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  1. Hi guys. My buddie has just bought a new computer system for his business, and he wants me to help him set it up. Basically, he has a server machine and about 25-30 client machines. What he wants is for any user to be able to log on to any machine, and access their desktop and files from the server. The problem is that I dont know how to do this as I have never worked with Windows Server 2003 before. Thanks, Ollie. BTW: The client machines are running XP Pro.
  2. Update: I went into factory mode and clicked 'reseal', and it DOES boot to WindowsWelcome. But it does not allow me to enter registered owner name, and it keeps the account I made when I first installed windows! HELP!
  3. Hi guys. I have sold my computer on the internet, and I want to do the following: - Have AVG Free preinstalled, - Allow the user to enter product key, - Allow user to choose account name etc. I have heard that you need MiniSetup and WindowsWelcome in sysprep, but I have never done it before, and all of the info on the Microsoft website confuses me? Just to elaborate: I want the user to start the computer, complete MiniSetup, and then complete WindowsWelcome (OOBE). Could someone please enlighten me on how to do this? Thanks, ollie123. Ps: I am running Windows XP Professional 32-bit
  4. I have managed to take as much out as I can ($OEM$ folder, TXTSETUP.SIF, WINNT.sif), however I am still getting a customized layout, and am still getting premade account. Is there any other file(s) I need to delete? BTW: The product key seems to have worked.
  5. Hi there. I have received a copy of Microsoft Windows XP from a friend, and I have purchased a license for it from Microsoft. But I have no where to enter the key during install. On later inspection, I found out that this is an unattedned install. How can I make it attedned again? (Do I have to remove files, change files or what?) This would also be handy to know, as there are some guys at my workplace that want to know how to do this. Can anyone help me with this? Cheers, Ollie.

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