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  1. internet explorer is my browzer. the video ad popups occur on all sites.
  2. I have my pop up blocker set to high, but suddenly I am getting these video pop ups. How can I stop them. Thanks BW
  3. What is a good registry program??
  4. "My MSN" homepage is corrupt . Letters overwritten and right side of page missing and no outlook present.
  5. Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7 Service Pack 1 for x64-based Systems (KB2870699) Download size: 40.1 MB You may need to restart your computer for this update to take effect. Update type: Important A security issue has been identified in a Microsoft software product that could affect your system. You can help protect your system by installing this update from Microsoft. For a complete listing of the issues that are included in this update, see the associated Microsoft Knowledge Base article. After you install this update, you may have to restart your system. Mo
  6. If I do a system image restore, will this also restore the registry for that period. I used the Windows 7 back up feature. Problem is that I suddenly got a black screen on a flight sim program. I reinstalled the program but the problem persists. I think this may be a registry corruption. So will the system image restore the registry?? Please let me know ASAP. Thanks. West
  7. I do not know why I am getting emails for this topic. It is not my question. Just thought I would alert the forum since the message may not be getting to the person who needs the info.
  8. My computer freezes up when I am playing games. Sometimes the screen just locks and I have to shut the computer down and restart. Other times the screen becomes discolored with lines and I get a loud buzz from the speakers. I have also got a blue screen that says it is doing a "file dump". I referred the problem to Dell and they said it was a problem with my graphics card driver and they uninstalled and reinstalled the card and updated the drivers; however, I continue to have this problem. This has also occurred when in Email and when working with other files, but mostly when playing games
  9. No, I have no other computer. I have found that if i reduce the speed of the mouse under pointer settings that this stops the drift along with ensuring that the Logitech mouse is selected under hardware. So I guess I will go with this fix unless there is another remedy. Thanks for the help. West
  10. 1.Is the "problematic" mouse (mice) USB? 2.Does that motherboard have a PS/2 connector/socket? 3.If yes, do you have a PS/2 mouse (or can you borrow/buy/steal ) one? 4.Or - together with one of your mice do you have a USB to PS/2 adapter? 1.Yes 2.No 3.Yes 4.Yes West
  11. Jaclaz: Thanks for the reply; however, for the past 2 days (knock on wood) the mouse has been behaving...so unless it starts up again I will not trouble anyone further with this problem, but if it returns, I will return. Thanks. West Forget the above....the evil drift has reappeared its ugly head. I go back and answer the questions you requested
  12. To be more specific my computes is a desktop. Dell,Studio XPS435T My driver is up to date Dont know what a "Linex" or "PE" is??? My system is not wireless Behavior occurs with any program. I have no clue re making changes to the registry. Thanks West PS: Behavior may occur 1 hour after starting computes or 30 minutes or 5 minutes and sometime it does not occur at all.
  13. KY: No I have a Dell Core i7 CPU, 920 2,67 GHZ, 64 bit, Windows 7 Home Premium. West
  14. I have had a problem with my mouse pointer drifting to the top of the screen and then I cannot control it. I have a logitech mouse and have contacted them and they were not able to resolve the issue. They had me install previous software but that did not help nor the updated current software did no good. If I restart the computer it fixes for a short time but then it occurs again. I also did a system restore to the earliest point I could restore to, but I find that it has started occurring again. I know it is not the mouse because I have tried other mice incuding a new optical microsoft
  15. Good Luck to you too. Thanks for your help.
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