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  1. Hi Kiki Burgh! You might want to correct your link you mentioned in the post above. It goes nowhere! Cheers and Regards.
  2. I hope everyone has a very enjoyable and happy holiday seaon. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Cheers and Regards
  3. bphlpt

    Error WIndows update

    Well, at least you identified the culprit! You probably ought to post your question on their forum, too, to see if they have any idea what nLite did that causes MU/WU to think you need an English update. Hopefully it's something simple. Keep us informed. Cheers and Regards
  4. Hi Mimo! I hope you are having a Happy Holiday! Any update on the following? These are still showing as unknown using the latest list and File Checker. Cheers and Regards.
  5. bphlpt

    Error WIndows update

    I totally agree with tommyp. Let's get things working with HFSLIP only without nLite, and probably best to pretty much empty your HFSVCPACK, HFSVCPACK_SW1, and HFSVCPACK_SW2 folders to try and figure out where this error is coming from. It's very telling to me that since it says you need KBwindowsxp-kb905474-enu-x86.exe (English) while very clearly you have added in what appears to be all the correct updates in Portuguese that something is messed up. It's just a matter of finding out the culprit. Please let us know if you find out where the problem was. Cheers and Regards PS: Mimo's File Checker is a great tool!
  6. This is actually the first basic step that all the good list creators use to create their lists. Then, if they want to add more, they begin to add features, such as DirectX, and the optional additions, such as IE8, and keep going back to WU/MU to check for any necessary updates. To be thorough, they might also comb through the various KB articles for advice and look for feedback from other users, like the ones on this forum and others. The difference between the lists is usually how far they choose to go with the additions they choose. Whether they want to try and add it all for the user's convenience, or they choose to stick with the basics, and let anything else be at the user's discretion. I haven't looked at Muppet Hunter's list in detail since he resumed his updates, so I don't know if there is any real difference between his and Mimo's approach/content. It will be interesting to hear directly from them about that. Cheers and Regards
  7. Thanks for the explanation, TommyP. I had thought that Mimo had gotten involved at your and FDV's request about a month ago due to Muppet Hunter being busy elsewhere? Is there any particular difference between the 2 lists in content and/or approach? I wish that Tomcat76's Dynamic Hotfix lists were still maintained. I used to use it a couple of years ago with Win2K. This reminds me of the different versions of Post XP SP3 Update Packs available. I know of versions by RyanVM/user_hidden, redxii, Xable, Onepiece, and Ricktendo64 (Spanish only). And code65536 and 5eraph used to make Update Packs I believe, but don't currently. I hope I didn't leave anyone out, if I did, it was not intentional and I apologize. Anyway, though there are various versions available, For the most part, there are defined distinctions between them in regards to content/approach, from conservative to "kitchen sink". And of course, this doesn't even include other approaches such as Windows Updates Downloader. It's perfectly OK to have more than one update list, but it'd be nice to know if there is any real difference between them. If there's not much of a difference, maybe everybody should work together on a single list, saving the users from confusion, and helping out on the list developer's work load? I personally have thought a lot of Mimo's list and his File Checker program, but I got involved with it during the time when Muppet Hunter's list wasn't being updated as often. That's just my opinion. Any others? And please, this is NOT intended to start any kind of flame war in any way whatsoever. Cheers and Regards
  8. Yes, WIC is in SP3, but MS has chosen not to indicate that there are updates available for it in XP, while they have updated it for Vista. YumeYao has graciously put together an AddOn with these updates that can then be applied to XP to keep WIC more up to date. His AddOn can be found here - Windows Imaging Component (WIC) 1.0.2. Hope this helps explain things better. Cheers and Regards
  9. bphlpt


    submix8c, I owe you at least a partial apology. Though I still haven't found them as a separate download, as you correctly said, the SP3 support tools are indeed in the ISO you pointed us to. The SUPPORT\TOOLS\SUPPORT.CAB seems to have all the updated tools, and the deployment tools are also there in DEPLOY.CAB, though the deployment tools ARE available as a separate download for some reason. I guess it's possible the SP3 boot disk is there, too, but I didn't see it. Would you mind pointing it out to me? If you go to the MS site you will find How to obtain Windows XP Setup disks for a floppy boot installation. It provides links to get boot disks for both Home and Professional versions of XP Original Release, SP1, and SP2, but NOT SP3. I suppose if it came down to it that I could make my own by using an SP2 version and substituting SP3 files from an SP3 working system. Any other suggestions? Thanks again. Cheers and Regards
  10. bphlpt


