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    Run some CPU and memory tests. Prime95 and Memtest are good choices. Also, can you try upping the voltage to the cpu just a little bit? Is that even an option? Startup problems relating to the psu flakin out usually happen quicker and cause POST errors. PSU related errors after post usually require a heavy load and enough time for it to reach a certain hot point. Are the voltages on the rails steady or do you see fluctuation? Also disabling Trend Micro in the BIOS might not disable all components. The only way to rule it out is a complete uninstall. Otherwise you might want to wait for SP1 to come out.....
  2. I saw the other similar threads, but none of them had the instant power off I was having. There is some performance/compatibility patches coming soon to address the USB issues and others. So I will test then.
  3. I am posting this as a fresh thread since I now know for sure what was causing my problems. This problem did not occur in XP, only in Vista. I had an external DVD drive. Vista would install ok. The installer would take forever, but would work. Then I would install some updates, some drivers, then bam instant power off. It didn't seem to matter what order I installed things in. Eventually it would happen, and once it did, it would keep happening. Just as it would boot up to the desktop, it would instantly power off. I tried changing out things like the PSU, memory, cpu, etc... None of that changed the pattern. Everytime it instantly powers off I would have to unplug the power supply and wait a few minutes before I could turn it back on. So I decided to try putting a UPS between my computer and the live voltage. Figured maybe it was getting some dirty/noisy voltage. In doing this I forgot to plug the USB DVD drive back in. System booted up without any issues. After a few minutes I realized the DVD drive was off. As soon as I turned in on, Windows Vista 64 Ultimate hard locked. The next reboot resulted in the instant power off problem upon reaching the desktop. I can repeat this pattern 100%. I have tried BIOS versions 1.6 and 1.73B with my MSI K9A Platinum motherboard. I was also able to cause the hard lock issue using a USB Flash drive. I am hesitant to blame this problem solely on Vista or the motherboard. Considering the ReadyBoost feature, I'm sure extensive testing was done with USB devices. USB mice and keyboards do not cause any issues. I moved the DVD drive to the internal IDE port, and it hasn't crashed, locked, or shutoff since. I'm considering an RMA, but it works in XP. So can I really justify it?
  4. Do you have any external usb storage devices? Your pattern sounds similar to what I went through. I changed out the power supply, the memory, and the cpu trying to find my problem. It came down to an external DVD drive. Vista hates usb storage devices on my computer. The only difference between your pattern and mine was my system would just power off, where yours bsod's. After a few crashes from each install I couldn't get into safe mode either. This also happened with a usb flash drive.
  5. 5.4 for AMD AM2 6000+ not overclocked 5.9 for everything else MSI K9A Platinum Mushkin 5-4-4-12 DDR2 800 4GB kit (2x2GB) WD Raptor 150GB ATI X1900 Crossfire and X1900XT
  6. I had a similar problem being caused by an externa usb dvd drive. I moved the drive internal to fix it. Also, in order for Vista 64 Ultimate to be happy with my SATA driver, I had to switch the onboard controller to RAID mode and leave them as single drives. I gave the OS the drivers, and happy times. Any other mode for the controller either resulted in Vista not seeing any drives, or the motherboard claiming the drive was bad after Vista installed to it.
  7. My problem with Vista and USB was a bit more hostile. I had an external DVD dual layer drive. The install was very slow between steps. However, the real problem was after vista was installed and running. It would eventually cause an instant power off. I would have to unplug the power supply and wait several minutes before I could get the sytem to power back on. It would then boot up and instantly power off instead of going to the desktop. I replaced the power supply, cpu and memory. Still happened. It wasn't until I powered off the dvd drive that it was suddenly able to boot back into Vista 64 Ultimate. When I tried to turn the drive back on while in Windows, Vista instantly hard locked. I was able to repeat the problems. So I took the DVD drive out of the external chassis and hooked it up on the IDE port of my motherboard. It worked fine after that. The system is also much more responsive. So it seems Vista has some incompatibilites with external usb storage devices. MSI K9A Platinum - bios 1.73 Beta, also tried 1.5 1.6 and 1.61 beta AMD AM2 6000+ Mushkin 4GB (2x2GB) 5-4-4-12 Onboard SATA controller in RAID mode WD Raptor 150 GB WD GO 500GB internal Maxtor 250GB Pioneer 111D - now internal, firmware 1.29 ATI X1900 Crossfire and ATI X1900XT

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