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  1. when it comes to transfer speeds, they calculate the speed in bits/sec, not bytes/sec 1Kilobit/sec = 1000 bits/sec 1Kilobyte/sec = 1024 bytes/sec = 8192 bits/sec So....1Megabit/sec (1Mbps) = 125 Kilobytes/sec (KB/s)
  2. there is an option to keep media player compatibility in nlite...this way you can remove wmp9 from the installation files and install another version later
  3. 97 C? i thought that a processor usually fails at 85-90 C in a matter of seconds .....are you sure the temp display is working properly?
  4. look around here: http://www.soundcard-drivers.com/
  5. It won't work, M$ tied each version of Win9x to it's specific DOS versions
  6. when i click on the download link on microsoft.com all i get is this We’re sorry, but there is no Microsoft.com Web page that matches your entry. It is possible you typed the address incorrectly, or the page may no longer exist. You may wish to try another entry or choose from the links below, which we hope will help you find what you’re looking for. isn't that cute ....but it's wroooooong!!!!!
  7. this site, http://www.pmedia.ro/, uses some kind of draggable div's and their position on the page is saved using cookies Does somebody knows where can i find this script?
  8. are there any performance improvements after installing this update?
  9. it is called 98lite you can find it at www.litepc.com and it costs 25$ there is also a demo version available that removes Internet Explorer and a few other options
  10. it seems that all Windows versions based on the NT kernel need at least 4-5 service packs in order to run properly
  11. where ca i find the evaluation version for platform builder for windows ce 5.0 or 6.0? i tried at microsoft.com but all they do is redirect me from one page to another where it says about evaluation but no download link anywhere in sight
  12. maybe they'll release it earlyer if another Operation CWAL kicks in
  13. Here is something that might help you: Bandwidth Splitter for ISA Server 2000, 2004 and 2006 http://www.bsplitter.com/ about the licence....this is what they say: Bandwidth Splitter allows free-of-charge use with up to ten (10) clients. This number should be quite enough to try all the features of Bandwidth Splitter and to determine if your network needs it. Then you can buy licence for necessary number of users. If ten clients are enough for you, you can continue using Bandwidth Splitter free of charge. However, you will not be entitled to technical support in the latter case.
  14. try removing the /FASTDETECT option from your boot.ini file
  15. the last one to work on win 98 was VS 6.0.....maybe you can find a copy on eBay or something
  16. virtual pc 2004 doesn't work on win98...
  17. i would say that all of the update packs published around here are good....i personally prefer the autopatcher98 but i also use other update packs and individual hotfixes to keep my old laptop running properly i say it's more a matter of preferences
  18. why would you want to install Vista in 256 Mb of RAM? not even 512 is enough for it
  19. you could always use ide emulation with sata drives.....when i select this option in BIOS the sata hard drive is recognized as IDE and it works
  20. Microsoft managed to stop the Autopatcher project....so it's back to the old annoying windows update thing...
  21. there is a startup screen like that included in RP7
  22. I'm trying to uninstall Office Enterprise 2007 but all i get is this error: i tried to run the setup program from the office 2007 CD but i got the same error is there another way?
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