    Yes, just go search MS website I hate to be a pest, but I have searched the MS site and Googled the Web in general. If there are SP3 specific versions of these 2 files, I sure wish someone would kindly point them out, because I sure can't find them. Cheers and Regards
  11. bphlpt

    Windows Updates

    I thought so. I thought so, again. No real problem. It's just that if I had followed the File Checker's advice and removed WindowsXP-KB969898-x86-ENU.exe and replaced it with KB973346 as suggested, when I ran File Checker again it would have then told me that, no, KB973346 is obsolete and it has been replaced by KB973525, as shown in Table 7 by this line - So while the File Checker is "correct", it could have saved me a step. Anyway, again, it's no problem. The Tables are correct now, as far as I know. Thanks again for your hard work and for this wonderful, time saving tool! Cheers and Regards
  12. WOW! and I mean WOW! What an absolutely incredibly complete list of potential Restricted Hotfixes! I had NO idea. But then again, as many people have had problems with .NET over the years, it really shouldn't surprise me at all. But, WOW! Well not having any idea if any of those apply to me, not having had any particular problems with .NET myself, wanting to have a reasonably sized install package, not wanting to spend the next umpteen hours/days reading all that info, (lazy at heart, I know, my own fault), really appreciating all the time and effort you spent collecting, evaluating and distributing this info for us, (wild applause erupts!), and yet wanting to head off the most likely potential issues, can anyone possibly suggest a reasonable subset of those to request, or at least read about further? Kind of a top 10 most likely issues you've seen? I would assume that it is very likely that adding too many unnecessary hotfixes is just asking for trouble, so I don't want to do that, but I do want to be as appropriately prepared as possible. Suggestions? It is a shame about the info removal. We definitely want and need to obey all forum rules, but it was useful info. And it seemed very democratic, I wasn't aware of anyone you missed in your references. I would have thought they would have all appreciated the referrals. And after you added that mammoth list of restricted hotfixes, I wouldn't have been surprised if many people just decided to use one of those pre built alternatives. Of well. Keep up the great work! It'll be interesting to see this continue to evolve. Maybe some kind of file checker front end where you could check off the various options you want, or designate them in the ini, then the program would verify that the necessary hotfixes are correctly in place, and if not, would either just let you know or offer to download them for you? Kind of like the HFSLIP file checker program by Mimo? I can dream. Thanks again for this wonderful program. Cheers and Regards
  13. bphlpt

