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  1. Has a solution been found yet? I have the key line blank in my winnt.sif, but it stops and asks. I would like to be able to do this after setup, so I dont have to wait around. Unattended should be just that
  2. yes thats correct- I use my DVD for systems that already have Windows sometimes. Since I never use the features the Windows disc pops up (autorun) I change it to my WPI
  3. Bump? Is there a way to keep some programs from installing since they require internet access?
  4. not sure if this help you, but I let mine run after each install and if I dont want to use it, I click "exit" or let the timer count down. I also rewrite the autorun at the root of my DVD to point at wpi.hta, so when the dvd is inserted it will run WPI instead of the Windows installer. Also, if the dvd is already in the pc, you can just click on the drive and it will open WPI as well. This makes it handy if I am using it to install software on computers that have not just been formatted.
  5. I can confirm this. I use driverpacks on my multiboot and have both a $oem$ folder (for wallpaper, themes, cmdlines.txt, etc) which is inside each "Root" folder alongside my I386, and I also have a "oem" folder at the root of the disc that contains driverpacks. If my disc was not a multiboot, it would have both oem and $oem$ at the root next to the I386 You do not need to do anything to separate them, the installation knows the difference
  6. Yeah, I have updated WPI many times, but never have gone back and cleaned up my methods I have a feeling I just need to spend some time going through it. I honestly cant remember WHY I went the .cmd route. It was a long time ago! Thanks again for your time
  7. Here is my config.js, its pretty ugly though . I use .cmd's to run the programs so there are no keys here. I think I should just integrate, that would be the best answer. //--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- // Reference ... prog[0] won't be used. It's just an example. // Look in program.js to see explanation of these properties. //--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- // pn=0; // start value for prog numbering // prog[pn]=['ProgramName']; // ordr[pn]=[0]; // desc[pn]=['Description']; // uid[pn]=['APP1']; // dflt[pn]=['no']; // cat[pn]=['Application Category']; // forc[pn]=['false']; // configs[pn]=['List of configs to be auto checked. Comma seperated']; // deps[pn]=[]; // excl[pn]=[]; // cond[pn]=['Javascript Conditional Statement']; // gcond[pn]=['Javascript Conditional Statement to gray item']; // regb[pn]=['Registry Key Path']; // cmd1[pn]=['CommandLine 1']; // cmd2[pn]=['CommandLine 2']; // cmd3[pn]=['CommandLine 3']; // cmd4[pn]=['CommandLine 4']; // cmd5[pn]=['CommandLine 5']; // cmd6[pn]=['CommandLine 6']; // cmd7[pn]=['CommandLine 7']; // cmd8[pn]=['CommandLine 8']; // cmd9[pn]=['CommandLine 9']; // cmd10[pn]=['CommandLine 10']; // rega[pn]=['Registry Key Path']; // picf[pn]=['Picture File']; // picw[pn]=['Width']; // pich[pn]=['Height']; // textl[pn]=['Text