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  1. Try, if you want, my InnoSetup Installer: -Installer only English/Spanish but is multilanguage -If you want Silent Install use /silent or /verysilent Regards... ;-)
  2. Not need display hidden folders, you can put folder variables in Explorer Path bar directly, or use in WinRAR as by example Path=%localappdata% or Path=%programfiles(x86)% Have you tried my WinRAR sfx example...? Regards... ;-)
  3. I always use my Windows PC as Admin user and UAC disabled from years, I don't like clik OK button every time... Only use Nod32 AV and uBlock Origin in Firefox, but all suspected and new programs are always tested first in VirtualBox... I repack all my programs to avoid junk inside and I haven't any infection by now... It's only my humble opinion... Regards... ;-)
  4. Default install forder for Jdownloader 2 is %localappdata%\JDownloader v2.0 it's better use default folder to avoid problems with updates or configuration... I did a test in Windows 10 x64 Pro and works without problems for me with WinRAR v5.30 (I'm Admin User)... Try it if you want: Regards... ;-)
  5. I think understand your question, but don't understand why...? can you explain me...? Regards... ;-)
  6. Thank you very much, Gora... appreciate your help... Cheers and regards... ;-)
  7. Hi, friends... One question, how to make work this command...? Delete="%%T\\*.reg" *.reg not working... I tried this Delete="%%T\\\"*.reg\"" and this Delete="\"%%T\\*.reg\"" and this SetEnvironment="Variable1=*.reg" Delete="%%T\\%Variable1%" but not working too... Regards... ;-) p.d.: This command works perfect... RunProgram="hidcon:cmd /c del \"%%T\\*.reg\""
  8. Well.. I auto-answer to myself... I updated sfx module to v1.6 develop (build 2712) and works now... Regards... ;-)
  9. Hello... I have a problem with some 7zsfx files in Windows 8 (other files works perfect)... I got error message : "Non 7z archive." That 7zsfx files works perfect in Win XP, Win 7 x86 and x64... An example of config file: ;!@Install@!UTF-8! GUIMode="0" MiscFlags="4" GUIFlags="2+4+8+16+32+2048" Title="Mozilla Firefox v19.0 b4 esp Silent..." BeginPrompt=" Creado por -=cr@ckm@n=- ¿Quieres instalar Mozilla Firefox...?" ExtractTitle="Extrayendo archivos..." ExtractDialogText="Mozilla Firefox v19.0 b4 español" ExtractCancelText="Cancelar la instalación" RunProgram="setup.exe -ms" FinishMessage="Instalación finalizada correctamente... ;-)" ;!@InstallEnd@! Regards... ;-)
  10. I'm glad your decision... Congratulations, my friend... Regards... ;-)
  11. Some time ago I do not get into the forum, I feel you abandon the project... I made a small contribution (within my means), I hope is helpful... Paypal ID: 3UU54660UB249823H I wish you well... Regards and thanks by all... ;-) In spanish: Hace algún tiempo que no entro en el foro, siento que pares el proyecto... He hecho un pequeño aporte (dentro de mis posibilidades), espero sea de ayuda... Te deseo lo mejor... Saludos y gracias por todo... ;-)
  12. You must put password in *.7z file, before make *.sfx file... Regards... ;-)

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