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  1. Disable plug 'n play monitor

    is it posible to add MONITOR.INF to msbatch.inf? something like : and if... can somebody give a example I know under the section System there you can put some info Keep win98 alive
  2. Disable plug 'n play monitor

    I don't want to try to get the original driver from the monitor unattended installed I just don't want to see the wizard new hardware found.... plug 'n play monitor on the last reboot with windows 98 setup the wizard pops up plug 'n play monitor found when I go through the wizard next next ... I don't give a destination to search just click next next then he founds C:\Windows\Inf\Monitor.inf and install the monitor. Is it posible to let win98 look strait into C:\Windows\Inf\Monitor.inf without wizard? or do I lose you now?
  3. Hallo to all I'm working on Win98SE unattended almost ok but at the end get wizard new hardware found..... plug 'n play monitor how can I stop this and let win98 look strait to C:\Windows\Inf\Monitor.inf because thats the resuld if you go trough it all with the wizard tried already this one REGEDIT4 ;Don't detect plug'n play monitor [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\Class\Display\0000\DEFAULT] "DDC"="0" Keep win98 alive
  4. dun1.4 se

    Anyone know this one Switch for Dial-up networking (dun14-SE.exe) I've tried Q:A /R:N , /q /n" /q , /SILENT /SP- and so on but stil ask to reboot and yes I know win 98SE is dead XP is alive but....
  5. ASPI 4.70 Released

    here is the new link
  6. Close dosbox

    Ok THX for Repley Problem solved
  7. Close dosbox

    Find the solution Close on exit enabled Source Picture One way is to right-click the batch file and set it's properties. window and to close when finished. The act of setting properties will create a separate "pif" file. From then on, any time you run the batch file, the settings will be honored. So that means you have to save the "pif" file aswell with the "bat"file Another way is to start the batch file with the START command using the /MIN option. This has other interesting consequences... The batch file will run as a separate process. You may also need to use the /WAIT option if you need to synchronize the batch file with something that has to happen after the batch file. Type "start /?" at a DOS prompt for more info. The NT/XP/2000 START command has lots of cool options, while the 95/98 command has little more than I've described. Keep in mind that the START command will have it's own DOS window! So running your batch file with "/min" but without "/wait" will cause the START command to very briefly pop up a DOS window, then be replaced by your batch file running minimized. The coolest way is to make the batch file run totally invisibly. This is just a little dangerous because your batch file MUST be able to close itself and MUST never produce an error which might require user input. Otherwise the batch file will hang invisibly until system shutdown or until someone kills it with the task manager. To do this trick REQUIRES that you have Windows Scripting installed. Scripting is standard on Win98 and newer, and is an optional free download for Win95. To test, type "wscript" in the Start/Run dialog. If you get a settings dialog, you have it. If you get an error or Windows offers to find it for you, you don't have it. See my scripting web page for more info: http://www.ericphelps.com/scripting/index.htm Save this one line of text as "invisible.vbs": CreateObject("Wscript.Shell").Run """" & WScript.Arguments(0) & """", 0, False To run any program or batch file invisibly, use it like this: wscript.exe "C:\Wherever\invisible.vbs" "C:\Some Other Place\MyBatchFile.bat" ------------------------ http://www.ericphelps.com
  8. Close dosbox

    THX for reply but nothing (yet) maybe I ve to put syntax after cleanup.bat e.a "1"="C:\\Install\\Cleanup.bat /C" or somthing
  9. Close dosbox

    Hallo all I working on win98 unattended got everything to work but .... I have to close the dosbox by hand click on the cross to close window and the install. goes on I have to know the syntax to close window auto
  10. 98se unattended + ie6, dx9, & updates

    Hallo how do you get IE in C:\WINDOWS\OPTIONS\UPDATES under unattended? something like win xp e.a $oems$ Maybe trough the msbatch.inf or so : [install] AddReg=RunOnce.BatchDelay,Run.Installed.Components,Skip.PCMCIA.Wizard,Registry.WinUpdate,RegistrySet tings CopyFiles=regfile.copy [regfile.copy] logon.reg [RegistrySettings] HKLM,%KEY_RUNONCE%,BatchReg1,,"%25%\regedit.exe /s "%10%\logon.reg" [DestinationDirs] QuickLaunch.Icons=49050,Micros~1\Intern~1\QuickL~1 OLS.Icons=49070,Online~1 regfile.copy=10 Internet Explorer Resources
  11. More info see att. Msbatch.inf_Parameters_for_Setup_Scripts.txt
  12. Multiboot DVD

    Maybe Easyboot Easily Make Your Bootable CDs and DVDs Link Forum link
  13. ERD Commander 2003

    Hallo to all Got ERD commander running except the same problem like above winbom.ini And filerestore won't run any one
  14. PDF creator

    All know switches for PDFcreator Link
  15. The Official Switches Thread Only

    Hallo AnyOne Know silent install myMP3 PRO 4.0 by Steinberg