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  1. Just an update about this: I deleted the $OEM$ folder for the Dell Mini 9 as well & there were no errors. I haven't seen any problems with the system yet, but I think every thing will be just fine.
  2. Hi there Mim0! I managed to get the hotfix WindowsXP-KB972582-x86-ENU , the fix that is for empty dialog when opening “Organize Favorites” from Windows Explorer (instead of extracting the shdocvw.dll from WindowsXP-KB980182-x86-ENU.exe). The file checker always says it's unknown. Do I still need WindowsXP-KB980182-x86-ENU.exe? Thanks!
  3. ~lol~ It's funny you said go out & enjoy the weather... because that's exactly what I did & take some time to relax.... I did an HFSLIP for a Dell Mini 9 last month & I tested that disc out again recently. The error was there, too. (I guess it's a Dell thing.... XD ) All I did was delete the $OEM$ folder before slipping, & all was fine. But.... um.... what is the purpose of that folder anyway?? Edit: I will have to try a slip for the Dell Mini 9 a little later... The $OEM$ folder is a little bigger (about 300kb) than the one that was on the 600M. (The one on the 600M was like 60kb, so I said, "Aw, what the heck... I'll just delete it to see what happens with the slip.") I usually slip on a FreeAgentGo 500gb hard drive but sometimes I do it on a 16gb Transcend drive. Usually the machine I do the slip on has an 80gb hard drive with a good bit of free space (at least 40gb or so). I will see if deleting the $OEM$ folder for the Mini 9 does the trick as well.
  4. This topic has some age on it.... but today, I got the same error while doing a CD install on a Dell 600M.... (I wonder if I'll get the error on a Dell Mini 9....?) Any way, I used Beta H for the integration & I just wondered: Is this error serious & is it necessary to redo my CD/slip?? (I simply clicked OK.... There was a message in another command window that zipped by too quickly to see what it said. Other than that 1 error, the install seems like it went okay.) Thanks for any help.
  5. Happy Easter to you too...!
  6. Ack! So I still don't have it quite right about the differences between Media Center edition & Tablet PC Edition.... D'oh! (Cheese & bread!) Yikes... It's time for me to do more reading.... ~LOL~ All I did was use the same updates I had in the HF folder from a previous slip of XP Home, the same as what's on Mimo's list.... IE8 & Media Player seemed to slip with no problems.... (MS Updates didn't ask for a ton of updates after the install.) The tablet functionalities are all still there, too. None of the updates I used had WindowsXPMediaCenter2005*.exe format & I didn't use any of the instructions/downloads (main rollup, subrollups) from page regarding MCE 2005 or the fdv fileset. I checked in the system properties under My Computer ~again~ (because I still am amazed) & it does say XP Tablet PC Edition 2005; I was pretty stoked about it... Tablet PC Edition is probably my favorite version of XP now... (I think the only versions I haven't seen are MCE, starter, x64 & embedded...) Tablet really doesn't take up a lot of space (about 7gigs after installing some programs; haven't installed any intensive programs like MS Office/Open Office etc. yet, though; most I may put on is Office)... It probably could've been used on netbooks (e.g. Dell Mini 9 era).... Thanks for setting me straight on that bit about MCE being also based on XP Pro.... Edit: I forgot to say that the computer I tested the slip on was an HP TC1100. I didn't use a lot of the original programs that came with the computer. (They were interesting at 1st because I was new to pen computing, but they easily became junk, as they are pretty outdated by now.) The only program that would not install was something called HP Mobile Printing. (I don't know if it doesn't work with SP3 or something.) ~shrugs~ I will try to see if I find a solution and whether my old HP printer will work with the tablet.... Oh yes.... & my slip was a very basic one... (I didn't do anything complex; I'm not there yet.) HFSLIP.txt
