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Status Updates posted by dencorso

  1. EoS is nothing more than End of Support...  XP Forever!

  2. EoS != EoL  MS can decree EoS, but users can postpone EoL for as long as they care to.

  3. Merry X-mas/Happy Hollidays to y'all!

    1. Tamris


      I thought that at least here I'd be able to avoid Christmas :unsure:

    2. dencorso


      Not 100%, no. But mostly.

  4. RIP Stan Lee! The world won't be the same without you!

  5. Cortana est delenda!

  6. RIP Paul Allen. In your time, MS did rock!

  7. RIP Marty Balin! You'll be missed.

  8. RIP Vinnie Paul!

  9. xper fixed the Internal Server Error! All attachments may be downloaded once again! Yay! :thumbup

  10. I think I've fixed the recent emoji invasion. Yeah!

  11. MSFN is 16! Happy Birthday!

    1. 98SE


      That was official yesterday 8-17-2017.  d*** forgot!

      It's on my gravestone. :w00t:

  12. R.I.P. Kan Yabumoto. You'll sure be missed.

  13. Non-SSE2 machines are a lost game, already.

    1. Tommy


      I'm not against progress, but I'm definitely against planned obsolescence. But I guess we can mostly thank the flashy fancy web for that. I'd rather have quality content on a white background than a 100MB per page website any day of the week.

    2. dencorso


      For the record, planned obsolescence, enforced by MS was actually the main problem here: MS VC++ 2012, was the 1st MS VS that enabled SSE2 by default (and all its successors do so, too). For MS VC++ 2012, it was possible to compile for non-SSE, by using the /arch:SSE and /Oi- compiler directives, but I don't  know whether later MS VS versions still offer such compiler directives or not. In any case, since the default became to compile for SSE2 from MS VC++ 2012 on, almost no author ever bothered to disable that, even if SSE2 instructions weren't actually needed or helpful for the software being compiled.

  14. Tweaking Win 10 into tameness is a losing game. It's much better to keep on any previous version till MS wakes up, and gets real...

    1. Dibya


      dencorso in counter strike global offensive XP performed 178FPS , 7 performed 160(Pretty stable xp is going beyond 200 but 7 is stable at frame rate ) and 10 resulted serious performance drop 120FPS but very unstable . My question is why Gamers are moving rapidly to 10

    2. xpclient


      Gamers are id*** with a fanatical craze for the latest DirectX and latest everything to make themselves feel that they own the most cutting edge hardware.

    3. Dibya


      all that you said .

  15. A very happy New Year for y'all, folks!

    1. Tommy


      Happy New Year to you too, buddy! :)

    2. Dibya


      Happy New Year My Friend :)

  16. Bob Dylan won the 2016 Nobel Prize for Literature! It's reassuring to see justice done, once in a while, for a change!

  17. Shame on the age and on its lost principles!

  18. Status updates are not threads.

  19. "While the Sage consult in a haze... the Clueless attack by surprise!" (Millôr Fernandes)

  20. "While the Sage consult in a haze...

  21. "People willing to trade their freedom for safety deserve neither and will lose both." Ben Franklin.

  22. Driver Errors appearing more and more... Sure, "this is not a problem with IP.Board but rather with the SQL server", but it's a PITA, anyway, even if the worse SQL Errors are gone!!!

  23. SQL Errors gone!!! But Driver Errors still appear, now and then... "This is not a problem with IP.Board but rather with the SQL server", for sure.

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