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  1. E7600 Wolfdale. With bios 3.22 I can use E7600 but only with motherboard rev. 2.0!!
  2. By mistake I bought a 775i65G rev. 3.0, but does not support dual core 3gz CPUs, while rev. previous yes, with the bios modified! What can I do?
  3. Hi! How can I change letter drive of XP? I need C and now is D
  4. AWUS036H works. https://www.alfa.com.tw/files/?dir=[1]%20WiFi%20USB%20adapter/AWUS036H
  5. I solved. I had created a GPT partition and for that reason it did not work. Maybe it would work, but I do not know why it worked with the basic mbr.
  6. I have a problem with Acronis backup. I restored Win7 but when booting stops at the loading screen (goes in a loop). Also I can not save the mbr on the disk. When I choose backup, it asks me to save the MB to another disk. But the MBR does not help to boot Win7?
  7. I think it happened after installing the sound card.
  8. I've lost bootsect.dos... how can I restore it?
  9. Ok... but with WMP600N don't have drivers for win98. Any other card?
  10. What PCI card low-profile wifi can I buy for Win98/XP? LINKSYS WMP600N?
  11. What PCI card low-profile wireless can I buy for Win98/XP? LINKSYS WMP600N?
  12. I can't view facebook video. (I installed flash). Why? How can I change language?
  13. That does not have this problem? https://forum.palemoon.org/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=12970&p=91655
  14. So ... Does not work with E7600, E7300 works max. Ironically, rev. 2.0 of the motherboard also works with the E7600, thanks to the bios mod. 3:22 !!!
  15. Hi! I have bios mod with new microcodes but I need to insert microcodes to another bios. Anyone can help me?
  16. Someone has the bios mod. 3.22 to run the Wolfdale CPU? It disappeared from the Internet, I used it with 775i65g rev. 2.0
  17. I do not know how to configure it. I let the program run, but some applications can not connect using the predefined setting. I would like to enable "enable all" but it seems to me excessive. There is a site that helps you configure the program?
  18. I can't find any video card with low profile bracket!!!
  19. I can't find with low profile bracket!
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