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  1. You misunderstood what I meant nuhi. All the install files on the DVD like setup.exe and all the .dll files have been updated by MS. In a reverse integrated disc only the install.wim is updated. All the rest of the install files will still be original RTM. setup.exe from a MS sp1 disc (x64). ( I also have x86 sp1 and they are updated too).
  2. In a preintegrated disc from MS all the setup files are version 6.0.6001.1800. In a reverse integrated disc the setup files will be 6.0.6000.16386. Only the install.wim file is updated to sp1. preintegrated is better. the setup is a little different with a different image available to set as the background.
  3. MS has posted SP1 RC HERE enjoy!
  4. If you bothered to read his post it said he "had a Sil 3112 on my A7N8X". In his signature he lists an A8V which has the VIA 8237.
  5. Nice find. The GimageX link is dead though. Post 6 here still has download links. Thanks.
  6. I have the 378 controller on my K8V SE Deluxe. I used the XP driver when I had 32bit Vista running. It worked OK. I now use x64 and just abandoned the controller.
  7. read here Although this example modified the ntuser.dat in the install.wim it should work the same.
  8. If it's a copy of the installed Vista and since your a Linux guy how about booting a Linux live CD, wiping the first drive and copying the backup files to the first drive.
  9. Not very helpful. The driver is a Windows driver not a MB maker driver. anyway... The original Vista DVD should have the driver on it. Try extracting it from the install.wim. The problem is you need to know what driver it uses. I think it uses usbstor.inf which references usbstor.sys. Is that what you need?
  10. try -n to enable long file names source I use... oscdimg -n -m -b"%Programfiles%\Windows AIK\Tools\PETools\amd64\boot\etfsboot.com" D:\Vista\Build\vista D:\Vista\Build\Vista64.iso funny but that page does not mention what the -m is for. -m = ignore maximum image size of 681,984,000 bytes
  11. read this use imagex /info... to find the image number or name use imagex /delete... to delete an image I'm not sure if export or append is best to add the image. I've only used export but have never added an image to another image. You need to have the WAIK installed.
  12. your first problem is that Bashrats driverpacks are for XP not Vista. Sure they work sometimes on Vista but they are not intended for it.
  13. The Illiminable ogg filter work perfect for me. It's better then the core flac filter. The first time you load a flac file you can't double click it. Drag/drop it to WMP11 and it will prompt you if you want to load it. Say yes. It should play fine. Right click the flac file go to settings and click open with. Chose WMP11. The only thing I don't like is the library does not recognize flac. I'll have to give madFlac a go. It's nice to see something new. The ogg filter is pretty old. :::EDIT::: madFlac did NOT work for me it gave an error installing. Back to Illiminable for me.
  14. I just wanted to inform the MSFN community that I released a new version of the popular App Launcher. It can be found on the Microsoft Gadget Gallery. HERE There are too many updates to list here so go to the gallery link and read about some of them. I would have posted it here earlier but there is a file size limit here. Updated version v3.3.1.2 is on the gallery now. I have submitted a newer version v3.3.1.3 with a few minor bug fixes and changes. It takes a few days for approval. This update has been about 5 weeks in the making. Enjoy jaws75 (aka inkedDean aka jimmyjames aka.......) I need to pick a name. lol

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