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  1. Thank you tomasz About sata support, the latest run of driverpack base worked like a charm when just integrating sata drivers for so called `text mode' install. Now everything goes smooth during OS install but I actually can't tell why And, about IE removal... I gave up and kept it. The howto is indeed clear and detailed but I'm too lazy now for jumping into a trial-and-error procedure... after all, an OS installed into a VM will never reach the internet, won't it?
  2. A few updates in bristols' page are marked as server and, since I am slipstreaming a win2k professional edition, I skip them. Anyway, after booting my shiny new win2k I've found these files: winspool.drv is already on my system. It is not the latest, though. So I add the fix for KB906952 which provides a more recent version tapisrv.dll same issue, so I added the fix for KB925783 llssrv.exe is an old version but the update for KB974783 provides also LLSCUSTOM.DLL which is not on my system. So I extract llssrv.exe and put it into replace\i386 subdir, so avoid putting the whole hotfx into HF\. Note that the KB article states the update is for any win2k edition, nevertheless the security bulletin only reports the server edition is affected.
  3. Now, almost everything went ok, I'm in the stage of testing my shiny new win2k disc image. I slipstreamed dotNet2.0sp2 via the silentdotnetmaker , directx9 updates appear ok and mdac components are the latest as well. Well, while doing this, still I'm stuck at two single issues. I would like to integrate SATA support into my disc image. Just tried this with driverpack base but it breaks my installation. I know there is the universal driver uniata.sys which appears to be the simplest more flexible solution. Did anyone used it? Is it simple as it seems? and, most important, does it work? I'm in the mood of removing IE at all, most pages show in detail the needed steps. Well, there are actually too many pages saying that. Can anyone point me to a working procedure?
  4. Hey! It's very simple... and it WORKS! Thank you very muck tomasz! Installation went almost perfect (apart from update KB971913 which didn't install and during installation shows a help box... I'll check this) and most important, KB921606 and KB927779-v2 ita custom updates were installed the right way! (mmhh, I think I can provide a link to them as well). Now, some other minor issues have to be fixed but... I'll fix these tomorrow...
  5. Great! Updated `update.inf' also! Now, about mdac, I'm in the stage of unpacking both your mdac281 and mdac253 & 281 (ita versions). Are the updated binaries into `update' subdir or into `files' subdir? And when I have replaced these binaries, how will I get a single exe package again? Which tool am I missing? Perhaps PE Tool? Sorry for my newbie questions, I really don't know how MS updates actually work.
  6. Hi tomasz Ooops! Too late, bristols just updated his page and this package seems to be gone
  7. I just got my MS hotfix list up-to-date with bristols' page, indeed I need some support. KB921606 Although an italian official update does exist (office2000-KB921606-FullFile-ITA.exe), it doesn't install since it complains I miss Office2000 (which BTW is true) but... is there a way for extracting `Msconv97.dll' and put it into REPLACE subdir? KB835730 In order to slipstream this update, a registry fix has to be provided into HFSVCPACK. My question is: which registry fix? The article KB835730 suggests a fix but in the most left column in bristols' page he links to a different article (KB830407) in which a different fix is explained, why? [incidentally, the KB835730 fix is identical to the one suggested into KB891861, which in turn points to KB919521] MDAC 2.8SP1 I really would be able to integrate MDAC2.81 into my slipstreamed win2k and this can be done for the most, since many updates are multilanguage, but MDAC281-KB927779-v2-x86-ENU.exe is english only. How can the same package be built for ita? Thanks anyone! And BTW, thank you for your big effort, guys!
  8. Hi, here you can download the italian version of latest messenger 5.1.0715 and add the link to your winXP updates list Bye!
  9. Of course I can provide a comprehensive hotfix package and host it on an external site (it will require some time, though). Just let me read that list! (I just had a look at them... my actual hotfix list counts more than 200 files, more than twice your 90 ones... maybe I'm making some mistake... ) Now, what do you exactly mean with a "update rollup"? If I remember well it is a single exe/msi file, ready to be installed/slipstreamed in just a single step, isn't it?
  10. A full changelog! This is what I was after, great! Thank you bristols!
  11. Guys, I need your help just about bristols' updates page. Well, I've been away from these pages for some weeks and, of course, in the meanwhile the updates page was... updated Now, I already own many of the listed hotfixes but how can I say which one has been replaced since then? And which one has been added? I mean, is there a fast/easy way to detect just the new/replaced hotfixes instead of checking them all one by one? How do you guys do this? Do you use the 2k file checker? (I can't because my hotfix collection is stored in a set of subdirectories with custom names while my HF\ dir is usually empty)
  12. Is there a way I can copy some custom files in custom folders after install? I mean, I would like to make available some sort of a README.TXT directly on admin's desktop (c:\documents and settings\administrator\desktop). Is this possible? Further, can I set a default wallpaper (eventually adding a custom bmp to the windows folder)? Thank you.
  13. I just integrated KB820227 but Hidserv.exe is not installed, although I see it is (compressed into Hidserv.ex_) on the CD. Maybe is some modification to .inf required in order to get it into windows' folder?
  14. Thank you for your repost, it fixed this also. Thank you very much.

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