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  1. I know that you can simply insert a shortcut to the systemdrive using the $DOCS\ALL USERS\Desktop\ folder setup, but the shortcut does not accept %CDROM% as a variable drive path. My installs can have various optical drive letters, so I dont want to make the shortcut simply a drive letter. Is there another variable, or another way to accomplish this?
  2. Sweet! Have I ever mentioned that you guys rock! I dont have much in my paypal but I threw a few at you. Thanks!
  3. didnt think much about it at first but I use this function With it disabled some of my programs that require internet are grayed out. I am just going to live with it for now- is this something that is on the "list"? If not I will find another way around it
  4. I have an odd problem, when I am building/tweaking WPI I have no problems or errors. After it is burned to a DVD I get this: Is this a known issue or do you have any ideas on where I can start? I am on 7.1.1 and only noticed this after switching to the load desktop before wpi runs feature. It was repeated on 2 different machines, and nothing shows in the log. When you click "ok" it enters wpi and functions normally Another problem I seem to be having is that lately, every once in a while, I will get an error upon entering the options section, that my theme " ' " cannot be found, switching to windows. I look in the useroptions and my theme is listed as ' ' and nothing in the middle! I reset it to server, and it works for a while. Then, at some point it will delete itself again. I am wondering if the 2 could be related? Thank you!
  5. oh, no problem! I just figured it was in there and I was overlooking the command or feature. Keep up the great work guys! I love/hate the fact that I can never be "done' with WPI
  6. I have, and I am currently using "excludes" to keep both from installing. The problem arises when one is selected and you choose the other. It doesn't toggle, so you need to first uncheck the one then check the other. I will re-read that chapter but I am already using the command
  7. I am sure that I am overlooking it, but is there a way to toggle between 2 (or more) programs? Say I have Office 2007 and Office 2003, I need to uncheck one to check the other. Is there a function that allows one to be checked and the other to be unchecked automatically?
  8. Bump! I have the same question/problem. I want to automatically partition about 20gb to a d:/ drive and the rest to the c:/ drive. The c:/ drive will be the biggest, so I wonder if using autopartition= 1 will default to it anyway? I am currently using autopartition set to 1 but I am formatting the disc as one
  9. I currently have a working unattended DVD working but it is set to auto partition the drive as one. What I need is to be able to partition the drive into a c:/ and a d:/, with the install still going to the c:/ drive. The d:/ drive will always be 20gb, where the c:/ will be the remainder. I know I can do this manually, but is there any way to do this unattended? I want to use the d:/ as a recovery area Thank you in advance! I have learned so much here at MSFN
  10. Ok, I had to go back to the previous version of WPI, as for some reason I am getting some errors. I probably just need to spend more time with it- all I did was drop in my config.js, and reset the configuration. When I try to chose a program to load, and it should go to the installer, it just goes blank. if you try to reload, it says that it is already running, and if you cancel it starts loading. Then, upon restart, it locks up with mshta running, and wont give me a desktop until it is stopped. I re-tried the disc (with the first version of the runwpi) without the .js file you provided and using the old version of wpi on my flash drive and it works great. Not sure what was changed in the .js file but it doesnt seem to be needed? Now I will put in the new zune version, the rest of the changes will likely be to the flash drive end of it.
  11. sorry to be a pain, but I have been using the RunWPI_Zune.exe version... Any chance you could tweak it up for me? So, since this seems to be working, there is no problem using it with my typical dvd's then, right? It just scans backwards is all?
  12. all I did was insert my old config.js and your modified core.js, and then went through and changed some of the options, so i am sure I just need to play with it a bit. It makes me happy too, this is perfect for those older computers, no need for multiple cd's anymore:) Just boot the install cd and let her go!
  13. tested with an old xp setup so I wouldn't taint my current one, and it worked except for a couple errors which I think may be on my part. I will check into it later this evening The first was a "there was a problem retrieving the xml data" "Unknown" error, The second was that there was a empty wpi shell when the computer restarted. MSHTA is running, it goes away when the process is stopped. I think its on my part, but I need to play with it a bit. As far as triggering wpi, it works great... my WPI drive is located at D: and my install cd is E: so it does what I need it to do! It plays nice with abnormal drive letters.
  14. Just as an update, I have a Voyager thumbdrive which has been modded to show as a "local disc" and have transferred all of WPI onto it. I ran my install cd (without wpi located within) and it comes up with a "cannot find e:\wpi.hta" error. Once in windows I see that my thumb drive was assigned drive "d", and the cd is drive "e". Should the program have looked for a lower drive than "e" if that is where the install occured? I am going to return the drive to a standard "removable" drive next to see if it fixes the issue
  15. ah, didnt see you were doing the complete install from a flash drive- but I would think it would be the same, the wpi cmd seems to look for an existence of a wpi folder at the root of any drive, so it should be able to locate it. I am currently trying to get a hybrid working, where I install windows from a cd, and it looks for wpi on a flash drive- same basic idea except your drive letter is the same.
  16. the wpi folder should be at the root, with wpi.hta located within it. sorry I cant help with the other questions, I use Powerpacker and driverpacks for my dvd's
  17. Does it simply look for a WPI folder? If I remove it from the cd and add it to the flash drive, it shouldn't find the install cd, should it? The only issue would be if I didnt have the thumb drive in the machine it would complain that it couldn't find wpi.hta. I guess in that scenario it might be nice if it scanned backwards, so a smaller wpi could still exist on the cd for those times when there is no thumbdrive attached. I would still use it for regtweaks and such. I assume it doesn't take too long to scan all the drives? If you think this is something that others may benefit from I am definitely up for helping test. Thank you for all your help!
  18. I have searched (hopefully I am correct) and have not seen anyone trying to do what I want Here is the scenario- I use mainly a DVD for install, with WPI residing on it. No problems, works great. But...every once in a while I get a very old machine with no DVD drive. I have a CD that contains wpi but is very limited due to space- can I move the wpi folder onto a thumb drive? It seems that RunWPI_Zune.exe (in my case) searches for the WPI folder at the root, but will it look at removable drives or drives that are not the correct drive letter?
  19. depends, my wpi.hta is inside a wpi folder at the root of my cd. Others will have it in different places. It may be at the root of the cd. is this a standalone cd with only wpi on it? Or was it a cd that installed an operating system and was trying to run wpi when it was done? More info would be helpful.
  20. Actually, it is working as it should, it lets me bypass the key entry. (If I do not supply a key, it stops and asks for one. If I tell it I dont want to provide it now, it lets me bypass it- saying that I will need to provide it later) I am simply trying to figure out how to make this step automated. Leaving the key blank does not do it
  21. Thats what I have been doing, using a dud key. But then instead of windows asking you to change it, you need to do it manually. I just wanted to take advantage of the new sp3 feature- guess it isnt that easy
  22. I haven't found any way to do so yet. The Unattended Setup is part of nLite you just need to input the needed info for it like your licence key etc etc Hope this helps Actually it doesnt....because what we are trying to accomplish is typing in the key LATER, not during an unattended install. Just like the thread title.

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