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  1. I think making another partition for 2000 alongside 98 would be the best idea. For one, it would eliminate the conflict between 98 and 2000 on the current install. Also, it would have the benefit of allowing you to use both systems while you transfer your settings and programs (if you choose to keep both that also works).
  2. @caps_buster: I am using Windows 2000 with Unofficial Service Pack 5. I think the option has always been there but I am not 100% certain.
  3. Yes I do get memory leaks too. It might be due to the 3MB TextHook.dll, because the full debug compile of the dll caused problems during 0.9.1.
  4. TrueTransparency v1 is now available and still works superbly on Windows 2000. @Tripo: The older version will occasionally crash and leave windows without window borders at all. The new version seems to be much better, it crashes less and restores old window borders on crash. I think the random closing of the program is caused by something (it seems to be on a pattern), but I can't quite figure out what.
  5. Has anyone else tried the modified 7.6 drivers? I still haven't had any success with them, it keeps saying my computer does not meet the minimum requirements for installing. I have tried FCWIN2K running as XP compatibility as well, which was a no-go. My hibernate speed is way down without the SATA drivers, for example: Windows XP (w/ driver) Hibernation = 15 seconds Windows 2000 Hibernation = 25 MINUTES This is on a C2D 2.1GHz with 1GB ram and a 160GB hard drive.
  6. I think it's asking for %USERPROFILE%\My Documents without "" or <>. However it appears to be for places bar only... Also, mine shows My Documents in that list but not in that position.
  7. Here's the verdict: [ 48.078] [796, 288] - Caught exception in PostObjectMessage: assembling named object list, Message = BehaviorMsg, SendCount = 10755 [ 2.531] [824, 304] - Caught exception in PostSingleObjectMessage: finding named object Behavior,DrawRedirectBehavior, Message = DrawRedirectAllowDrawing, SendCount = 2996 [ 2.531] [824, 304] - Could not send message DrawRedirectAllowDrawing to named object Behavior,DrawRedirectBehavior, SendCount = 3520, NamedObject = $00000000, Active = False, AcceptsMessages = False [ 3.688] [824, 920] - Caught exception in PostSingleObjectMessage: finding named object Behavior,DrawRedirectBehavior, Message = DrawRedirectAllowDrawing, SendCount = 3522 [ 3.688] [824, 920] - Could not send message DrawRedirectAllowDrawing to named object Behavior,DrawRedirectBehavior, SendCount = 3549, NamedObject = $00000000, Active = False, AcceptsMessages = False [ 3.703] [824, 920] - Caught exception in PostSingleObjectMessage: finding named object Behavior,DrawRedirectBehavior, Message = DrawRedirectAllowDrawing, SendCount = 3646 [ 3.703] [824, 920] - Could not send message DrawRedirectAllowDrawing to named object Behavior,DrawRedirectBehavior, SendCount = 3663, NamedObject = $00000000, Active = False, AcceptsMessages = False [ 4.719] [824, 920] - Caught exception in PostSingleObjectMessage: finding named object Behavior,StandardBehavior, Message = StdBehaviorDefWindowProcW, SendCount = 3677 [ 4.719] [824, 920] - Could not send message StdBehaviorDefWindowProcW to named object Behavior,StandardBehavior, SendCount = 3992, NamedObject = $00000000, Active = False, AcceptsMessages = False It runs in my VM (smoothes text) but crashes explorer. In my real system, smoothtext uses 50% cpu without any effects at all. Only logs from VM.
  8. Hey just an interesting discovery. I was retrying some of the older 0.7.x versions. (0.7.6 specifically) I found out how to get it mostly working... I ran SmoothText and did things until Explorer did an 0x0eedfade exception. Then I would close SmoothText, open Taskman and restart the explorer process. Now all other processes that were open at the time are smoothed (beautiful after not having it for so long), except explorer. Now there's no crashes! What if it was possible for the hook to exempt explorer if necessary?
  9. WORKING Stardock Objectbar 1.6 RMClock TrueTransparency
  10. This will change Windows 2000's HAL to use the PMTimer instead of the ACPI timer. It might drop the CPU by a bit, but nowhere near as far as the other apps will. Using the PMTimer will lessen the load on a machine with an ACPI timer issue, but this is more relevant on AMD chips than Intel chips, and will do little on Intel chips (this makes a huge difference on AMD processors). This registry fix worked superbly, the starting (login) temperature went from 80 to 40 degrees! Although the fan still spun up during startup it didn't stay on for long. However, the idle temperature for 2000 is still ten degrees higher than the XP counterpart, but that's not really a big issue.