  7. Is there any advantage to doing this before (via nLite) rather than after installing the nLite OS? For me, 1. I like to have an updated copy of my restore discs for my computers (from 2003 or so to now is a long time). (For example, I take care of computers whose discs range from XP SP0 (parent's desktop), XP SP1 & XPSP2 (college laptops). The original discs are old, may have scratches & may soon not be readable, so I do this to help preserve the data. 2. Slipstreaming helped me greatly prevent spyware/malware/virus infections & re-infections because I wouldn't have to take my vulnerable PC & access the net with it for something I may need. (Let's say I get an error message & I use the net to troubleshoot it... It happened to me enough times or I may not have remembered a registry tweak I was doing exactly, went to look it up & returned with problems. Those anti-badware scans took up a lot of time, in the end & I usually didn't find any thing wrong UNTIL AFTER I had finished the ENTIRE restore! Then, I would reformat the computer again from the time I saw anything in the least bit suspicious.) 3. It did wonders for my older hardware (Pentium 4 & Pentium M computers). Everything just seems faster (& I have no idea why); I usually don't remove much from the source either--the dotnet folder if it's there & maybe the extra keyboards/languages I most likely won't use. Even my parents noticed the desktop was loads faster when I slipped SP3 + most post XP_SP3 updates vs. applying them afterwards.... I can delay getting a new computer, since they are all still very functional! 4. It was REALLY a pain having to download everything again + again, especially when I was on dial-up & especially when I kept getting reinfected with badware & having to do multiple reformats.... It resulted in a lot of computer downtime. I stopped the insanity & ended my frustration.... 5. It helps me conserve my bandwidth & power consumption--which is a must in these times. Where I live there is what you could call a surcharge/tax (Leac sp?) for power consumption, the less the family pays of it, the better it is for me. (I don't even watch TV much....) 6. By conserving bandwidth, the ISP doesn't limit my speeds or kick me off the network/temporarily close the account when I actually download a huge file (linux isos & i haven't even done that in a while) or grab an occasional torrent. (Yes, they are like that.... They even claimed I had a virus--as justification for temporarily closing the account because they didn't like the fact that I was downloading some stuff--when my PC came up clean after using several different scanners.) 7. I backup the updates so I don't have to re-download them. There are also times when MS Updates will keep saying the same updates need to be installed & sometimes I have to manually install things for it to stop being redundant. 8. What I love about slipstreaming is that I can automate the ENTIRE process (like another user said) & even apply tweaks I use without having to be in front of the computer to do it! I love walking away to do something & coming back to find it all done! It's a true out of box experience & I don't have to deal with a recovery partition! (OH YEAH!) 9. On the note of slipstreaming, I have even slipstreamed MS Office 2003 with SP3 (separate program), so as to save myself. It does seem to be faster & work better than when I would patch it after installing it. 10. Since I have older hardware, the drivers basically remain the same, so I can slip them into the CD without having to worry about having to update them later. There you have it....
  8. Recently, I decided to try out HFSLIP on XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 with SP2 originally. (I ran Belarc & there were about 113 updates missing! ) HFSLIP to the rescue.... You may wonder why I'm writing about this right about now, but I was pretty surprised HFSLIP worked. Why? Well, if you look on the official website, there is a page that talks about Windows XP MCE 2005 under the Guidelines tab. Based on what's there, I really thought it would not work because XP Tablet PC Edition meets the requirements. (SOURCE\CMPNENTS\MEDIACTR\I386 exists & well, it's XP. I checked for the SOURCE\CMPNENTS\NETFX\I386 folder as well & it was there. The only thing that was different for me was that I only had one DVD; the files were about 100 MB or so larger than a CD's maximum storage capacity. After I used HFSLIP 1.7.10H, build 100227, the log file labeled the OS in the SOURCESS folder as Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 SP3 English.) Yeah, so I was a little confused. ahaha After some reading, I found out that XP Tablet PC Edition is not Media Center Edition at all; it is based on XP Professional. I checked with Microsoft Update & it only said I needed 4 updates: kb892130 (WGA validation tool) as usual, kb953295 (.NET Framework 1.0 SP3) because I didn't include it, kb973923 (Update for C++ 2005 SP1 Redist Package) for a program I installed & kb968816 (update for Win Media Format Runtime 9, 9.5 & 11 for XPSP3) as usual. It looks like every thing went okay.
