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  1. for a .NET article .... http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/default....lug-Ins/toc.asp gr /\/\o\/\/
  2. durex, can't find the description either, not in WMI win32_mappeddrive also but I'v found it in the registry, you can change it there after making the mapped drive. HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\MountPoints2\##[server]#[share] add REG_SZ _LabelFromReg there and add your description as value gr /\/\o\/\/
  3. ls, below an example with redirection and parameters(arguments) the output streams are redirected to a string that you can use in your program. gr /\/\o\/\/ PS. for a batch file the trick is to use the FOR command to get the uotput from a vbscript to a variable for /f %%i in ('cscript //nologo bin\GetFysicalNode.vbs %source%') do set Server=%%i --------------------------------------------- Dim objProcess As New Process() ' Start the Command and redirect the output objProcess.StartInfo.UseShellExecute = False objProcess.StartInfo.RedirectStandardOutput = True objProcess.StartInfo.CreateNoWindow = True objProcess.StartInfo.RedirectStandardError = True objProcess.StartInfo.FileName() = "Cluster" objProcess.StartInfo.Arguments() = "/Cluster:" & strMachineName & " res /priv" objProcess.Start() strOutput = objProcess.StandardOutput.ReadToEnd() strError = objProcess.StandardError.ReadToEnd() objProcess.WaitForExit()
  4. ls, actualy, even the bare framework contains the compiler(s) for VB its VBC.EXE e.g. for a batchfile where you can drop an .VB file onto use the following : C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v1.1.4322\vbc /r:System.dll /r:System.DirectoryServices.DLL /r:system.management.dll %1 /out:"%~dp0%~n1" pause handy if you need a quick .NET script. gr /\/\o\/\/
  5. HE, could it be that there are homedirs or redirected folders on that disk ?, becouse even admins do not have rights to them. the counter will stop when it encounters the first dir that it can't read. gr /\/\o\/\/
  6. if the clients are XP you can use WMI the Win32_ComputerSystem Class method : UnjoinDomainOrWorkgroup params : string Password, string UserName, uint32 FUnjoinOptions = 0 greetings/\/\o\/\/
  7. Longhorn will more likely ship 2007-2008 -> (looking at the new msdn longhorn articles) so there will be 36 + Months, we are now at 2,4 Mainstream, so Moore (remember him 2 x every 18 Months) would say 9,6 Ghz would be mainstream Memory should not be the problem I think (would gladly double my gig now) and think i will already have at least 4 gig by that time. the Graph would be my problem (as a not gamer) avalon will be heavy. and the disksystems-speed and backup may be a problem (not the size). but all by all i think the specs are high but not unrealistic. bc if I go to count wat will take that resources .. winFS (SQL engine for the 1-terra DB) would like his GIG of memory. then Avalon (a 3D engine for normal work) will take his price the video specs looks needed for me to. and for a server serving XML services Indigo ASP.NET and SQL. ......I think more about 16+ gig and 8 X a 8 gig processor but by 2008 64 bit will be also mainstream i think, so memory adressing would not be the problem this time ;-) but than again ... Even Uncle bill got it 9 zero's wrong gr /\/\o\/\/
  8. I hav only Read permisions on the root of C: on my workstation (and 5000 others here at work 2 ), for the same reasons you did mention. and i can work fine. you should be able to remove those rights, without a lot of troubles. gr. /\/\o\/\/
  9. do you need it to be a DC ? otherwise you don't need to do all that if you DO want to upgrade your forrest to w2k3 there are excelent guides at M$ gr /\/\o\/\/
  10. /\/\o\/\/


    gosh, looks like all members of MSFN know what SSSTTT means LOL but we can discus it freely now M$ has confessed http://www.microsoft-watch.com/article2/0,...,1616626,00.asp gr /\/\o\/\/
  11. hhmm, looks like just starting with the biggest and then work your way down, so fist sort 400 300 200 100 50 50 20 hmm, could be something like this 400 OK -> take of the list put on stack next 300 (400 on stack + 300 = 700 ) 640 - 700 = negative so let it on list next 200 (400 + 200 = Pos) put on stack etc. till 20 then write the CD (400 + 200 + 20) list is now 300 100 50 50 then start again till list is empty next part would be to get a level option (2 dirs deep) if your doing it in VB.net or vbscript i'v got the recursive folder size part maybe if i'v got time I will make one. gr /\/\o\/\/
  12. GETMAC will get the MAC-adress from the OS so it will even work with some hops between. but you will have to have enough rights to get it (OS level) so it won't work for a "strangers-Box" gr /\/\o\/\/
  13. maybe this is an option ? gr /\/\o\/\/ If strOperator = "greater" AND str1stnumber < str2ndnumber Then wscript.echo "it works greater" ElseIf strOperator = "less" AND str1stnumber > str2ndnumber Then wscript.echo "it works less" ElseIf strOperator = "equal" AND str1stnumber = str2ndnumber Then wscript.echo "it works equal" endif
  14. You can use SRVANY (resource kit) for running a batch script without a user. but you can not use that to set Drivemappings because this are user settings. so you will have to have a userprofile loaded to set a (usefull) mapping (setting a mapping for the serviceaccount is not wat you want I think) gr /\/\o\/\/
  15. you can use DSQUERY / DSGET following command will find any group that starts with ADM* afther that it wil pipeline the found groups to DSGET to get the members dsquery group -name adm* | dsget group -members greetings /\/\o\/\/

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