Location']; // pn++; //--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- // Your programs here ... //--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- pn=1; prog[pn]=['7zip']; ordr[pn]=[15]; uid[pn]=['7ZIP']; dflt[pn]=['yes']; cat[pn]=['Utilities']; forc[pn]=['no']; cmd1[pn]=['"%wpipath%\\Programs\\7zip\\7zip.cmd"']; pn++; prog[pn]=['ActiveSync']; ordr[pn]=[11]; desc[pn]=['For docking PDA\'s and Smartphones']; uid[pn]=['ACTIVESYNC']; dflt[pn]=['no']; cat[pn]=['Office']; forc[pn]=['no']; cmd1[pn]=['msiexec.exe /i "%wpipath%\\PROGRAMS\\ACTIVESYNC\\setup.msi" /norestart']; pn++; prog[pn]=['AdAware']; ordr[pn]=[12]; desc[pn]=['Highest levels of protection for your PC']; uid[pn]=['ADAWARE']; dflt[pn]=['yes']; cat[pn]=['Utilities']; forc[pn]=['no']; cmd1[pn]=['"%wpipath%\\Programs\\AdAware\\Ad-Aware.cmd"']; pn++; prog[pn]=['Adobe Acrobat Pro- MUST BE ONLINE!']; ordr[pn]=[13]; desc[pn]=['Create, Control, and Deliver PDF Files.']; uid[pn]=['ADOBEACROBATPRO']; dflt[pn]=['no']; cat[pn]=['Office']; forc[pn]=['no']; cmd1[pn]=['"%wpipath%\\Programs\\AcrobatPro\\AcrobatPro.cmd"']; pn++; prog[pn]=['Adobe Acrobat Reader']; ordr[pn]=[14]; uid[pn]=['ADOBEACROBATRDR']; dflt[pn]=['no']; cat[pn]=['Office']; forc[pn]=['no']; cmd1[pn]=['"%wpipath%\\Programs\\ACROBATRDR\\ACROBATRDR.CMD"']; pn++; prog[pn]=['Alcohol 120%']; ordr[pn]=[142]; uid[pn]=['ALCOHOL120']; dflt[pn]=['no']; cat[pn]=['CD/DVD Editing Software']; forc[pn]=['no']; cmd1[pn]=['"%wpipath%\\PROGRAMS\\ALCOHOL\\alcohol.exe" /norestart /passive']; pn++; prog[pn]=['AnyDVD']; ordr[pn]=[16]; desc[pn]=['Unprotects DVD\'s for copying']; uid[pn]=['ANYDVD']; dflt[pn]=['no']; cat[pn]=['CD/DVD Editing Software']; forc[pn]=['no']; cmd1[pn]=['"%wpipath%\\Programs\\AnyDVD\\AnyDVD.cmd"']; pn++; prog[pn]=['Base Registry Tweaks']; ordr[pn]=[270]; desc[pn]=['These regtweaks are mandatory. They include branding, tweaks for speed, and tweaks for performance.']; uid[pn]=['REGISTRYTWEAKS']; dflt[pn]=['yes']; cat[pn]=['Registry Tweaks']; forc[pn]=['no']; cmd1[pn]=['regedit.exe /s "%wpipath%\\Programs\\Regtweaks\\required.reg"']; pn++; prog[pn]=['Bliss Screen Saver']; ordr[pn]=[299]; uid[pn]=['BLISSSCREENSAVER']; dflt[pn]=['yes']; cat[pn]=['Applications']; forc[pn]=['no']; cmd1[pn]=['"%wpipath%\\Programs\\BLISS\\Install.exe']; pn++; prog[pn]=['Clean up Desktop']; ordr[pn]=[273]; uid[pn]=['CLEANUPDESKTOP']; dflt[pn]=['yes']; cat[pn]=['Registry Tweaks']; forc[pn]=['no']; cmd1[pn]=['regedit.exe /s "%wpipath%\\Programs\\Regtweaks\\desktopclean.reg"']; pn++; prog[pn]=['Clean up Start Menu']; ordr[pn]=[290]; uid[pn]=['CLEANUP']; dflt[pn]=['yes']; cat[pn]=['Registry Tweaks']; forc[pn]=['no']; cmd1[pn]=['"%wpipath%\\Programs\\Regtweaks\\CLEANUP.CMD"']; pn++; prog[pn]=['Clear Sidebar']; ordr[pn]=[200]; uid[pn]=['CLEARSIDEBAR']; dflt[pn]=['no']; cat[pn]=['Utilities']; forc[pn]=['no']; cmd1[pn]=['"%wpipath%\\PROGRAMS\\SIDEBAR\\sidebar.exe" /s']; pn++; prog[pn]=['CloneCD']; ordr[pn]=[31]; uid[pn]=['CLONECD']; dflt[pn]=['no']; cat[pn]=['CD/DVD Editing Software']; forc[pn]=['no']; cmd1[pn]=['"%wpipath%\\Programs\\CloneCD\\CloneCD.cmd"']; pn++; prog[pn]=['CloneDVD']; ordr[pn]=[32]; uid[pn]=['CLONEDVD']; dflt[pn]=['no']; cat[pn]=['CD/DVD