screen shot. Would be awesome to move the progressbar in 2000's NTOSKRNL like in XP's. Anyone know some hex codes to change? EDIT: Screenshot ------------------------------------------------- Update: I fixed some dithering artifacts... Also added a visible progressbar. I might consider adding a Windows flag logo on it... ------------------------------------------------- Windows_7_Boot_Screen_for_Windows_2000.zip Version_2.zip
  9. I think you can use recovery console and do this: EDIT: Or another OS. That works too. Rename the \WIN-NT\SYSTEM32\CONFIG\SYSTEM file to SYSTEM.BAD Copy the \WIN-NT\SYSTEM32\CONFIG\SYSTEM.ALT file to SYSTEM This restores an older copy of the System hive and might fix it. That error occurs occasionally to my Windows 2000 and I would just have to change it to the ALT version and everything would be fine.
  10. Woot! A few problems with Chinese fonts. Even XP's ClearType has enough problems with it. So I recommend adding Asian fonts into the exclusion list by default. Either it's just my computer's slowness, or SmoothText causes more flicker in long lists and quickly updated text than usual...
  11. Bleh. Something in 0.5.9 made Times New Roman look like it gained a couple pixels of width. It looks nothing like the original font. Not present in 0.5.7. Speed-ups are noticeable with 0.5.9. The SmoothText list box text reverts to non-smoothed when clicked (certain conditions) and don't return to smoothed until it is hovered over. The checkmark option doesn't unhook all processes... It's be nice if toggling smoothing was as easy as clicking the tray icon. Great improvements but at the moment I am sticking to 0.5.7 because the wide Times New Roman makes my head spin with all of the documents I have to write for school. EDIT: Never mind, I forgot to restart Word. Times New Roman looks normal now.
  12. Everything's A-Okay. A while back I had an exception error involving TextHook.dll, didn't bother to keep it. The thing is, the whole program stayed running and didn't crash. Looks almost exactly like XP's ClearType, excellent work!
  13. eBoostr's early version 3 betas caused a few hassles using anything but RAM cache. True, booting up doesn't speed up as much... But then again, I use Hibernate. It keeps my ancient P3 waking up almost as fast as a C2D cold boot. I wonder if theres a way to speed up 2000's Hibernate. I heard XP uses a different compression algorithm... Anyways, I doubt using a kernel extender to emulate functions on 2000 to support antivirus is very wise. In my view, it tries to protect loopholes that may not exist in 2000 using XP API's and possibly undocumented/highly different system hooks. Therefore it's probably really easy to cause BSOD's. From personal experience, I haven't had any viruses on a 2000 system without any protection. Now I use KIS7 just to be safe. It has a few problems involving eating up random cpu cycles but I fixed it somehow. If only we could get Windows Live Messenger 8 to properly work with all the bells and whistles... I miss offline messages.
  14. You could always seperate the TClock3 and SmoothText aspects. Or distribute them together but run them as seperate programs?
  15. Awesomeness. My Taskbar is replaced by ObjectBar, so it's all good. Too bad TClock3 fails to work on my computer... It walks the tightrope and usually falls off.
  16. Here is my desktop. [sarcasm]completely not making another vista look-alike[/sarcasm] Link
  17. Awesome new interface! Everything looks great! It even works on XP
  18. Hmm... I was wondering why certain things were looking off. MS Sans Serif (or some other similar font) when put through SmoothText ends up thinner than usual. Other fonts, like Segoe UI, are wider when put through SmoothText (actually more pleasant due to it's wider proportions). Some diagrams drawn in Paint are included. Not a major problem, just a heads up.
  19. I don't think porting XP's Prefetcher is a very easy task (compared to the already difficult task of tacking on XP API's to 2000). Not to sound like an expert or anything (I'm not. ), porting the way an OS handles file writes requires a complete taking over of the kernel's functionality, making it do what you want it to do. I do know of a program made by the Russian company MDO called eBoostr, it apparently adds Vista SuperFetch and ReadyBoost functionality to XP. Works with 2000 too.
  20. Awesome! The frames show proper controls now, really quick bug fix too!
  21. Oh my. SmoothText seems to have messed up controls within frames. Also, whatever Wikipedia's article font is, it looks too thin at Ctrl+0 (Normal Size) in firefox.
  22. WOOHOO Tahoma is normal width now. In the before time it looked way way way too narrow... IMHO Segoe UI is a smidge too thin. Could you add a way to use the old algorithm for certain fonts? Tried to look at your source for the Subpixel.pas... Found Assembler, Nice! Unfortunately I don't understand a word of Assembler. I'll try to decipher the logics of it... See if I can port the frameworks it to VB to test speed if weighting is added... ATM... Very confused. Don't kill yourself over SmoothText... It's not worth it! It won't hurt us to wait a while before getting updates. (Can't get enough of the MSFN emoticons. )
  23. Confirm similar bug. The Time/Date dialog is resized weirdly. Other than that... No other incompatibilities seen so far. It'd be nice if one could adjust the boldness (weighting) of semi-filled pixels. That would be awesome.
  24. I did notice a similar thing to hpj2's dialog box. Virtual PC 2007 showed me a dialog that looked like that for a second. Reflexively pressed Enter before noticing it. Anyway, I think it's not program specific. Both occured in a dialog box. From my experience of dialog boxes in Reshacker... The word that shows up there is just filler until the program puts the proper text in. Not sure though. But I did have a hard lock up in 0.4.7. Had a temporary lock-up using 0.4.8 while opening Photoshop. BTW, did you see the Cleartype in 98/ME thread by Tihiy? I think SmoothText has gone beyond Cleartype's capabilities... Although IMHO... The SmoothText algorithm could use a bit more pixel boundary snapping. Tahoma is rather blurry ATM. Enough rambling for now.
  25. Woot! The text isn't missing anymore... Although... Task Manager got... a new "facelift" as Microsoft might call it. It's showing through and has some text corruption not seen before 0.4.6. I apologize if I'm causing any inconveniences here... Great software, bad Microsoft.
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