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  1. What? Vista? Noooo.... Windows 2000 Anyways, the Photoshop and Partitioning things, not much of a nuisance because I don't Partition often. Photoshop is unseverely affected. Firefox scroll thing I could care less, I rarely scroll that way anyway. Attached is a word document with a chart. It begins to mess up severely when resized or edited. Hope your first weeks of 2009 were happy.
  2. Thanks! It's running MUCH faster when loading folder lists Although there's still a few problems: Chart text in MS Word doesn't show up properly (Major Argh when editing.) And also the sudden disappearance of Shortcut Keys (the Ctrl+W thingies) at the end of a menu selection in Photoshop CS2. There is also some missing text (Paragon Partition Manager). Last minor problem: Middle-button scrolling the text in Firefox slowly leaves some kind of artifact. Good to see that the Firefox text bug was fixed Was missing D's and W's.
  3. Here's that random corruption picture anyway. Using 12pt Calibri. But so far, 0.4.2 doesn't seem to be showing any signs of that Keep up the good work!
  4. Excellent work on SmoothText... Been using it since 0.3.8 : Co-operates well with everything except Powerpoint, lots of lag rendering slides. (Maybe my computer's getting old, heh.) Also induces some text glitches in OpenGL and D3D proggies, but when the action starts, I don't think anyone notices subpixel aliasing Just like to say theres still a problem in Notepad with non-monospace fonts... Especially when there's a giant line of thin letters (lowercase i and l). Also, with SmoothText 0.3.8, all of my menus and buttons were skinned because of WindowBlinds, which in turn somehow passed all of the text through SmoothText. Thanks again
  5. I've recently installed WindowBlinds 4 and TrueTransparency 0.9.4...... However, the two don't seem to cooperate properly. There are visual glitches: The borders sort of overlap except for the titlebar. Also, when Windowblinds is active and a window is maximized, TT's border takes precedence, but the unmaximize button does not work. I have also looked through Windowblinds setting list, it includes options for disabling every other thing except for window border skinning. Have also tried editing the skin and removing border bitmaps, works to an extent except now the actual window contents are overlapped. The Task Manager window's right border shows a strip of the actual Task Manager window, under the TT glass. Disabling either WB or TT fixes all this... but I'd like to have glass borders AND skinned buttons/tabs/etc. Running Windows 2000 Pro, USP5. Anyway to make them cooperate?
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