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  1. Ok not sure where this fits so I'll post it here. I'm usually connected through a five port net lynx hub to the router at work but everytime someone plugs a laptop in to the net lynx a speciffic site drops out and wont re-connect untill the following sunday. The site in question is hhtp://hydre.trollscantsing.com its not a problem with their site as I know the creator of the site.and have spoken with him at length about this problem as for the last 3 weeks it has happened every time. I've checked to see if its a dns error by connecting directly to the ip of the site. I cant even ping the site when this happens and a trace route drops out after 20 hops or so. If anyone can shed some light on this problem I would be very grateful, because this site is very important to me. thanks in advance
  2. problem with vga adapter (win98se)

    I got very p**sed off with it and decided to change to xp last night it works fine now. but thanks all the same
  3. another newbie

    hey umm newbie here Checking things out and looking for advice on the few things that can leave me baffled. I'm from the uk if you hadnt noticed
  4. Hi I recently installed win98se corporate edition on my pc after too many bugs with win98a made me format it, however now I get a problem with my vga adapter that is annoying cause I can't go higher than 400,600 res and 16 colour. My graphics card is a ge-force2 tnt. I have installed the latest of the nvidia 98/me drivers and it still won't accept them. It says my VGA adapter is not compatible with the hardware