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  1. Also seems to correspond with the behavior; scrolling makes things go wonky. Maybe it's because Firefox now renders things DWM style? As in it draws things somewhere else where window size is irrelevant? This may also be related to another funny thing I found while testing in VM; when SmoothText is started at a 640x480 resolution for example, it smoothes text on the desktop (icon labels). However, increasing the resolution to 800x600 will cause any icon labels outside the initial 640x480 rectangle to not draw. Restarting SmoothText on 800x600 resolution fixes the problem. No other text I found is affected. Perhaps this is the same thing?
  2. The bug seems sound like the ones that have appeared. Can't wait for 1.0.0!
  3. Okay, then it's the VM special mouse driver stuff. Once I remake a new disc that has SATA, I'll be hopefully trying to get it to work on an actual install. For now I'll just assume what I do to it works. I'll also try uninstalling the special mouse driver. BTW. are those pictures reshacked or SmoothText drawn?
  4. Okie-dokie. The checkbox hovers have green dots so I would recognize them. test.rar
  5. Here's my INI. If you need the image files I'll upload them. test.ini
  6. Hey Wildbill, I'm not having much success with the HOT states. I've tried the checkbox and the button, and none of them activate the HOT image. However, it may be due to the VM mouse driver. Can you report if you are able to make the hover image work?
  7. Ahh... I thought frame 3 was assigned to the down state... Oo EDIT: Evidently it is assigned to both I'll try making a new frame for it. EDIT2: It was supposed to be frame 6 apparently, the button section in the top part claims 6 frames, the component declarations use 1,2,3,4,5,3. So I assume the Hot (last one) is supposed to be 6. EDIT3: Blaaah. Forgot it starts with 0.
  8. I didn't find a hover frame in any of the predefined Gridlok.ini, so I assume it has to be activated somewhere in the bottom half of the INI? And this feature is already in 0.9.9?
  9. I'll send you my aero skin once I get the taskbar and start button done. By the way, do buttons, checkboxes, etc have a highlighted state image?
  10. SmoothText includes font substitutions, but I don't think it will substitute sizes. I'm booting my 2000 VM right now, and I'll look around. (1600x1200 15" screen ) Have you tried the Windows Standard Large appearance style? EDIT: I just tried it; it doesn't help much. Lots of stuff are still the same size. And since you're doing CAD work you can't really turn down the resolution.
  11. Interesting.... and true most of their hotfixes are out of date. I did find out about BCUPDATE2.EXE there, just no idea how to use it. But anyways, some buttons/checkboxes/etc aren't being drawn properly on certain windows. Most notably the Folder Options page. All radio buttons are not visible. And I managed to snag a video of the popup menu text jumping around using VMWare, but it's 21MB in size, so I've uploaded it to RapidShare. http://rapidshare.com/files/260070479/Wind...ional_Movie.avi If you look closely, you'll see that the positions of stuff change on hover and after hover. I haven't gotten around to skinning the taskbar, because I've been working on my TT port of 7 aero. Hope you're enjoying your summer! B)
  12. I'd just take ownership of the whole hive and propagate permissions through the entire hive (probably not really a smart idea). Maybe this will help? http://support.microsoft.com/kb/245031
  13. Mmm... That'd aid in diagnosing problems a lot, seeing as the next version will have individual registry values for each control. Explorer is really fragile; Daedalus causes it to give off the Runtime errors. Nonetheless, good to hear you've made progress . I was going back through the thread and noticed this Edit I missed before: You don't happen to still have the site do you? My French is passable... I've taken to running 2000 in VM on 7 on my secondary laptop monitor to keep my cores cooler... I've become so frustrated by 7's horrible new Library system and lack of easy access to the desktop in Open/Save dialogs and the complete lack of My Docs. Microsoft thinks it has to organize my files the way they want.
  14. Maybe it got moved to a Group Policy? I never knew that feature existed.
  15. Okay I installed those drivers, now Graphics is at 2.4 rather than 2.3. Gaming graphics is still 4.9. Gonna go try a game now. EDIT: A few frames of improvement in Doom 3. What is the relation between the two supposed to be? I'd think Gaming Graphics < Graphics...
  16. I honestly don't know which ones, but I'd say it's in KERNEL32 or USER32...
  17. It's a Mobile Intel 965 Express Chipset Family (Integrated laptop card) It installed it's own driver when I installed 7 somehow. The device shows up as a Mobile Intel ® 965 Express Chipset Family (Microsoft Corporation - Prerelease WDDM 1.1). I am able to play Doom 3 (10-20FPS), Crysis (3-10FPS), and CSS (20-40 FPS) on this card in Windows 7.
  18. I dunno... Maybe try another shell (xplorer2 lite?) If other shells show the same behavior, then maybe it's the icon drawing API's. That might have been caused by KDW not unreplacing a file somewhere...
  19. Just wondering, anyone else seeing strange readings from the Windows Experience Index? Mine says my Graphics subscore is 2.3, but my Gaming graphics score is 4.9. :blink:
  20. I'm almost finished porting Windows 7's aero windows to TT. Rebuilt all of the elements from scratch (except for reflection map), so there are a few pixels with color shades that are a bit off. For those wondering, 7's titlebar is bigger, and the buttons are also bigger. The maximized state is not opaque like in Vista anymore, and is transparent just like normal windows. I still need to find somewhere in 7 that will show me the ? titlebar button, and I still have to make the standalone close button (the one where it is by itself and closed on the left). Without further ado: (Based on another Vista theme, but replaced all config and images with my own (except for the filler PNGs on maximized mode).) I can give out the PSD's if anyone wants them. I am also thinking of making a non-transparent one because it shows the sky color better. I also find the inactive window a bit too transparent, so I'll probably be tweaking that. Side note: I didn't put this in the XP Visual Styles because it seemed like it was mostly about msstyles. Reposted from http://www.winprj.net/board/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=591 EDIT: Most updated version now here: http://rapidshare.com/files/279565155/tt7aero3.zip EDIT: MSFN Attachment removed because I can't fit it on here.
  21. Daedalus is not as stable as RP, (nor does it get ico files). Does it occur if you use a different version of explorer.exe? Perhaps go to/back to a different version of explorer.exe?
  22. I'm pretty sure it's a system wide setting... You could run a batch file for his account at log-in to set the screen resolution to 800x600.
  23. Do the files have 256x256 sized icons in them? Windows 2000 (and XP) don't seem to like that format. Also, did you try Daedalus?
  24. Great site! I am going to try and find the versions you specified that have working OpenGL libraries. I assume I install the newest compatible version and overwrite the two OpenGL libraries with the older win2k_xp14363 versions? Side note: Woo-hoo on the ICH8 guide! I am using an laptop with an ICH8-M controller, and never got SATA working under it. I am a bit confused by the first step: "Set HDD controller working mode in BIOS to SATA Native or IDE Legacy mode." Doesn't SATA Native = SATA/ACHI? I am unable to install 2000 on that mode.
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