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  1. OP said *expires* June 9 2009. The Beta expired then, the RC expires in 2010, with limited use starting March 1.
  2. We had a longer discussion about the methodology that can be used in this thread, and I emailed MRGCAV for any further developments - last I heart from him (about a month ago) He thought he might have had a solution to make it permanent.... I, too, want it moved to another drive, if not another partition, for simplicity sake.
  3. This might be of interest to you as well: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...;displaylang=en
  4. Umm, this has already been mentioned, and I wonder why the article says it was *implemented this week*: http://arstechnica.com/news.ars/post/20061004-7898.html - An explanation of what this is supposed to be, from almost a year ago (11 months), and http://blog.washingtonpost.com/fasterforwa...ctionality.html - an *actual occurrence* of Reduced Functionality - from over 6 months ago. Now, if this article (which is based upon a 'leaked' email) is true, that would mean that, somehow, somewhere, Microsoft has changed the parameters of Reduced Functionality....
  5. Better than nothing, definitely. Also, if they decide to do it, it would be nice if they developed a plugin version for Fx like they did for WGA....
  6. So, the Offline Image Locater field should be tailored based upon the version we are installing, then? Seeing as I am using Ultimate, I should make that ULTIMATE instead of ENTERPRISE?
  7. Will this replacement method (mounting WIM and replacing apps) work for any app that you want to replace? In particular, I want to use xplorer2 in place of Windows explorer....and the companion editor2 for notepad....
  8. Nice! Thanks for the tip. This will *definitely make it a lot easier. I beta test apps a lot, and change default programs here and there, so doing it your method, with 3 HDs available to me, makes it a lot easier to make 1 DVD and change the apps as they get updated or replaced. Ingenious!
  9. I know from experience that laptop BIOSs are not as full featured as Desktop BIOSs, but perhaps things have changed recently - have you verified that the IRQs are not limited in any way on your BIOS?
  10. You probably have already read this, but.... Have you visited your laptop manufacturer's website for an updated driver, or to see if they even support Vista on your laptop? Also, since this caused the problem b/c you were updating your Wireless drivers, have you tried rolling back the wireless drivers to see if that solves the issue? Have you also checked the laptop manufacturer's website for updated wireless drivers?
  11. Having read all three books multiple times, I have to say that the changes to the story line were a bit disconcerting, but watching the action scenes made up for those changes. There were scenes, especially in the first one, where the action was almost perfectly in sync with the way the books were written, and I can't wait to see how well the Ultimatum plays out in terms of following the book. I look forward to actually watching this one in the theater, for a change. I don't do theaters a lot, for my hate of the MPAA (and it's red-headed step-sister, the RIAA) but I think this one is one I will bite the bullet on and go see.
  12. @elajua - worried is one thing I am not - I was curious, more than anything else, but now since I seem to have found the reason why WLOC keeps prompting me, I am fine. At least it *does* prompt me.... Oh, and no probs with the .rar on my end
  13. I'll have to look it up, but I swear almost the exact same symptoms were described in another thread (here or on another forum)....
  14. Sorry, Martins, I thought I had replied to this already, but appearently not.... Instead of closing Explorer, navigate to another drive - your CD / DVD (provided there is a disc in) or else to a local HD.... Another thing, is it possible that your AV is scanning the drive prior ot releasing it (old scanners, particularly Norton / Symantec, used to watch for removable media and scan them on removing, so it was just a thought). If changing the explorer window to another drive does not alleviate the symptoms, and it is not your AV program, do you have ReadyBoost enabled? That could partially be part of the problem as well, if it is actively using it....
  15. OK, now this is weird. The first time I ran it extracted to the directory, it asked (see screen shot) and I selected ask again later. Well, I have run it several times more and it is not asking. However, I saw in my WLOC settings that I have it set to ask me about every application - so it might be asking since it is a new, unrecognized app. The strange thing is that the prompt always occurs if I open it directly from the RAR....

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