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  1. This is a placeholder for the next target on the market: Windows Vista Come back in a few weeks to get a nice list of critical hotfixes...
  2. BREAKING NEWS! *********************************************************************************** This topic will be closed soon! After 2 years at the wheel, I decided to offer my work to the_guy and he accepted the job! So here is the "new" Hotfixes topic: HOTFIXES: Win2000 SP4 and WinXP SP2 ***********************************************************************************
  3. Well, after exactly 2 Years, 750 000 Views and 1600 Reply, I decided to move on and delegate the Hotfixes topic to the_guy who as already contributed to maintain the Windows 2000 SP4 section. The "old" topic will be closed soon: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=31886 I wish him good luck and remember: I'll be around watching you!
  4. Today I was wasting my time on a DQ965GF motherboard from Intel... I just had to write something about that! So if you feel like reading, I just opened a blog and this is one of the first article I wrote: Why does Intel Motherboard is Cr;p!
  5. A colleague once told me about an utility which is able to extract the current drivers you are using from Window. I don't know the name of this program you should search the web about that and if you're lucky, it will support Windows XP 64-Bits Edition...
  6. Not true, you can use the same method and techniques as Windows XP. I also suggest you add reg.exe (compressed somewhere in the tool directory of your Win2K CD) in your System32 directory so you'll be able to use RunOnceEx method just like XP... For the driver matter, maybe you should look into the Multi-Boot section of this forum.
  7. This is not a critical hotfixe... only a fix for the FireWire (IEEE 1394) performance lost with Service Pack 2
  8. AH crap! I tought the limit was 5000 now it must be 5100... No wait, this one is 7722 monkey meters!!!! http://www.totebo.com/monkey-kick-off.php?...oEEqqo0hLboUtqB
  9. Simulation done for Windows XP SP2: *** NEW *** KB925486 KB924496 KB924191 KB923414 KB923191 KB922819 *** UPDATED *** KB890830 (Removal Tool v1.21) *** REMOVED *** KB917159 I'll update the first page soon...
  10. Is there a Office already installed on this computer?
  11. IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT! I currently hold the record at 4959 monkey meters! Take the challenge I also challenge everyone for the shortest kick at 32 monkey meters!
  12. Well, I got 4785 like Zxian... http://totebo.com/mko.php?c=qBorsBossousEo...osEFto0hLbousps
  13. Well at least, you can install WPM10 wit svcpack.inf and then install KB917734 after the first reboot... it should work.
  14. I was just about to post the same link! I remember seeing a page on the microsoft webpage were they showed a vbscript to gracefully change the product key... anyone seen it or use it? I can't find it anymore *** EDIT *** Nevermind, I found it and it doesn't work with OEM keys, only VLK
  15. I beleive you have to install WMP10 and KB917734 after the first reboot... not using svcpack.inf This is the way I do it (with RunOnceEx) and it works.
  16. Take a look here: http://www.healthycomputing.com/ I've been reading the whole website today and I decided to re-arrange my desk at work... I am beginning to feel some tension in my right wrist and I don't want to end up with a wrist tendonitis
  17. Hello all, just a small notice to tell I've been invited to give a conference at the Quebec City Convention Center about unattended installation on the 27 of september 16H00 suite 208AB. This is part of a 2 days exibition about Information Technologies. Everyone is welcome, all you have to do is register: http://www.microserv.ca/Salon2006.asp If you want to know were is Quebec City!: Google Maps - Centre des Congres de Quebec ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Bonjour a tous, juste un petit mot pour dire que je vais donner une conférence au Centre des Congrès de Québec le mercredi 27 septembre à 16H00 suite 208AB. Si vous etes interesse, vous n'avez qu'a vous inscrire sur le site de microserv!
  18. KB917734 must be installed after WMP10. Is it the case in your installation?
  19. New updates for september are out, I'll check in a few minutes but for now I have: KB920872 KB922582 KB919007 KB920685
  20. not again! People, stop removing stuff unless you are certain they are not needed. Start by building a working installation and then gradually remove safe component...
  21. I agree that some feature are useless and could lead to confusion with computer noob. But the fact is that you could only remove the shortcut to the application in the Start Menu instead of removing component. Once you start removing stuff, you get a less than standard system which is prone to errors, bugs and other malfunction that wouldn't have shown if you kept the system the way it is... Anyhow, I agree that thing should be kept the simplest as possible for regular workers, friends, family. I'm sick of getting our brand new installed computer trashed in just a few days by the end user. I give them what they need to work and even more (QuickTime, DiVx Codec, Live Messenger, Etc.). Why the heck do they start installing crap as soon as they get it ... gee.
  22. Congratulation for not reading the topic at all. The problem we have is when you try to INSTALL FROM A MAPPED DRIVE OR A NETWORK SHARE. I ended up copying the Windows Live Messenger file from my network share to a temporary folder on the computer and deleting the file after the installation is done...
  23. Oh! I have the same issue (also using a french version!) Did you manage to find a simple workaround?
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