  11. True, the current Thinkpads all ship with Vista (except for the extra $ downgrade option). This one was a year or two ago and it came preinstalled with XP. (Recovery partition's gone somehow.) On the Lenovo website, it lists almost every driver as Vista 64bit, Vista 32bit and XP. Some of the drivers will say 2000, others for 2000 can be found through a redirect link at the bottom of every page. (Yay! Lenovo still has 2000 drivers.) RMClock does the job very very well, except during booting. Slightly Offtopic: There's no working ICH8 SATA driver for Win2K, so hibernating takes about five minutes compared to 45 seconds on XP with 1GB of RAM. Kinda a letdown as I use Hibernate a lot. Surprisingly it resumes from hibernate in less than fifteen seconds from 2000. And there's no WPA for 2000, even with the Intel and Lenovo wireless configurators.
  12. RMClock works for what I need but only when I'm logged in. RMClock says the temperature is 80 degrees immediately when it starts (which means the processor is at 80 degrees while booting up). After reading the Wikipedia article on SpeedStep (and realizing my futile attempts at finding a Microsoft hotfix for 2000), I discovered the SpeedStep applet from the manufacturer Lenovo. So I'm going to see how this works... Hopefully it will. Unfortunately, the applet does not show up in Control Panel, nor does the computer fan stop working.
  13. This is (according to Windows 2000) an Intel Core 2 Duo CPU T8100 @ 2.10GHz. @cluberti: According to Wikipedia this is a multi-core chip. It does appear that Windows 2000 experiences some random hangs which resolve sometimes... @pointertovoid: I will try to find a patch... Hoping this turns up somewhere. ---- Just wondering, does all versions of 2000 not understand them properly, or will one of the server editions do?
  14. Does Windows 2000 not use/manage dual-cores very efficiently? For example: In a Thinkpad X61 with C2D 2.1 GHz processor. Windows 2000 runs it at max speed all the time and the temperature stays up at 70-90 degrees. Windows XP runs it with automatic speed adjustment and it's temperature is around 40 degrees. On Windows 2000, I run RMClock and it automatically adjusts things but only lowers it down to 50 degrees, with some loss of responsiveness. Could Windows 2000 be improved in this respect? (assuming it's not an error I made while setting it up).
  15. I had tried to use UniATA (no to avail, booting got stuck or it was INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE.) However, I did stumble upon this. BlackWingCat seems to have ICH9R working, if I interpreted the Google Translated text correctly. Going to give it a whirl. (Also, hibernating is way slower in Windows 2000 (no driver) compared to a Windows XP (with driver).) (XP without the right driver is also slower than XP with the driver.) EDIT: Setup refuses to install with the OS Emulation in FCWIN2K...
  16. Safari 4 does not work with KDW's dll's nor will it install directly using FCWIN2K. It will not work with OldCigarette's API wrapper pack either. Strange... SHGetFolderPathAndSubDirW is an emulated function in the wrapper. Maybe I'm doing something wrong? Safari 3.2.2 works, but will crash on loading certain images.
  17. Oops, I was running an archived copy of 0.9.1, which had the first dll. This is the error log with the full debugging dll.
  18. A bit more success with another install of Windows 2000. Translucent taskbar works properly, haven't tried skinning. This is on a completely blank install of Windows 2000, using Windows Update to get SP4, UR1 and everything critical, WMP9 and DX9c, and VMWare Tools. More crashing with explorer and FastMM. Explorer doesn't crash immediately, but will eventually. More logs... I hope I can nail this problem somehow. I'll try installing SP2 only. What version of IE do you have on yours?
  19. For some reason, 0.7.8 was the last version to successfully run on this computer. 0.7.9 throws explorer 0x0eedfade errors. EDIT: All versions keep giving off Microsoft Internet Explorer errors. Oo EDIT2: Scratch that, 0.7.8 also kills explorer repeatedly. I don't know if this has been reported earlier, but I get lots of Runtime 216 at xxxxxxxx errors. And lots of 0x0eedfade errors. EDIT3: Okay the Runtime 216 errors are still here, but 0x0eedfade errors show up a lot even when SmoothText is not running. Is it making any modifications to system files that aren't being reversed properly? Because sometimes I have to use Task Manager to forcibly end the SmoothText.exe task tree. The explorer exceptions tend to appear during file copy (GRR).
  20. Downloading now. A VM install took less time than I thought. Oo W2K RTM The older one Throws the message: Runtime error 2 at 51008988. A similar if not exact message shows up on the USP5 install. The newer one causes explorer to lock up. SmoothText does not start properly, and does not show up in Task Manager. Smoothed text can be seen on desktop icons (but as explorer has froze SmoothText is only operational for a bit). No log is saved at all. Oo Will try updating the VM 2k using WU.
  21. Okay, I tried disabling my (Kaspersky 7) antivirus. Explorer doesn't break until I try to interact with it (desktop icons, etc). It throws an memory error when explorer comes back.
  22. Working: VMWare Workstation 6.5, need to fake registry to say XP, otherwise install disappears without a trace.
  23. Okay. I'll try an install of an RTM 2000 in another VM, run Windows Update on it to fully update (DX9 and WMP9) and try it there. Although this will have to wait until next week, after my SAT's and various projects ><". EDIT: Uploaded Memory log. P.S. Would an overly protective antivirus defense cause this?
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