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  1. where could I find a .iso file to make a boot-CD which starts antivirus before starting anything else?
  2. After seeing a new alert about a.exe program attempting to connect to internet, and that I was not able to connect to any virus-related site, I remembered I read about some viruses preventing accessing to antivirus-sites, and modifying antivirus executable to avoid been detected. So I started system using BartPe, I downloaded Avast, I restarted PC and I reinstalled Avast from scratch. After a full scan of all hard disks with avast (elapsed several hours...), I found I had installed A COUPLE of rootkits, and SEVERAL system DLL were infected!!!! I told Avast to delete all infected files: now system properly starts in around 1 minute or 2 (I didn't actually measured the time...) rather than... infinity.... But I'm not sure Avast is REALLY clean, as I installed it AFTER booting the PC.... How can I get Avast starting at boot, without needing to install it?!? Does it exist any avast boot CD available for download?!?
  3. Which could be the cause of right-click causing a several-seconds-sleep while system "thinks" about what to do...? I think the virus some days ago attempted installing on my system (a trojan contained in a.exe and immediately detected and stopped by Avast) actually had time to do something malicious....
  4. maybe you're a "MAC-like" user, which once installs its system, just USES it, without adding to it anything more?
  5. jumpjack


    Can anyone suggest a good freeware pinball for windows 98? (directX 6, can't upgrade)
  6. My 1-year old XP installation now requires several minutes to completely bootup; I guess it's time for a reinstall.... But let me see how BAD is my system: how long does yours take to completely boot up?
  7. My WinXp installation is now quite old, more than 1 year; so it became slow, especially while browsing internet. Does it exist a method to "refresh" the system, as I did with Windows 98, when periodcally I "reinstalled" it, without deleting anything, but thus just "refreshing" system files? I tried a regcleaner, tonight I'll start a defrag.... but whatelse? I don't want to reinstall from scratch, I have HUNDREDS of applications installed!!! (But if I'll reinstall XP, by sure I'll "install" all applications using UniExtract rather than their installers!!!)
  8. Have you ever been to eng2ita? yes, but I found lot of broken links to a no more existing italian SP, and once I eventually found a working one, i discovered that I have to install IE6 SP in advance.... but it causes a fatal exception with bluescreen. So I was looking around for other solutions...
  9. It's a strange requested, but after some DOZENS of reinstallations of windows I'm really BORED, and as each time I try updating Directx the system crashes with a bluescreen, I decided not to update DirectX. I think there are some HW problems on HD and on RAM which are preventing the PC from proper working. But as it is used by a guy who got it as a gift, and who has never used a computer before (although it's 30...), I think it dos not worth the effort of upgrading the hardware: Office 95 works fine, Tetris works too, and so Van Basco Karaoke ... What he needs more is just a few more games tp play with... and to get skilled enough with the PC to decide if he wants to buy a REAL PC rather than a wreck (AMD Duron 900 MHz, 1.2 GB HD, 128 MB RAM...). So, back to the question in the title... can anybody suggest any old good game from The Underdogs which does not require directx over 6.1 version? There are plenty of games from 1998 backwards, I just need to know which ones are not DOS program and which ones are funny, interesting, or whatelse...
  10. Hi guys, I'm astonished of finding out such a big and active community still supporting windows 98! I used it regularly till a few years ago, then I passed to XP... but only because else I was not able to use some programs to connect to my phone! Now I'd like to "recycle" some old 900-1000MHz PC, and I think windows 98 would be the best choice. But I see there are dozens (hundreds?) of hotfixes available, and I can't understand 2 tings: - are they only available in english? - does it exist a single file containing the whole bunch of updates? I can't imagine what downloading&installing 100 files could be!! And finally... does it exist anywhere an hidden, secret, unofficial, abandonware site, where I could download from... ehr... ok, I'll say it, ISO files for English version of Win98 CD? I have a legally purchased CD of Windows 98 Italian version, but if the only chance to update it is downloading ENGLISH updates...
  11. Man what were you doint uptil now on the forum The post about win98->xp was my first post in the forum... @Zxian Thanks for your concerns about my "newbieness"... I'm quite skilled to PC, SW installation, SW development, hardware installation and so on. I just... remained to the times of Win98! Well, actually my Win98 PC "pretends" to be a modern PC thanks to the thousands of updates, 3rd party SW, and new hardware.... And, once I'll have XP installed, I suppose I'll be able to do as many XP installations as I want... just by using an emulator like VMWare or Bochs... or even, why not, the second, actual PC of mines, which will eventually is going to become my PVR (hopefully...).
  12. As per Microsoft site, 233 MHz is required, 300 MHz is recommended! http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/pro/upg...ng/sysreqs.mspx I already have a AMD Athlon 2600 XP.... but it's for day use; I want to "recycle" my (not so much) old PC!BTW, I forgot mentioning the 80 GB HD I added to the 800 MHz PC in past years. It also already have a TV tuner (actually two: internal one and external one...) I don't remember how much memory it has, though... I did many test with that PC: Windows 98, Windows NT, Linux, home-network, additional HD, DVD PLayer, DVD Writer... It's quite used to experimentations! ;-) It's second time I read this "nlite" thing talking about XP; what does it mean???
  13. After 8 years since I bought my current OS, I decided that it's time to change: Windows XP is now out since several years, it has already two SP, so I think is quite affordable (as a MS product can be affordavle...), and I'm thinking about buying it. But I'd like to know some more things before doing the Big Step. What are all those things I hear about the SP2 giving a lot more problem than it should fix? Should I install it or not? If I buy now a Windows XP CDROM, will it have SP2 preinstalled? How much am I going to spend for a win98-->winXP upgrade? Are there any other issues I should be aware of about getting XP, such as the win98 "trick" of win98/win98SE difference? Is an AMD Athlon 800 MHz 10 GB hard disk enough for XP? If I decide to install MediaCenter rather than standard XP (as I'd like to use my PC also as a Personal Video Recorder), can I still use the PC as a "normal" PC, with Resource Explorer, Internet Explorer, Control Panel, Start menu? I can't find so many information about MediaCenter! Thanks in advance. Title Edited - Please follow new posting rules from now on. --Zxian

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