Editing Software']; forc[pn]=['no']; cmd1[pn]=['"%wpipath%\\Programs\\CloneDVD\\CloneDVD.cmd"']; pn++; prog[pn]=['DVD Decrypter']; ordr[pn]=[41]; uid[pn]=['DVDDECRYPTER']; dflt[pn]=['no']; cat[pn]=['CD/DVD Editing Software']; forc[pn]=['no']; cmd1[pn]=['"%wpipath%\\Programs\\DVDDecrypter\\DVDDecrypter.cmd"']; pn++; prog[pn]=['DVD Shrink']; ordr[pn]=[42]; uid[pn]=['DVDSHRINK']; dflt[pn]=['no']; cat[pn]=['CD/DVD Editing Software']; forc[pn]=['no']; cmd1[pn]=['"%wpipath%\\Programs\\DVDShrink\\DVDShrink.cmd"']; pn++; prog[pn]=['Easy CD-DA Extractor']; ordr[pn]=[51]; uid[pn]=['EASYCDDAEXTRACTOR']; dflt[pn]=['no']; cat[pn]=['Manual Installation']; forc[pn]=['no']; cmd1[pn]=['"%wpipath%\\Programs\\EasyCD-DA\\Easycdda.cmd"']; pn++; prog[pn]=['Firefox Browser']; ordr[pn]=[61]; uid[pn]=['FIREFOXBROWSER']; dflt[pn]=['no']; cat[pn]=['Mozilla']; forc[pn]=['no']; cmd1[pn]=['"%wpipath%\\Programs\\Firefox\\Firefox.cmd"']; cmd2[pn]=['"%wpipath%\\Programs\\Flashplayer\\FlashPlayer.cmd"']; pn++; prog[pn]=['Google Deskbar']; ordr[pn]=[71]; uid[pn]=['GOOGLEDESKBARNONUA']; dflt[pn]=['no']; cat[pn]=['Manual Installation']; forc[pn]=['no']; cmd1[pn]=['"%wpipath%\\Programs\\GoogleDeskbar\\Googledeskbar.cmd"']; pn++; prog[pn]=['Google Toolbar']; ordr[pn]=[72]; uid[pn]=['GOOGLETOOLBAR']; dflt[pn]=['no']; cat[pn]=['Applications']; forc[pn]=['no']; cmd1[pn]=['"%wpipath%\\Programs\\GoogleToolbar\\GoogleToolbar.cmd"']; pn++; prog[pn]=['Install Media Center theme']; ordr[pn]=[281]; uid[pn]=['INSTALLMEDIACENTERTHEME']; dflt[pn]=['yes']; cat[pn]=['Registry Tweaks']; forc[pn]=['no']; cmd1[pn]=['regedit.exe /s "%wpipath%\\Programs\\Regtweaks\\royal.reg"']; pn++; prog[pn]=['Java']; ordr[pn]=[101]; uid[pn]=['JAVA']; dflt[pn]=['yes']; cat[pn]=['MultiMedia']; forc[pn]=['no']; cmd1[pn]=['"%wpipath%\\Programs\\Java\\JAVA.cmd"']; pn++; prog[pn]=['Klite Codec Pack']; ordr[pn]=[111]; uid[pn]=['KLITECODECPACK']; dflt[pn]=['yes']; cat[pn]=['MultiMedia']; forc[pn]=['no']; cmd1[pn]=['"%wpipath%\\Programs\\KLite\\K-LiteCodec.cmd"']; pn++; prog[pn]=['Nero Burning Rom']; ordr[pn]=[141]; uid[pn]=['NEROBURNINGROM']; dflt[pn]=['yes']; cat[pn]=['CD/DVD Editing Software']; forc[pn]=['no']; cmd1[pn]=['"%wpipath%\\Programs\\NeroUltra\\Nero.cmd"']; pn++; prog[pn]=['Nero InCD']; ordr[pn]=[147]; uid[pn]=['NEROINCD']; dflt[pn]=['no']; cat[pn]=['CD/DVD Editing Software']; forc[pn]=['no']; deps[pn]=['NEROBURNINGROM']; cmd1[pn]=['"%wpipath%\\Programs\\NeroInCD\\Nero.cmd"']; pn++; prog[pn]=['Nero Lightscribe']; ordr[pn]=[146]; uid[pn]=['NEROLIGHTSCRIBE']; dflt[pn]=['no']; cat[pn]=['CD/DVD Editing Software']; forc[pn]=['no']; deps[pn]=['NEROBURNINGROM']; cmd1[pn]=['"%wpipath%\\Programs\\LIGHTSCRIBE\\LIGHTSCRIBE.cmd"']; pn++; prog[pn]=['Nero Vision']; ordr[pn]=[145]; uid[pn]=['NEROVISION']; dflt[pn]=['no']; cat[pn]=['CD/DVD Editing Software']; forc[pn]=['no']; deps[pn]=['NEROBURNINGROM']; cmd1[pn]=['"%wpipath%\\Programs\\NeroVision\\Nero.cmd"']; pn++; prog[pn]=['NET 1.0']; ordr[pn]=[148]; uid[pn]=['NETV1']; dflt[pn]=['no']; cat[pn]=['NET