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  1. another newbie

    Welcome Iceglow, have a nice time and some fun in this forum. greez to you an UK, Tjin
  2. maybe your udma settings are incorrect, proof in your device manager the ide entrys, greez, tjin
  3. Hi Bebbetufs, the way is the same as in a real machine. 1. Create to Partitions with a tool (not windows textmode setup) 2. Format them with FAT32 or NTFS You need Drive Letter D:, so you have to make the following parttitions, to get sure that the secon is Drive D:, take a hdd and make to primary partitions. if you do so, the second primary partition will get the drive letter D:. Take care whenn you use profilesdir on another drive then the systemdrive, it have to exist and must be allready formatted. remove any other hdd from connetor, to get sure you don't loose the path! greez, Sie Tjin Kian
  4. simultaneous burning...

    Hi, just try to use cdrecord, it comes from linux - so there is no problem to use it 2 times for different or same acrtion. The Programm works with commandline paramters but there are also some GUIs, for example CDRTools. Before you can use, check your current ASPI, if you don't know where to get, try Adaptec ASPI Drivers, these are still the best. After you have a properly working ASPI open a cmd-shell and use "cdrecord -scanbus" tzo get a list of supported writers on your system. Need more help? go to Nu2 Production ASPI-Driver Help CDRecord has a good help in every language and some nice GUIs for newbies or those who don't like to use the commandline. Have a nice day!!! P.S CDRecord CDRecord from Jörg Schilling GUI GUI from FastRunner
  5. password printing

    Hi, You need: - the service "remote-registry" have to be activated on the client - administrative rights for the client Have a nice day!!!!
  6. Un-Installation/Re-Installation of XP

    Hi Keela, best for you is to install a fresh new Windows, cause you have saved all your files and a crashed windows! In this forum you wil get every help you need! But you have to read some articles and facts, so that you and others understand the problems. Read first the articles in unattend windows, there are some guides and howtos wich explain how you can easy build your own installation cd. Download a trial of vmware or virtual pc for testing your cd before you burn it. Hope that helps and have a nice day, Sie Tjin Kian
  7. ip setting win2k

    you can also use a the netsh-command in a batch file, maybe that is a better way for many pcs. greez
  8. Help with netlogon.bat

    Hi venim, I am not sure but I think you don't have to use the quotes, try this line: if %computername%==PC2 (Echo.This is PC2) Else Echo.This is not PC2 Greez, Sie Tjin Kian
  9. Network always disconnect...Help

    Hi yenliyen, check your NIC in the Hardware Manager. Maybe your Driver is flying away Maybe this works: 1. delete NIC Entry 2. Update your Mainboard Drivers, if there is an VIA 3. Restart and Install your NIC Drivers. That was the solution for an Win 2000 Pro Client with a 3Com NIC. Hope that helps, greez Sie Tjin Kian
  10. Hi MSFN-people, since 2 days I am getting the info from several persons that they can't print within IE and/or OE 6. There is no failure message, everything seems to be fine but there comes no print out. In OE there is just the Header Information, in IE only a blanc page or just the www-adress. The Windows Version is 2000 Pr with SP4 and all updates/hotfixes and XP Pro with SP1 and no updates. My gooogle-search wasn't successfully. Has anybody an idea what i can looking for or how to repair this problem. Thanks a lot for your answers. greez Sie Tjin Kian
  11. cmd/xplode/variables OH MY!

    evilvoice, I have just tested some code of your example and think I've found a bug. IF DEFINED XPCD %systemroot%\XPlode.exe /xml:#XPCD#\2cd.xml /log:#systemdrive#\2cd.log I think the if command have to be used like this: if defined windir (echo.%windir%) else echo.variable "windir" ist not defined and I am not sure, that the # will work inside the batch, I would prefer the % signs for this - but how I said I am not sure! At least - I find your example very good! In the forum are often Questions on howto use a CDROM for the setup files. Your example is nice and easy. Have a nice day, Sie Tjin Kian
  12. I Have problems with file extension xpd2

    Hi Neon, I had troubles too. Thats cause of the iso-definition, for a bootable cdrom you need the 8.3 comparision filenames, xpd2 file extension has 4 characters. So the last one will be killed at the image creation. Cause of this problem I use XPlode in an SFX Archive or in a CAB file that will be decompressed durin setup. Do it like this and your problem is away. Greez Sie Tjin Kian
  13. Mistirious reboot?

    Hi cucolinwin, please be more specific! What is your OS and Service Pack state. What for a mainboard do you use? Maybe it is one with an via chipset & you have forget to install the hyperion drivers, wich includes support for usb 2.0. greez
  14. Close dosbox

    Hi Ypsos, maybe you have no "enter" after the last line with the exit. In every Batchfile must be the last line an empty line, because your command will be executed with the linechange. Allright, have a nice day!!! Sie Tjin Kian
  15. How do I silently install Intel 10/100 NIC?

    Hi, i think you have a onboard nic and use the intel inf installer package - right? You can use 2 ways: 1. Silent Installation under a running Windows 2. integrating the drivers to your windows setup In both cases, do the follwing. Use WinRAR to decompress the files to a folder of your choice. There is a readme file, in this is every switch for a silent installation and a comment howto proof that the files are installed. If you want to integrate the drivers to your setup, you can takte a look at unattend windows forum. You need a winnt.sif file for the location of your drivers and you have to build your own custom windows cd. There are a lot ways and more help. Hope that helps, greez, Sie Tjin Kian