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  1. Hi I've been gone for a very long time, it feels gooood to be back I'm having a really annoying problem, I have a network consisting of 30 computers with win7 and one with windows xp. I have to keep the XP because it has a DVR card which only works in XP I want to share internet through this XP system and make it my server to control internet traffic. Right now the modem shares the internet through PPPOE protocol and I want to make it Bridge and create a connection in XP and share this connection in other win7 clients. I have some info about networking but this one i couldn't crack, the routine methods don't work. I tried many things, modem's IP is when XP shares internet connection, it changes the LAN IP to and the server falls out of access by clients. when i change the IP back to 192.168.1.xxx range, sharing fails. when i tried to change modem's IP to and clients to 192.168.0.xxx range, internet on the server is lost I don't know what else to do, Please help me !
  2. It's not proper to bring up this thread every time with the same question that I've already answered a few times. I'm starting to realize that it's going to bother other members to see a thread goes round and round without any useful conclusion. like I said before, this project is much bigger than a few batch files and some helpful screenshots. I don't have time to create a fully described tutorial for it, but I'll willingly answer every question that's related to this project except for the parts that are restricted. If you really think that nLite is able to do even 5% of it, I'll say go for it. And if you're still going to insist on acquiring the whole project then don't bother others in this thread and just give me a personal message, but i assure you that my answer is not gonna change. Good luck
  3. Sorry I wasn't around these days. post what ? I'm not sure what you mean by " it " If you mean the whole project, i should tell you that after a little chat with some of microsoft's moderators they assured me that most of it are illegal to share with others. but if you have a question i'll try to guide you to solve it yourself ! Good luck
  4. I didn't say that USSF is gonna work for all the softwares out there, I said ( and I'm quoting B) ) : " I'm sure you'll find it quite useful " and it is useful, but that just gives you a hint on how the silent switches work. Lets just say that its not as easy as software A and software B, the number of ways to automate softwares is nearly as much as the number of softwares themselves. I can teach you fishing instead of giving you the fish. So listen carefully. If USSF didn't work for that specific situation, then these might come in handy : -Some softwares follow a common way to giveaway their silent switches, assuming the name of the setup file is setup.exe then the code would be : " setup.exe /? " or " setup.exe /help " or " setup.exe /h " or something like those. that switch would show you the other switches for this software plus a description their job. -Some other softwares don't tell you their switches this easy and just save it for the pro users (distributers or etc). in this case you might find it on the web. just search about switches for your software and be patient. -The rest of the softwares might not have any switches at all, so you can use other ways to automate their setup like " Autoit ". Besides there's always place for innovation in this journey. so don't lose your hope.
  5. Well I haven't work on that specifically but I've done the same many times for other softwares. Most ofthem save their settings in registry or another file (*.ini or *.inf or ...) you can change them manually once and track down the software's activity using another program like filemon and regmon from sysinternals tools. these tools are freeware. wait a second apparently according to microsoft : FileMon and Regmon are no longer available for download. They have been replaced by Process Monitor : http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/bb896642 I hope that helps.
  6. Thanks -X- for the guidance. I'm a little unfamiliar with the rules. I appreciate the tip. But I'm not sure when I'll be able to make time to do all that. In fact my point was to help, the " profit " part of my questions wasn't serious. and deathdragon, I'm sure there are a lot of people here more qualified than me but yeah, I'll try to be around if someone had a question about it. however you have to be more specific, don't expect me to describe all the 5000 line of codes that I've written for this project. For starters checkout the USSF (universal silent switch finder). I'm sure you'll find it quite useful.
  7. Well thanks jaclaz Maybe it's better to create a website or an ebook and then share it with the members. I'll look into it. good luck
  8. I meant this : http://unattended.msfn.org/unattended.xp/ I mean the codes, the source files I've created, the methods I've used to implement all this into windows setup. My English is not that much good to explain what i mean but I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. I assume it's not that much interesting to others as it was to me. I was just trying to share things that I've learned with others but apparently i was mistaken to share it here !
  9. No, i should have described it more clear. I want to publish the source not the warez result. Like what you did in the PDF file describing how to make windows installation unattended ! But there's a problem, I'm not sure if it's legal because it's far more than what you said in that ebook.
  10. Hi It's been a long time since my last login here. feels good to be back. I really missed it. I have some questions but first i should explain something. Two years ago i was able to create a fully unattended windows xp installation (I updated it last year). It starts through the current windows XP. Just by one click (using autorun), setup starts to perform the following phases (unattended !) : 1- Removes the old operating system 2- Installs Windows XP SP3 + IE8 + WMP11 + necessary drivers + all the updates till then 3- Installs about 30 useful softwares which are most common ( at least for me ) 4- Performs Some Optimizations for performance and speed + cleaning up, preparing themes, some GUI change and etc 5- Done ! The new windows is perfect & ready. note1 : I should thank the driverpacks.net for the drivers and the method to use them in windows setup. note2 : I used the WPI to customize selection of softwares( and I'm thankful for their product ) but I created the unattended setups myself. note3 : It is possible if you want to install it using boot method, It is unattended too, except instead of one click you have to select the drive you want to install to and press Enter. It might seem easy at first but honestly it took me two years to finish it. ( although i wasn't working on it the whole time, I had a job ! ) My first question : I've tested it a lot on different PCs and Laptops and it works perfect but i want others to use it too. Is this something worth publishing or I was wasting my time ? My second question : If its worth something, could it have some profits for me ? My third question : Isn't it illegal to publish what I've done to windows files and softwares setups ? thanks in advance Here's some screenshots :
  11. Hi i don't know if you have found your answer yet or not but you can find it in here : http://unattended.msfn.org/unattended.xp/v...8a9203a5ff8de7/
  12. Ok i just wanted to inform you that the error happened for me because of the way i loaded wpi.hta i was loading it using autoit loop commands and apparently i shouldn't do that. also maybe there were some problems between new versions of wpi and integrated ie8 into winxpsp3 that i'm not sure about. happy new year
  13. i sent them to your email Kelsenellenelvian thx
  14. After many tests i found out that these two files cause the problem api.js and lang_en.js If i use my edited version of each one of them, wpi wouldn't load properly at the first time windows starts. If I send you my edited files would you check them for me, Kelsenellenelvian ?
  15. I replaced my api.js and lang_en.js with the original ones and tested again but i got the same result. so i removed my old wpi folder and unpacked the wpi 7.7 again and just copied the config and option files into the wpiscripts folder then repacked my windows and tested it. it run without any problem with my old config and option files. i can't find out where did i do wrong.

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