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  1. Hello, Server 2003 running WDS in legacy mode, Loading XP SP3 French The problem we're having is this. After PXE boot, connect to RIS server, enter credentials, accept system information the sytem should then begin copying the files and preparing to install Windows. Instead the system reboots. This is happening on various makes and models. All was working fine last week until drivers were added to the $OEM$ drivers folder and nic drivers to the I386 directory. I could see maybe causing a problem with one model we added the NIC drivers for but now nothing works? Any help with this would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. Setting computer name

    Hey there bn2hunt Is sounds like you're using the Automatic option from the RIS menu. Ensure that Custom is enabled as an option then use Custom install instead of Automatic , it will then use the custom.osc. I have edited this file to allow a person with permissions to enter a computer name then select the OU in Active Directory where the computer account should be created. <FORM ACTION="OSCUST"> Computer name: <INPUT NAME="MACHINENAME" SIZE=63 MAXLENGTH=63><BR> Location &nbsp:<SELECT NAME="MACHINEOU"> <OPTION VALUE="enterdomainname/enter OU structure/computers">enter name of OU to add the computer account to. This works very well for us as our Computer naming convention differs for each section and the computer accounts are spread out accross multiple OUs. Hope this helps
  3. Win 2003 SP1 and RIS problems

    copy the .sys file for the driver to the I386 directory.
  4. Preferred RIS server

    In active directory, if you Prestage the computer (create computer account) and check this is a Managed Computer, enter the GUID for that machine which you will need to jot down after making the initial pxe connection. You will need to pause here to write it down. Once the copmuter account is created with the GUID entered you will have a remote install tab, here you can either enter or browse to your preffered RIS server. Icarus
  5. Ris Flat Image Only

    Anything under $OEM$\ will get copied over, I've included a batch file to delete the drivers directory at the end of the RIS process. Yes, unfortunately all the files need to be copied over, at least i haven't found a way around it.
  6. Ris Flat Image Only

    We've got many different hardware configs and the only reason we require different .sif files is because I haven't found a way to include multiple SCSI controllers in a sif without causing a problem. See attachment for folder structure we use..yours would be fine also. And i inlcude all the drivers in the .sif so that only one is needed accross multiple hardware confings. Hope this helps [unattended] OemPreinstall = Yes OemPnpDriversPath=\Drivers\Intelinf;\Drivers\Nic\e1000;\Drivers\Nic\evo;\Drivers\Nic\pro100ve;\Drivers\Nic\100vedos;\Drivers\Nic\pro100;\Drivers\Nic\pro1000;\Drivers\Nic\gx260\1000;\Drivers\Nic\Toshiba3000;\Drivers\Nic\broadcom4401;\Drivers\Nic\netextreme;\Drivers\Nic\Nvidia;\Drivers\Nic\3com\3c940;\Drivers\Nic\3com\MiniPCI;\Drivers\Nic\Pro2100;\Drivers\Nic\E100B;\Drivers\Nic\VAIO;\Drivers\Nic\latitude600;\Drivers\Nic\l600;\Drivers\Nic\IBMThinkM50;\Drivers\Nic\IntelPro1000MT;\Drivers\Nic\sonasmc;\Drivers\Nic\smc;\drivers\sound\soundmax;\drivers\sound\evosoundmax;\drivers\sound\cmedia;\drivers\sound\cm288;\drivers\sound\T40SoundMax;\drivers\sound\realtek;\drivers\IntelInf;\drivers\ibm_TP30\video;\drivers\ibm_TP30\tackp;\drivers\ibm_TP30\IntelInf;\driver\video\toshiba3000;\drivers\video\ATICatalyst;\drivers\video\nVidia5664;\drivers\video\nVidia;\Drivers\Nic\gx260\1000;\Drivers\video\toshiba3000;\Drivers\modem\TP40;\Drivers\Nic\MarvelYukonGigE;\Drivers\GX280\Other\Intelchipset\xp;\Drivers\Dell\GX280\NIC\Broadcom570xGigabit\WinXP\v7.86;\Drivers\GX280\Audio\ADI198xIntegratedAudio\SMAXWDM\W2K_XP;\Drivers\GX280\Video\Intel915G\win2000;\Drivers\GX280\Video\RadeonX300\Driver\2KXP_INF;\Drivers\GX280\Video\RadeonX300SE\Driver\2KXP_INF
  7. I'm trying to add multiple SCSI controller drivers to my RIS setup. I can get one to work, but after that all drivers want to use the txtsetup.oem file. I tried renaming the txtsetup.oem file in the textmode folder to txtsetup2.oem and using the same file name in the OEMBootfiles section but that didn't work, it still is looking for txtsetup.oem. Any Ideas?? [MassStorageDrivers] "VMware SCSI Controller" = OEM [OEMBootFiles] vmscsi.sys vmscsi.inf txtsetup.oem
  8. No Icons Or Task Bar

    No folder synching, all profiles are local, nothing roaming. There is nothing consistent in the app or system logs...sometimes it seems to be pointing to an app repairing itself, other times a tonne of netlogon errors appear...but again, these are not consistent across all PC's. Using GPO's to apply policies.
  9. No Icons Or Task Bar

    Windows 2003 Domain Controllers SUS to distribute Windows updates SMS 2003 XP Pro SP1 We are experiencing a large amount of users who do not get any desktop icons or taskbar. Use taskmanager to launch explorer and all is well. This has us stumped, as well as Microsoft (we have a call placed with them). I was hoping someof the gurus here might have some thoughts. Thanks
  10. Here's the situation. 1.) Boot with PXE...connect to RIS server 2.) Select Language to install 3.) Enter User ID and Computer name 4.) Select OU to add Computer account to. 5.) Select Image to install...only 4 to choose from. ............................................................. **Step five no longer takes place, this has been working for over 6 months.** RIS server is Win2K Sp4 Deploying XP SP1 Error I am now getting, although not consistently ERROR 00004E53 THE SERVER ATTEMPTED TO SEND A MESSAGE SCREEN THAT WAS TOO LONG TO DISPLAY WITHIN THE CLIENT INSTALLATION WIZARD. CONTACT YOUR ADMIN. FOR ASSISTANCE ONLY OPTION ON THIS SCREEN IS F3 - RESTART I've seen the MS KB Article regarding the following and made the required changes. Error persists. The CIW (Client Installation Wizard) has a limit to the amount of information it can display. If you use the maximum number of characters for the Description and Help sub-sections of the OSChooser section of each .sif file, only 16 operating system images can be displayed. If you limit the number of characters in these sub-sections to 16, up to 26 operating system images can be displayed.
  11. What is required under the [Regional Settings] header in the .sif file to change the date format to yyyy\mm\dd. Thanks for any help with this.
  12. The account you login with is not an admin account right. So you're logging in with a default XP user account which has very limited rights on the PC. Did you install any applications during your installation. I could be that one of those launches at startup and requires admin rights to run.
  13. Hi all, Is there a way to automatically cache network credentials during an unattended install. Thanks
  14. Zoom I think your missing this Autologon=yes Autologoncount=1 in [GuiUnattended]
  15. Kosta, you will need to modify the Regional Settings in your .sif file. Mine looks like this [RegionalSettings] UserLocale_DefaultUser=1009:00000409 InputLocale_DefaultUser=1009:00000409,0c0c:00001009 SystemLocale=1009 This adds English US as default and French Canadian as secondary language. Use this link to figure out which ones you need. http://www.microsoft.com/globaldev/referen...xp/xp-lcid.mspx