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  1. i need an old school pocket pc

    anybody know where i can buy a hp ipaq h5500? i need it for my job, it's the only tool for the program I'm using. thanks Joel
  2. move from floppy to disc or usb

    . Who says ignorant people can't learn, i did not know to first save the the boot image, then load the files from the floppy and burn it -with the boot image- to a cd+r. This all was with PowerISO. yahoo!, works just as if i had the floppy instead. Joel
  3. move from floppy to disc or usb

    sorry, i am using home xp sp3, the program is a hard drive wiping program that i really like but is on a floppy. my present pc has a floppy drive, i'm not sure how to convert it to a iso then to make it a bootable cd (the new box will not have a floppy drive). i have tried using the free version of PowerISO with little luck, as i just could not get the program to burn the image-it went through the motions but the disc was empty. i do also have ImgBurn which i also am not able to get over that bridge with. thank you for your patience. Joel
  4. move from floppy to disc or usb

    ok, i have a program called wipe it , i bought long ago, that i want to be able to use in the usb or cd format instead of the floppy that it came in. so i tried to figure out the said program above(the link) and i just did not get it. did not see how to make it work when i feel there is alot of instruction for someone like me that is left out. maybe i'm alittle behind the curve for that operation Joel
  5. please be gentle as you can tell by my user name that i'm not a pc expert, but it sure is fun to dabble with it, i have a old floppy disc program that i'd like to move to a disc, how can i do that and have it operate the same, i tried this http://www.nu2.nu/bootcd/#whatis and was not able to figure out how it is converted and bootable(may on some things i don't read instruction very well) i just don't know how but, i know you guys do joel
  6. my docs -add in?

    so what should happen is that i can create folder(s) in the $OEM$ folder and put whatever there? Joel thanks to you both for your replies.
  7. my docs -add in?

    i am going to build one for my mum, i'd like to preload some files/folders for her in my documents, i haven't found anything about this so can it be done? joel
  8. nlite install gone wrong

    OK no reply, i will donate 50.00 to this web site in your name. Joel
  9. nlite install gone wrong

    Johnhc, i thank you very much , in lite of that, i would like to donate to this site or any one of your choice for the time and info you have shared, i can tell you that the time you have spend helping others could have been spend doing anything else, so just reply with you charity and it'll be done, one more question though, if i wanted to install the drivers-audio, video, maybe some programs-spybot, firefox, is that possible? and where in the nlite program? oh, and how did i get it going? well, i followed your instruction, downloaded the update and the drivers(thanks Kelsenellenelvian), used nlite as it runs through each prompt, then burned to disc and then let it run, awesome!
  10. nlite install gone wrong

    MB is a foxconn, q45, replacement for a dell inspiron 530 desktop-or a DG33M03 board, cpu e1500 (it is new), chipset north-q45, south-ICH10DO, on board vga and audio, 2 gig memory(2 1 gig sticks). i really am building this from the atx tower and salvaging the power-i have tried and different power supply, the dvd drive-have tried a different of them too, keep the memory also and the hdd, the hdd and memory have been thoroughly tested with the tests on a ubcd disc. thanks again. now i got the sp3 download going. Joel
  11. nlite install gone wrong

    John, thank you very much for your time, this is very helpful, i can start over with your guidance, what i can do is recopy the cd to my pc (the one I'm on right now) and then download the drivers (if you tell me how to get them off my disc and how do i determine which one, as it doesn't show one for the sata version i have-south chipset-ICH10DO. i am offered inetl ®ICH7R/DH, ICH7MDH, ICH8R/ICH9R/ICH10R, ICH8M-E/ICH9M-E and theses are not the ICH10DO, so i don't know which to use, however, i'd like to know this also, if i'm not using a raid array, do i need theses controllers? I'm only using one hdd (a samsung 320gig). where will i be able to download the sp3 from and be able to load it? as every attempt has been wrong so far, if i try from windows catalog i am redirected to the windows update page, which just gets me to search for updates on my pc, and not offered a download/save option, the XP disc is an oem version 2002 w/sp1a. if anything else you need to know please tell me.. Joel
  12. nlite install gone wrong

    I'm still at it! OK, what i have done is searched (a real mighty one) and found a download of sp2 (from here-http://www.helpwithwindows.com/WindowsXP/Slipstreaming_Windows_XP_Service_Pack_3.html) extracted it and slip streamed it to my xp source, using nlite of course. my thinking is that the drivers should be there-in sp2- if they're needed. anyway, now the dvd(to large for cd) will not boot-says boot failure Press any key to continue , if i try it as a usb fdd hdd it starts at the prompt screen for choices 1,2,3,4. this is using the multi boot program i downloaded from boot-land.com (http://www.boot-land.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=4900). when i enter 1-begin text mode setup windows yadyaya .. then this comes up-Remove disks or other media Press any key to restart, which becomes a repeating cycle. i have attatched my last session, please review and show this novice something to make him feel more useful then a plug and play if the links are inappropriate, i am sorry to have done so as i want to give as much info as needed. Joel P.S. i forgot, in the 1st web site posted above, it states that i cannot use a xp disc with sp1 to slip stream sp2 or sp3 , could that be the cause of above failure? my proof reading must get better Last_Session.ini Last_Session.ini
  13. nlite install gone wrong

    [You did not integrate the SP3.] i guess your right, not sure how to slipstream, tried to download sp3 and extract to folder then add to nlite. Back to problem: [Try to remove the old Windows-drivers from XPCD with nLite.] tried again with just the basic sp1 oem xpcd and add drivers and inf files only, still came to the same blue screen [Check all BIOS-Settigs, especially RAM and CPU. No overclocking.] reset cmos and set sata to ide. [Remove any unneeded Hardware].only have hdd, usb cd rom, memory (tested good),replaced cpu with new also.all still have the same problem... remember i replaced the motherboard and wiped hdd clean for a clean install, and here i am thank you , joel
  14. nlite install gone wrong

    OK, attached is my last session, i'm not sure what other info you need, this is a dell desktop that i replaced the MB and cleaned the hdd for clean install, used inlite and followed prompts through to burn image to cd-did that- and then installed to pc through usb cd-rom drive. completed install up to the install devices -at 34 mins in to the install- then the blue screen, telling me that windows has stopped install. thank you for your time..and YES i will post the fix when we get there Joel Last_Session.ini
  15. nlite install gone wrong

    i had setup nlite to install oem xp sp1 with added sp3 and the intel driver pack for sata drivers. went fine til i got to the device driver install and the blue screen with theses codes-0x0000000a (0x000000010, 0x00000002, 0x00000000, 0x8051aa58). can anybody help? thought this would fly as it had for the ide install on another system-that is i didn't add anything and no drivers needed to that system. thanks joel