Framework']; forc[pn]=['no']; cmd1[pn]=['"%wpipath%\\Programs\\NET1.1\\NETFramework1.cmd"']; pn++; prog[pn]=['NET 2.0']; ordr[pn]=[149]; uid[pn]=['NETV2.0']; dflt[pn]=['no']; cat[pn]=['NET Framework']; forc[pn]=['no']; cmd1[pn]=['"%wpipath%\\Programs\\NET2.0\\NETFramework2.cmd"']; pn++; prog[pn]=['NET 3.0']; ordr[pn]=[150]; uid[pn]=['NETV3']; dflt[pn]=['no']; cat[pn]=['NET Framework']; forc[pn]=['no']; cmd1[pn]=['"%wpipath%\\Programs\\NET3.0\\NETFramework3.cmd"']; pn++; prog[pn]=['NET All In One']; ordr[pn]=[140]; uid[pn]=['NETV1-2']; dflt[pn]=['yes']; cat[pn]=['NET Framework']; forc[pn]=['no']; cmd1[pn]=['"%wpipath%\\Programs\\NETAIO\\NETFrameworkaio.cmd"']; pn++; prog[pn]=['Office 2003']; ordr[pn]=[151]; uid[pn]=['OFFICE2003']; dflt[pn]=['yes']; cat[pn]=['Office']; forc[pn]=['no']; excl[pn]=['OFFICEXP']; cmd1[pn]=['"%wpipath%\\Programs\\Office2003\\Office2003.cmd"']; pn++; prog[pn]=['PowerDVD']; ordr[pn]=[146]; uid[pn]=['POWERDVD']; dflt[pn]=['yes']; cat[pn]=['CD/DVD Editing Software']; forc[pn]=['no']; cmd1[pn]=['"%wpipath%\\Programs\\PowerDVD\\PowerDVD.cmd"']; pn++; prog[pn]=['Publisher XP']; ordr[pn]=[155]; uid[pn]=['PUBLISHERXP']; dflt[pn]=['no']; cat[pn]=['Office']; forc[pn]=['no']; excl[pn]=['OFFICE2003']; cmd1[pn]=['"%wpipath%\\Programs\\PublisherXP\\Publisher.cmd"']; pn++; prog[pn]=['Spybot Search and Destroy']; ordr[pn]=[191]; uid[pn]=['SPYBOTSEARCHANDDESTROY']; dflt[pn]=['yes']; cat[pn]=['Utilities']; forc[pn]=['no']; cmd1[pn]=['"%wpipath%\\Programs\\SpyBot\\SpyBot.cmd"']; pn++; prog[pn]=['Thunderbird Email']; ordr[pn]=[201]; uid[pn]=['THUNDERBIRDEMAIL']; dflt[pn]=['no']; cat[pn]=['Mozilla']; forc[pn]=['no']; cmd1[pn]=['"%wpipath%\\Programs\\Thunderbird\\Thunderbird.cmd"']; pn++; prog[pn]=['uTorrent']; ordr[pn]=[221]; uid[pn]=['UTORRENT']; dflt[pn]=['yes']; cat[pn]=['Torrent Apps']; forc[pn]=['no']; cmd1[pn]=['"%wpipath%\\Programs\\(uTorrent)\\uTorrent.cmd"']; pn++; prog[pn]=['Windows Defender']; ordr[pn]=[82]; uid[pn]=['WINDOWSDEFENDER']; dflt[pn]=['no']; cat[pn]=['Manual Installation']; forc[pn]=['no']; cmd1[pn]=['"%wpipath%\\PROGRAMS\\DEFENDER\\Defender.msi"']; pn++; prog[pn]=['Windows Media Player 11']; ordr[pn]=[83]; uid[pn]=['WINDOWSMEDIAPLAYER11']; dflt[pn]=['no']; cat[pn]=['Applications']; forc[pn]=['no']; cmd1[pn]=['"%wpipath%\\PROGRAMS\\MEDIAPLAYER\\wmp11.CMD"']; pn++; //--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- // End of program definitions ... //---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  8. the exact situation is where WMP11 is on my list of programs for WPI to install. When WMP11 is finished, it reboots- before the rest of the programs are allowed to install. On reboot, this is the screen I see: Clicking "OK" lets this close, and then my driverpack finisher runs (only if this is the first boot), followed by a blank screen with only my mouse pointer. Control/alt/delete and end mshta and the desktop finishes loading. WPI does not re-start automatically. Again, its probably easier for me to make WMP11 not automatically reboot, but if its an easy fix in WPI, I will do that. Just in case other programs force a reboot.
