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  1. Dears I have the following question: I bought a acer ferrari 1000 laptop with preinstalled drivers and windows xp pro 64 bit. what do I need to do to in order to find my drivers and windows xp pro 64 bit setup files. I found on my harddrive a folder named i386 but don't know how to identify everything in there and how to modify this in order to create my own unattended dvd. thanks for your help and feedback paul
  2. doesn't anybody have an idea how to solve this ?
  3. blinkdt thanks for your help kind regards Paul
  4. Dears is there a site besides adobe where I can find the bootstrap tool "acrobat7chaining.zip apperently it can't be downloaded from the adobe site, it's mentioned as downloadable but no direct link that's working I tried to see it with firefox and internet explorer but with both browsers I don't get a download link thanks for helping me out here Paul
  5. Dears this is my first attempt to integrate the drivers into my unnattended install. I have a question I have a Via_Rhine installer (the exe looks like a computer screen with a cd underneeth it) and I was just wondering what the switches are to install it silently thanks for your help and feedback Paul
  6. Dears where can I find this program "UnattendedXP" as mentioned in the first post of this thread? I tried to find a download at their homepage but couldn't find it thanks for your help Paul
  7. doesn't anybody has a clue how to solve this? :-(
  8. I Isolated the problem to vmware because when I try tro execute the same .cmd file from my pc itself it's executing everything after reboot? could this be a problem of memory that is being used by vmware? thanks for the feedback Paul
  9. I've a question I'm busy creating a silent installation for windows xp pro and I also created a folder for specific drivers which I want to fill up later on. I also added a few programs and when I wanted to test this out I see that in vmware windows hangs after first logon( where normally office and all the other programs are going to be installed) is this normal I mean do I have to create the parameters for the drivers first or could this be related to another problem? thanks for your coop and feedback Paul
  10. no problem I didn't get the error back telling me that win.ini or win.com are missing only problem that remains is that I still have to reboot before the rest of the applications will install. even after the modifications you posted earlier. thanks again for your fantastic help just hope to find a way that it will continue after setup is finished Paul
  11. recreated a new dvd and up till now no errors like win.ini and win.com missing setup is still running keep you posted Paul
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