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  1. two options for you , you can either use vlite or to recapture the install.wim image with imagex.
  2. removing packages will not reduce the Image size. The files are still in WinSxS folder. After installing the Windows, the trustedinstaller will delete them when the PC is in idle. The is the behavior of the servicing of features and updates. Uninstall an update and look how long it takes to delete the files Thx ,this solved the mystery, i have been wondering for quite a long time PS removing packages does reduce size, but its like 100M only. i removed drivers and sidebar only.
  3. This utility is wonderful. however, a little improvement would be better according to my test, winsxs folder is not cleaned at the same time i removed printer driver , tv tuner driver and the gadget platform but to my surprise ,these stuffs are still in the winsxs folder , maybe its for compatibility reasons. but i would really like to remove them all ~ a little discription of the package would be good, i dont no why removing media player also removes wmp. well done ,genius ,keep it alive~
  4. Thanks for you help clavicle Marcash. did you restart you computer right after installing netframework 4? i got the same error message, but a restart saved the day
  5. I am testing this sweet thing~ but i am not quite sure about those Packages. what exactly are they? i searched, but got no clue , any one kind enough to share some info aoubt theM thx in advance
  6. if you cant find Install.wim you may have to recapture a Install.wim it would take you 2hours ,depending on how powerful your computer is if you cant find any one else to help,write a mail to me We may solve the problem together~ Shilyro@sohu.com
  7. To Nvidia Displayer card driver ,you simply extract the EXE with Winrar, it works perfect! For Ati and Other drivers ,you may have to click install, Often ,the drivers would first be extracted to a temp folder , at least ati works this way all used drivers are kept in the System32 drivers folder,
  8. Thanks ,that may be the problem , cuz i remove wlan support everytime , i will have a try , Thxxx
  9. I have no choice but to recapture the Install,wim, it works ok for the moment
  10. Upon installing this update , i was asked to restart, when it did restart it configured the update , then suddently restarts again , by this restart , i can see a black screen with a line of sentence flashing. I know it is configuring the Registry! Then it restarted again and told me updates are not configured correctly , windows is reverting the change~ the error code is 80004005 any idears about why? preset is attached Last_Session.ini
  11. yeah , i think i saw it some where , Tomorrow gives a guide ,it is there? but i really want to vlite have this feature~
  12. Hi , nuhi What about giving vlite the ability to integrate my own Gadgets and remove some of the default installed ones? Printer drivers cant be fully removed , i have to do it manualy , it takes 131 MB space ,any idea about that?
  13. Oh ,NO man ,you did it again My poor computer would blame you for that ~ she cant stand up so many reinstallations~ Any wany .非常感謝,a Billion thanks
  14. It seems this topic is left to rot~ Nuhi ,Come on. Better make it sticky, its so important for new Vliters~ According to Staknhalo'Software Quality Management' is needed for Media Center functionality and also 'Simple Network Management Protocol needed For CS3

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