  9. I am getting a "undefined" screen after I try to install WMP11. It seems my installer tries to restart while WPI is running, and on reboot, I get this screen. I read somewhere a very old post about making sure wpi.ico is at the root of the dvd, but cant find any other references to that file. I am using a multiboot dvd with a folder name WPI at the root, and all the files within (wpi.hta, etc). I have downloaded the latest WPI with no change. WPI works flawlessly except for this one error on this one program. I guess my question is this- should I make WMP11 wait for reboot, or is this an easily solved problem within WPI?
  10. Until someone chimes in with a better guide, I have referred to this one often: http://unattended.sourceforge.net/installers.php
  11. Specifies whether Setup skips Windows Welcome or Mini-Setup using the CD Boot method. Set this to yes to skip the "Setting Up Internet Connection" and "Create User Accounts" screens.
  12. I tried that, (tried that exactly just now, but also tried it with "\memory management" directory added at an earlier time) and when I open regedit, the value never changes. Not sure if it matters, but within "Pagingfiles" there is no dword...it has a "Value Data" and within that is the value "c:\pagefile.sys 256 512". I can change it with a script but I cant seem to set it to 0 or disable it.
  13. I must be stupid...what type of command does it take to install this- I tried as an .inf and it doesnt take. I have also used the wording in a .cmd and a .reg and neither seem to work either.
  14. Thank you very much Gosh; of all the stuff I learn, I learn best by example. This helps a tremendous amount- I have been playing with wording and hadn't gotten it right yet I have been a long time fan of your guide for Multiboots! Haven't got around to trying your new method, but its on my list. Keep up the great work!
  15. Thank you so much for your time- good material there! I need to stop believing some of the stuff I read on the internet;) ....except whats on MSFN!
  16. the system has 2gb of ram and a 4gb solid state drive, and they dont like the constant writing. Its a specialty application, which must be why I cant find info on turning it off with a tweak. I can do it manually once windows starts, then it requires a reboot.
  17. First off, these systems use a solid state hard drive- its not that I want the pagefile off, its that the drive looses a lot of life if left on. I have seen lots of reg tweaks to turn the pagefile up or down, but not off. Does anyone have info on how I can incorporate this into an unattended installation? edit: I think I just found a way- does this sound realistic?
  18. is there a command for the "condition" area that will look to see if it has internet access before it allows installation?
  19. That is very odd then, my folder structure is identical to what is show on the wpi site, and the $oem$ directory is unrared and placed directly at the root. For some reason my setup just doesnt like that command? Do you know, is any of this dependant on the hard drive and roms being a certain drive letter? Thats the only other think that may be different on my test system.
  20. I have searched and searched, I cannot find any documentation on the command "%01%\..", and if I replace it with the corect driveletter, the command works. Is there another way for this command to define where wpi exists?
  21. yeah, I have the $oem$ folder structure just "as-downloaded" which is basically how it was in my old version as well (except using a .cmd instead of the .inf). My WPI Folder sits at the very root of the dvd. I assume I should be able to open the run command and type in: CMD /Q /C CD /D """%01%\..\WPI""" & START /WAIT /B WPI.hta When i do, it cannot find wpi.hta but, if i change to the actual drive letter: CMD /Q /C CD /D """E:\WPI""" & START /WAIT /B WPI.hta It opens normally. For some reason, I cant use the %01%\.. command Thank you for your help, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY
  22. just added the folder name and retested... [Launch.WPI] CMD /Q /C CD /D """%01%\..\WPI\WPI.hta""" & START /WAIT /B WPI.hta still "cannot find wpi.hta" I assume I need to pint it to the cd drive? If I go to the run command and type e:\wpi\wpi.hta it will open, but you never know what the drive letter will be. Do I need to incorporate some of the text from before to define the location of wpi?

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