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  1. hey Viper, are you the one that got all 3 of my modded EEE's? Your not too far from me, I already burned off a boot disk with the updated bios and verified its bootable. Contact me if you want it. here is what I did: grab a windows 98 boot image (I use this one) Use nero to make a bootable cd, chose "image file" and select the image you just downloaded. Select floppy emulation add in the bios files burn until crispy:)
  2. actually its very easy to use! Here is what I do. Download the program, and all the drivers you wish to use. You will not need anything else (the base, etc) I put everything into one folder at the root of the CD. I call it "drivers" Run the program, it will ask for locations and options, do everything EXCEPT do not "install". When you have everything set up how you want it, click "Ini file" button, and create it in the same folder. Now, every time you click the program, it will read this .ini and do whatever you specified. Since this is a simple stand alone program, it will not do anything for txt mode Here is my .ini in case you want to cheat: [AutoInstall] Automatic_Install=Y Silent_Install=N Sleep_at_Start=1 [Drivers] Compressed_Driver_Location=CD\ Uncompressed_Driver_Location=%SYSTEMDRIVE%\D [Settings] Delete_Uncompressed_Drivers=Y Restart_Machine=N Show_Device_Manager=N Driver_Signing_Policy_Pre=IgnoreMachine Driver_Signing_Policy_Post=IgnoreMachine Check_For_Wizard_Title=Found New Hardware Wizard [Scripts] Pre_Script=N Pre_Script_File= Pre_Script_Show= Pre_Script_Wait= Pre_Script_Switches= Post_Script=N Post_Script_File= Post_Script_Show= Post_Script_Wait= Post_Script_Switches=
  3. Ok, sent this morning via Priority Mail, should have it in a couple days as I am only one state over from ya
  4. C'mon guys, 83 reads and no good offers or even donations? We need to support these guys! The last thing he needs is my crappy old stock fan
  5. it will work, I was having the same problem using the .exe method on the latest wpi's.
  6. nobody else? Looks like you may be getting another POS stocker
  7. I have a brand new stock 775 heatsink/fan left over (I dont like the stock ones either) if it helps- I will send it out to you Monday if you dont get any better offers.
  8. taken from: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=126652
  9. he meant to say "day" not "add" hahaha Give me a day or two and I will decide on something.
  10. could he change the color of the test or the background to "hide" it, as a band-aid? I was going to try this same thing, when I get around to it
  11. one thing I am noticing that didnt happen with my old setup is that on some pc's, there will be a dialogue box that pops up as wpi is starting up that requests a restart.... "windows has finished installing new devices" blah blah. Do you know if there is a way to suppress this?
  12. this worked for me, hopefully Zeus will try it as well and report back. Great job guys! I can finally use the new WPI on my DVD:)
  13. Well, I cant get the .inf to work on my multiboot. I think I will just stick with the old tried and true method, it has not let me down. I can live with a .xml error, I cannot live with the desktop loading first. Thanks for your time guys. If a new version of the launcher comes out for pre-desktop use i will give it another shot.
  14. ok, I modified my cmdlines and built a runwpi.inf, I will see if that gets me anywhere. I looked back and the prior method I used a year ago was a.cmd which wasnt the most reliable as I recall.
  15. I guess I am not following. I am only changing the WPI folder, nothing else on the DVD. Where would I find said entries? I have never needed to do anything with them before. Are you saying to get rid of the .exe and go back to the old method of calling wpi? I think I still have it laying around somewhere
  16. I am using this cmdlines: [COMMANDS] RunWPI.exe and the runwpi.exe to call wpi. I am not using any other launcher. It is version Not sure if that helps, but this same issue was verified by Kelsenellenelvian unless I am misunderstanding his post. The only thing I am changing is just the WPI folder, nothing else. The way I need it to work is as before, where WPI starts first, allows you to install everything, forces a shutdown, and then once windows restarts, the desktop is allowed to load. I have that functionality in the old version that I am currently using, but it has the .xml error.
  17. simply remove the winnt.sif file that is in the i386 folder. If you want to make life easier you could also edit it (use notepad) and type in your key instead. One thing to conisder though, your purchased key will ONLY work if it is the correct cd. If it is a corporate version (very likely) that you got, your key will not work.
  18. Thanks M, I feel better now that Kelsenellenelvian was able to reproduce it! I was just scared it was something unique to my setup
  19. thank you for looking into this and verifying the concern with timing! I was going nuts thinking I was the only one
  20. let me know if you need any files or testing- I assume this is a similar problem to what he is having because he mentioned it loaded at the same time, regardless of checking the box or not.
  21. Anyone using the 7.2.0 version of WPI that runs it before the desktop loads? I am having an issue where mine fails to run before, no matter if I check the "allow desktop.." box is checked or not. I have verified it still works properly with my old WPI, and I use the runwpi.exe in my $oem$ folder just like I have since they were released. All I am doing is swapping out the wpi folder, not the trigger. I have tried it on several computers, and it always loads wpi WHILE the desktop finishes loading. I am just trying to figure out how many of us there are, am I the only one?
  22. Zeus, are you saying that you want WPI to run before the desktop loads? I am having an issue with this as the old WPI would run this way and the new version will not (for me). No matter if I check the box or uncheck it, the desktop always loads while WPI starts up. I had to go back to the older version to make it work until a fix is found. If this is happening to you, we need to figure out what is going on, as we are the only ones having this problem.
  23. Been researching it quite a bit and still havent found any helpful advice. Is it possible that there is no variable for this?

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