  9. I am between Zenses Ocean, Zenses Rainforest (puzzle type games both for DS) & Legend of Heroes: Tear of Vermillion (PSP).... I haven't gone back to FFXII: Revenant Wings yet (DS)... (I'm at the end about to beat it but need to finish crafting items.... I'm not a fan of the Midlight's Deep.... It's sort of hard to me, but it's the best place to get Gems! )
  10. From your log files, there are a few things I can see that might give you a problem.... You may want to configure the settings for the hfslipfc.ini file, so you can better troubleshoot problems. (When you configure the settings, it will give you more information--like if there are obsolete updates & so on....) I would configure it better & run the checker again. What operating system were you using when you ran HFSlip? From your hfslip log, you have windows media player 11 in there, but it's not already extracted. The same goes for directx_feb2010_redist.exe. Consult Mim0's Updates List for the exact instructions. (There are other lists, but I use Mim0's. Thanks Mim0!) Once they are extracted with winrar or izarc or some other zipping utility to the proper folders, I remove the exe files themselves from the HF folder (or Mim0's checker will do it for you, if you configure it to do so.) Check Mimo's Updates List Page for more information--like how the folders should be named! Your HFTools folder bbie.exe bbie.lic--------> does not belong (as far as I saw) CABARC.EXE--------> does not belong (as far as I saw) CABINET.DLL--------> does not belong (as far as I saw) cygwin1.dll EXTRACT.EXE MAKECAB.EXE--------> does not belong (as far as I saw) mkisofs.exe modifyPE.exe wget.exe--------> does not belong (as far as I saw)I put it in the hfslip folder itself. I'm not sure if that makes a difference.... I also tend to have the 7za.exe in there just to have it. The file boot.bin seems to be missing? That's about everything I saw....
  11. On the hfslip web site, it says that if you are going to use nlite that you should do so on the SOURCESS folder after using hfslip. (Guidelines tab & select Other important notes) Perhaps that's what you might need to do. Edit: I stand corrected. Tommyp said it better. Thanks Tommyp! (I learned something new today! ~lol~)
  12. Hello Piko! I was looking at your log files & well... I don't know.... Have you tried the following? From your hfslipfc log, 1. List not found hotfixes: no 2. DirectX 9 already extracted in HFCABS: no <--From your hfslip-log, directx_feb2010_redist.exe is in the HF folder. 3. Media Player 11 already extracted in HF\WMP11: no For 1, would you like to try changing the option to yes to make sure something isn't missing? For 2 & 3, how about extracting the files? (using something like winrar or izarc) Once they are extracted with winrar or izarc or some other zipping utility to the proper folders, I remove the exe files themselves from the HF folder (or Mim0's checker will do it for you, if you configure it to do so.) Check Mimo's Updates List Page again for more information--like how the folders should be named! From your hfslip-log & consulting Mimo's Updates List Page, Files in your HFTOOLS folder: bbie.exe bbie.lic --------> does not belong (as far as I saw) BOOT.BIN cdimage.EXE cmdow.exe cmdow.v1.4.3.hash.txt --------> does not belong (as far as I saw) HFANSWER.INI HFANSWER.INI~ ModifyPE.asm --------> does not belong (as far as I saw) modifyPE.exe modifype.txt --------> does not belong (as far as I saw) PE-Header.INC --------> does not belong (as far as I saw) readme.txt --------> does not belong (as far as I saw) Standard.inc --------> does not belong (as far as I saw) wget.exe --------> does not belong (as far as I saw) I have it in the hfslip folder itself. I'm not sure if that would make a difference, though.... Win32definitions.inc --------> does not belong (as far as I saw) In the tools folder, I also have something called EXTRACT.EXE in the hftools folder. (I think it has something to do with how cab files are processed... I don't remember exactly.) MS' Cabsdk On the hfslip website, there is an explanation for it in the Extras section under the Guidelines tab. Also, in my hftools folder is the 7za.exe; I put it in there, even though I didn't think I would use it. The only other thing in my hftools folder is HFSLIP_POST_getnewfiles_v3.cmd . An explanation is found under #9 of the Advanced Features page in the More tab. When I run hfslip, the option I've used is A... (That should merge everything into 1 file, I think & is the default option). As someone suggested before, I have the CD Install Path set to default. Also, Piko, what OS are using hfslip on? (There are issues with slipstreaming sp3 into an XP source using Windows 2000, I believe.) I think this is everything I saw from looking at the log files. These are small things.... I do not know if they will solve the problem... but maybe they are worth a try??
  13. keirkei

    Home vs Pro

    Hello Piko (TIA)! I'm just a regular user & have slipstreamed XP Home (English) about 3 times for 3 different computers. (Gosh, that's too much XP!) I didn't have any problems. I always started out with SP3 already slipstreamed into the source, so HFSLIP wouldn't have to bother to do it (& hopefully save time). I will post in your other topic because I see some minor problems with the log files--just by looking at it. However, I really don't know if those small things would put out those error messages you are seeing.
  14. Hey Tripredacus! Yes, my browser is set to remove them on exit. I'm using IE/TheWorld. Is there a way I can keep only the MSFN cookie while all others are cleared? Thanks!

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