    Windows Updates

    Hi Mimo! Thanks for keeping this so up to date. Minor confusion - WindowsXP-KB955069-x86-ENU.exe and WindowsXP-KB954459-x86-ENU.exe are still shown in Table 2 as Critical and Important under an entry dated 2008-11, while in Table 7 it shows that they are included in KB973687. Also, WindowsXP-KB969898-x86-ENU.exe is shown in Table 2 under an entry dated 2009-06, the HFSLIP File Checker says this is replaced by KB973346, but that is shown in Table 7 as itself being replaced by KB973525. I don't mean for this to be a double post, here and in the File Checker thread, just wanted anyone not using the File Checker to be aware of the above apparent discrepancy. (And everyone definitely should try the File Checker - it's going to be a really great addition to HFSLIP - maybe it even should be folded in so HFSLIP always runs the checker unless specifically told not to, and if it finds any problems, displays them and then gives the user a "Are you sure you want to continue?" kind of option. Might prevent some wasted runs, speeding things up overall. Just a thought!) Anyway, again, Thanks for all your hard work! Cheers and Regards
  14. Almost forgot ... In Table 7 you list that (KB943729) needs XMLLite (KB915865). Therefore, would there be any reason why we would not want to include KB915865 in HF? Also, while this hfslipfc nopause >hfslipfc.log is easy enough, the few times I've run the tool I've usually forgotten and had to run it again or cut and paste from the command window. It might be nice for there to be a Log - Yes or No line in hfslipfc.ini perhaps. Your thoughts? Thanks again. Cheers and Regards
  15. Hi Mimo! I just tried the latest File Checker, file named hfslipfc-091213.zip, with hfslipfc.cmd dated 12/13/2009 11:58 pm, against HFSLIP files put together using your update list dated 12/11 EXACTLY, with the following results: (note the heading "File-Checker (Build 2009/12/11)") I thought that several of the unknown items were supposed to be taken care of in this latest version. Also, all 3 of the files that are flagged as obsolete are still listed in Table 2 as required, and in fact, the file your program lists as the appropriate replacement for KB969898, ie KB973346, is listed in Table 7 as being replaced itself by KB973525. I also noticed that Kiki Burgh is having problems with WindowsXP-KB968930-x86-ENG.exe in the post above. I assume I will, too, since I'm trying basically the same setup. Any idea what's going on? Please don't misunderstand in any way. I think that this program and your list are absolutely GREAT and you do a fantastic job keeping it up to date and being responsive to anyone with a problem. I can see this program evolving into something along the lines of Autopatcher, or using a download mechanism similar to what's used in this tool, where you would check off the various options you want included, IE8, WMP11, etc, and it goes off and downloads all the current updates that HFSLIP needs and puts them in the correct folder for you, if you don't have them there already, and then it gives you the option of going ahead and running HFSLIP, or not - if you want to change anything. Anyway, I can dream. Looking forward to your reply. Cheers and Regards.
  16. Hi strel! I just found this thread yesterday, about time I know, and want to both Thank You for all your hard work and commend you for how thorough, how fully documented, and well commented it is, and how quickly you've been keeping it up to date! Great job! I do think I found a small typo, though. After all the work that you and Kiki Burgh went through, for my first try I basically copied Kiki Burgh's setup and ran that. It seemed to build the files fine, but as I looked closer at the Command Window before I answered "Y" to delete the temp folder, I noticed an error message. Right after: "Checking .NET stuff to build installer(s)/addon(s) for XP..." was the message: "'NOTE:' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file." Looking at _SNMsynth.cmd, I found that Line 352 was missing an "ECHO" before "NOTE: MSXML6 !DNF30VER! component will be ...". This causes the entire IF statement to not be processed, so my msxml6.msi was not utilized, even though it was there. (It probably wasn't for Kiki Burgh, either, unfortunately.) After adding the ECHO, and rerunning, (I love how you create a new OUT folder if needed, that's great) I then got the message "NOTE: MSXML6 3.0 SP2 component will be updated with msxml6.msi", as expected. With further looking, I also found that Line 297 was missing an "ECHO" before "NOTE: NDP20SP1-KB946223-x86.exe is a ...", and Line 66 seems to be missing the "ECHO &ECHO." pair around the line "NOTE: _SNMsynth.ini is not present, default non restrictive settings will be used." I'm not sure if this had any impact on me or not. With all the great commentary you have, it's a wonder these were the only typo's I found. With my fumble fingered typing, it would have been a total disaster for a good long time as I tried to find all my mistakes! Like Kiki Burgh, I would find it convenient if .NET 1.0 SP3 were included in this .NET Maker and up to date since I also am trying to use Windows XP Tablet PC 2005 (English) by CODYQX4. If you are looking at the possibility of adding this, please look at the addon that onepiece did for CODYQX4, also available at the above link, because I've been told that Tablet PC requires a "special" version of 1.0 SP3, but I don't know what's special about it, I just know that onepiece's version works. Reading all the latest entries in that thread, I don't know if adding 1.0 SP3 is possible at T-13, but all I can do is ask. No big deal either way. [Kiki, I sent you a PM.] Sorry for the long post, but I hope my comments help make this program even better. All the best. Cheers and Regards.
  17. No. Please reread the 1st post. In version 1.5.5 Office 2007 support is added. This is not real slipstream, Service Packs and hotfixes will be just extracted to Updates folder. Process of slipstreaming is tested with Standard and Enterprise edition. In order to improve support for Office 2007, I need list of files of all Office 2007 editions (except Standard and Enterprise), so when you load your Office 2007 into Slipstreamer, in root folder of the tool will be created file "Office2007FileList.txt". To help me, please upload this file for me. Cheers and Regards.
  18. Yes, I believe you should be able to add the hibernation option to the shutdown menu of MCE the same way that you enable in in XP. Cheers and Regards.
  19. This is correct, AFAIK. Cheers and regards.
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