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  1. I have certainly unattended Vista, however its no where I'd like it to be in comparison to where I have XP. Guess it will be some time yet. But in saying that making up ground all the time & you'll find the Waik.chm files very helpful through most. I guess I'll stay with Windows XP Professional for now. It's lighter and runs better on both my desktop and laptop.
  2. So I just drop my registry tweak file into HFGUIRUNONCE then and also have a registry file in HFSVCPACK? Will you consider adding a feature of automatically integrating a reboot?
  3. In the older versions, I used an older compiler that didn't support long file names. Now I switched to a different compiler and I was planning to correct this, therefore the warning message was removed. Obviously I forgotten about this. I'll try to fix this in upcoming releases. But the next release won't be out in for at least a while. I would say this BETA 2 is quite stable and not much problems encountered so far...so no rush on the next release. Plus, too much to do at work and too many games to play at home... Anyways, thanks for letting me know... I haven't tried your program yet, but does it integrate the intel RAID drivers, specifically the one with iastor.sys? Also does your program require any hacking methods to integrate the driver? Or it's all standard compliant?
  4. HFSLIP can burn the ISO since version 1.2.0.@Sgt_Strider To extract the boot image from a Windows CD, HFSLIP looks for a drive that has the I386 folder in its root. The last one encountered is used. It doesn't really matter which version of Windows is in the I386 folder; the extracted boot images are identical (and if not identical, they are at least interchangeable -- I'm using the same boot.bin for every version of Windows). I didn't mean it like that. Tools like Alcohol 120% allows me to create virtual drives. How can I point HFSLIP to the correct drive with Windows or it automatically detects that?
  5. I notice some registry tweaks don't apply itself unless it's applied at different time of the install. For example, the registry tweak to disable the screensaver doesn't work when it's applied at that T-13 stage, but it works if I apply it once it gets to the desktop. Does HFSLIP have any way to apply registry tweaks at different stages of the install?
  6. LOL, there is no such thing as a Windows XP Black Edition retail edition. Nice try with the words there, but we're not stupid.
  7. Any updates on the methods posted here? Does all USB sticks work though?
  8. there isnt an existing solution i'm aware of, that allows to reduce size of installation source. Yes, please refer to the attached/quoted xml in post #2, which illustrates how to select or de-select components for install. It still works. When you click the .EXE & it finishes extracting, just go to your %temp% folder & grab the files. google..... (LINK) Hmm, not very sure, but you could try a combination of both these: a. Put MSP in Updates folder (which you already did) b. And edit config.xml, to show DisplayLevel=none. So do I follow method A or B?
  9. Also does HFSLIP automatically detect where the Windows CD is? For example, I have multiple disc drives and virtual disc drives on my computer. How can I point HFSLIP to use which drive?
  10. Yes, I have the Chinese language font pack installed. Can I select a specific font though? What does +Body Asian mean though?
  11. I don't get what these fields mean and I'm hoping someone can clarify it for me. Under Latin text, there are two font drop boxes: Asian text font and font. What are the differences between the two? The default is +Body Asian and + Body. If I want to set the default font to Arial, do I select Arial for both drop boxes? If so, then what does the Asian text label mean?
  12. So I was using some tweaks in my registry file to turn off some unneeded services. Little did I know that they would turn off the automatic wifi network search. I still haven't figured out all the services that turns off this behaviour, but I found one right now and that is wireless zero configuration. What are the other services that affects this behaviour? Thanks!
  13. I just did a test for this and is it just me or that these registry settings don't work with an unattended install? If I activate the registry tweaks after Windows is done installing, the tweak will work. It won't work when Windows is loading up all of my tweaks during the T-13 status.
  14. Do you get folders or an ISO-file when you run the .exe, or does it start the installation immediately? It starts installing after the content finish extracting.
  15. Nope, only integrating the SATA drivers is all that I did with Nlite. Does Nlite resort to hacking methods to get the SATA drivers to install?
  16. Did Bashrat finish his masstorage driverpack yet? I don't need all of his drivers that's usually present in his pack though. I just want a easy way to install the SATA drivers w/o bloating my ISO file. Also, are you trying to say that HFSLIP is planning to add Driverpack support? I'm not sure if I understand there.
  17. I got the official Royale theme from Microsoft that was originally designed for the Tablet edition of Windows XP. I don't get any error mesages or anything; just the classic theme is shown upon bootup. Do I need that patched UXTheme.dll? I'm not quite sure if I understand you properly. Yes, the royale.theme file is present in the root folder. There is no folder named Royale in it. I don't see a shell folder or normalcolor colder or that dll file that you mentioned. I'm not sure if I understand you here. I'm not getting any error. I was planning to follow the guide from MSFN, but I think that required me to install and or activate the theme first. I haven't done any of that as I went ahead to implement the theme.
  18. Is it just me or none of these registry tweaks work for IE7?
  19. I have the original Microsoft Royale theme in an .exe file and I extract the content to a folder called Themes. I then place it in the following directory: $OEM$\$$\Resources\Themes. In winnt.sif, I have this setting under [shell]: CustomDefaultThemeFile = "%WinDir%\Resources\Themes\royale.theme" However, it doesn't work. After Windows finishing installing, the classic theme is shown. What am I doing wrong? Thanks!
  20. Hi guys, I'm just wondering if this method works if I don't have the physical Office 2007 media? Microsoft provided me with a CD-key via e-mail and a link to the Office 2007 Professional program. It's a self-extracting .exe file similar to the trial version of Microsoft Office 2007 Small Business Edition. Can I still pack this up and make an unattended install of Office 2007?

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