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  1. Did you ever resolve this? In my tests you DONT need to connect to WindowsUpdate (or even have an internet connection at all) but you DO need the WU agent files to be registered. The error is shown in your log file right here:- 00:15.875: INFO: WindowsUpdate>>CWindowsUpdateMgr::Initialize: CoCreateInstance.CLSID_UpdateSession: HResult 0x80040154 00:15.875: INFO: |Initialize >>> CStateInitialize::OnInitialize: Windows Update Manager Initialization Result: 0x80040154 00:15.875: ERROR: |Initialize >>> Couldn't initialize the Windows Update Manager, HRESULT:0x80040154 Error 0x80040154 means Class not registered meaning wuapi.dll, or one of the others, needs (re-)registering with regsvr32. There won't be a second log file present, because it does not run the secondary process that would normally generate the second log file. Instead, in the middle of phase 7, you have:- 00:15.906: INFO: |Inst. IE >>> SKIP[TRUE ]>>Result: SKIPPING This Phase My tests showed that even with the command-line parameter /update-no present, the installer still goes through the COM stuff with the Windows Update Manager. .
  2. Also not in the poll: Toshiba. (Don't get the 1TB Toshiba 2.5inch SATA for your laptop -- it won't fit because it's 12.5mm high not 9.5mm high.)
  3. James_A

    Windows Updates

    Mim0, both of those links point to the KB2264107 download. The correct link for the Root Certificates should be: Update for Root Certificates [August 2010] (KB931125) .
  4. So did I... Actually, "dusty" is working out OK for me, but as a former (now retired) SuperMod on another board, I fully understand your point about the links. .
  5. The WPKG page (see link earlier) uses the same solution: msiexec /qn /x {4A03706F-666A-4037-7777-5F2748764D10} So it looks like the same GUID is used for JRE updates 18 through 21, so far. .
  6. I've been Googling around, and it seems this is all to do with locking RDP out of the Console session, even if the /console option is given on the command-line, starting with SP3 for XP. Still doesn't solve my problem, though. Since remote acces to the clienmt is lost, it can't be remotely accessed by PsExec, it can't be remotely shutdoen and it can't be remotely rebooted. Is it now impossible to attach to the console session? Any suggestions how else I might go about this?
  7. I have been using the board defaults (first button) up till now, which turns out to be identical to the dark-blue scheme (seventh button). Now, I've just tried all of them, with pretty dismal results all round. Some of the colour schemes are hideous when viewing the home page, others are useless when viewing the User CP:- default - invisible green - barely visible orange - visible pink - visible brown - barely visible red - barely visible dark-blue - invisible violet - barely visible dusty - visible I guess I'll have to choose the least worst, which is "dusty". Clearly none of these were designed in the UK, since almost all of them would fail the DDA (=Disability Discrimination Act) IMHO. Since the board default is the "invisible" dark-blue, I still think it needs a fix. .
  8. That page at wpkg http://wpkg.org/Java is quite the most comprehensive set of instructions I've seen for installing the JRE.Thanks for the reference. I've used the "-s" variation previously in the past to install the JRE, without being bothered by the toolbar installation, because the test install computer was disconnected from the network at the time. So, I guess, as the WPKG page says "... tried to download the Google Toolbar ..." means really that, if it can't download actually during the install process, it doesn't get installed. Secondly, as you can see from my original two links, both versions of the file are available from the "consumer" site, but Oracle/Sun only publish one of the two links on the web page itself. .
  9. This arose out of trying to edit my watched topics. If you open up User CP from the drop-down list (the link is actually http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?app=core&module=usercp) then the Settings tab opens up. The other tabs Profile and Forums (the one I actually want) are apparently present but they are invisible on my monitor because they are Black on a virtually Black background. Can this be fixed?
  10. This is on a Windows 2003 SBS server, AD, with XP SP3 clients I have discovered that using RDC (i.e. mstsc /console) out from the server to one of the clients seems to then lock-out any further remote access. Before remoting into the client, psexec works normally, for example psexec \\anyclient cmd works fine. BUT after using RDP, the very same command will result in a timeout and eventually a network location not found message. Clearly that error message is nonsense, because a ping works and a ping -a resolves to the "not found" client. At the same time the remote shutdown no longer works either. So shutdown -m \\anyclient works before RDC is used, but not after. How do I gain remote access to the client again for everything else except RDC? .
  11. So, the normal download from java.com tries to add a toolbar as well as Java. One more thing to avoid (or suppress), along with the quick-starter, the updater, the notifications ("phone-home") back to Sun/Oracle..... Thanks.
  12. There are two different files being installed here. The first is: jre-6u20-windows-i586-s.exe(used by clivebuckwheat) and the second is jre-6u20-windows-i586.exe(used by hj_fr) What's the difference between the file WITH "-s" and WITHOUT "-s" in the filename? The latest version is now 6u21 and both of these files can be downloaded from Java.com. If you want WITH "-s", it's http://javadl.sun.com/webapps/download/AutoDL?BundleId=40916 If you want WITHOUT "-s" it's http://javadl.sun.com/webapps/download/AutoDL?BundleId=40917 but I still don't know why there are two versions. Both are for 32-bit systems, because there are other downloads for 64-bit. So, what's the difference between these two? .
  13. "So I just put the screws in directly" -- Yes "no need to put anything inbetween the board and the screw" -- Correct "Also, should I use the wider screws or the normal ones?" -- Wider. I assume that "wider" means that there is a round skirt to the hexagonal top. "Are the screws supposed to touch the little metal pieces around the hole on the motherboard?" -- Yes. I assume that "metal pieces" means the bare solder ring, which is the same diameter as the skirt on the "wider" screws. There may be little radial ridges in this metal (solder) ring. The whole point is to make good electrical contact without crushing the motherboard if the screw is tightened too much. The screws should not touch any other metal tracks on the motherboard, just this ring. .
  14. James_A

