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  1. Yesss! Got a working boot disk and the BIOS update has been successfully completed. Thank you for your patient guidance, jaclaz. You finally did it! HUGE thanks! Viper
  2. Hi all! Some partial success to report! I made a bootable disk that works on my Dell laptop here but the sub notebook that truly needs the BIOS update is over at a friend's house just now. I should be able to try out the disk I just made later tonight. Will report back on how it went. Thanks to all! Viper
  3. Thanks Jaclaz. That makes a ton of sense now that I ponder it. Dang! You're quick at finding threads on other sites. Thanks for all you do! One other thing I find disconcerting is that after I run the thingy I downloaded from bootdisk.com, then check the virtualy floppy drive I've opened, don't see any files. Is that to be expected? Are what it places on the image invisible files or have I messed up somehow? TIA, Viper
  4. Hiya! Me again. That's a pretty slick tool but the format it saves it's images in appears to be a mysterey. I get this generic icon when it saves the image and when I use ImgBurn to attempt to open it, it says it, "Invalid or unsupported Image File Format!" At the Save dialogue within VFD, it doesn't exactly give you the means to pick a file format. There's a page for associateions but that's about it. You mentioned using the burning software of my preference but apparently ImgBurn (freebie) won't cut it. May I ask what you use and/or if you know of anything I can grab for free someplace? Yep, I'm being cheap but this is one small stepping stone to a larger project so I am indeed pinching pennies this early in the game. HUGE thanks! Viper
  5. Hi Jaclaz, Welp, I finally had the chance to play with this tonight. I followed the instructions for the flash cd image from bootdisk.com as you so kindly referred me to. Getting all the ingredients and making the CD was a breeze but alas, once I got booted from it, there was an error. Device Driver not found, "TOMATO" No valid CDROM device drivers selected. Per the prompt, I strike any key and attempt to switch to the r: where it says my additional files would reside and it says, "Invalid Drive Specified". I know I followed the instructions correctly because I do not get this error when using this CD to boot a different 'puter and am able to switch to the R: drive. All the files I'd expect to be there are present. Suggestions? Viper
  6. I will ask indeed, jaclaz. U da' man. Uh, I presume you're a man anyway. Am I sexist or what??! Gee. Time for some deep self reflection on such matters. Then I will attack the cd creation process. I don't have a floppy drive so I'll need to go with the flashcd.txt method. Thanks for including both methods. I did already have the updater downloaded from MSI though. HUGE thanks! Viper
  7. Oooh. Very cool. I'll look at both links. The notebook is an MSI Wind U100 Full specs are here. My model has the 120gb HD. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MSI_Wind_PC#Specifications. Thanks again! Viper
  8. Greetings from snowy Oregon! Hey, I'm working on a dual boot project of a slightly different kind (hackintosh meets XP) but I figured y'all were more than qualified to master my my pesky little question. The beginning of my road to dual booting the HD of my little sub notebook requires that I update the bios on the sucker. To do that, I can't boot from the internal HD, so I have an external CD/DVD drive. So far so good, right? I have two different Windoze cd's that are bootable but as luck would have it, they're both OEM restoration CDs that dive right into an unstoppable "let's nuke the HD and reinstall windows" routine. That's right, both CDs only sing one tune. This is going to sound very clueless to all you veteran and budding admins out there but I just need a simble bootable CD or DVD that gets me to the desktop so I can run this bios update. Can someone point me to one, please? I can't believe the hours I've spent looking for a downloadable image of such a beast or trying different recipes for how to make one. It's just silly how many hours I've wasted but it seems I'm always missing some pesky little ingredient. Some obscure DLL that someone's script can't locate, some special revision of a specific disc burning app, an non OEM installer CD, etc, etc.. I found this forum via nLite as I had read it's description a bit too fast and though it would let me make a stripped down my installer CD and remove the autorun that goes straight to the installer but alas, nLite actually serves a slightly different purpose. Definitely a cool one but not what I need. Apologies, I digress. I'm sure there's a downloadable image site that's of some obvious name like www.doodWhatYouNeedIsRightInFrontOfYourFace.com but alas it has eluded me. Save me before my head banging against the wall becomes a fatal injury. HUGE thanks to all, Viper

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