    Windows Updates

    @Saladin Corrections look good to me, except applies to IE 7 only. For IE 6 users (and on Windows 2000) supersedes KB958215 & KB960714.@Brimborium MSXML 4.0 SP2 has been superseded by SP3..
  15. The line ending "HRESULT:0x80040154" in your attached log means "CLASS_NOT_REGISTERED". Is this an nLited install?
  16. Or, you could try this 3-step procedure: Un-install Adobe Reader 9.x Install IE 7 / IE 8 Re-install Adobe Reader 9.x .
  17. Interesting comments, just goes to show how experiences vary:- I've worked my way through quite a few PC-Partner micro-ATX boards, mostly with the Via chipset on. Socket 370 or Slot 1 (as already mentioned above). Two USB 1.1 sockets and two PS/2 sockets (no fuse) on the rear panel on all the boards I've seen from about 1998/9 to 2001/2. After adding a PCI-card NIC (no on-board LAN) they were rock-solid stable with Windows 2000 but, if I remember correctly, somewhat less happy on Windows 9x. Maybe the secret was finding the right chipset driver for Windows 2000, which could not be found directly from PC-Partner's home page, since the links never cross-connected. PSU's used to blow-up regularly, however. Most of them had a hopelessly underpowerd Celeron or low-end PIII, because the whole point was that they were cheap. OK in their day, but far too slow for today, of course, which is why $0.99 is about the current price. .
  18. Hey, I remember those - we had disk drive housings the size of washing machines and removable disk platters the size of car tyres on the ICL and DEC System 10 mainframes. .
  19. Presumably this only applies to legacy Operating Systems? AFAIK the whole idea of aligning with cylinder boundaries was abandoned a couple of years ago, when Vista arrived. .
  20. From the documentation: I'll take the Welch's because I know I can get that round here...
  21. Good. Good. I agree. The sooner that campaign makes it to the UK the better. A few years ago I complained to my ISP about their help pages. They had never heard of Firefox, never mind any of the others.... On the other hand, if you run Microsoft MBSA against a copy of Microsoft Windows XP with IE6 installed, it complains about the missing IE7 as a serious security risk. .
  22. If you are set upon using an SSD the Intels are the way to go. But, like CoffeeFiend has said, you are going to be paying a high price per GB The Intels are way ahead of anything else on the market and will remain so until other manufacturers redesign their onboard memory controllers like Intel has done. Stuttering occurs due to the way SSDs block erase instead of page erase as part of the write operation. Even well-known makes (Crucial, OCZ, Patriot) suffer from this. .
  23. @Randy/omegaOmega Your log shows you have tried installing this update more than once, both times using the Automatic Updates download: and The following lines are NOT errors but this certainly is @Westley/west117wolf I think you have mixed up two updates with very similar numbers: your first post referred to "Update For Windows (KB967715)" but you have posted the log from KB960715. KB960715 does not install any files, it only modifies the Registry. Most of the log you have posted just shows that you installed other updates at the same time. Maybe you would like to post the other log, but first maybe you should try installing the update manually. @both of you It is possible to delete/reset the local database and folders used by Automatic Updates, but first you should try installing the update manually. If you want to install this update manually, please follow the instructions already given above by nmX.Memnoch and AO3. Download the file WindowsXP-KB967715-x86-ENU.exe from the link given by nmX.Memnoch and double-click it to install it. As AO3 says, ignore the Automatic Updates shield and just double-click the downloaded file. Shut down everything else that is running on your computer, as you will need to reboot to complete the install. .

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