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  1. I have a recomment. Nlite can use log for record. If I make a mistake careless, I can easy to resolve this issue.
  2. same to up. Example: [GuiUnattended] ProfilesDir="D:\Documents and Settings\" and you will change to "D:\Documents and Settings\"
  3. When I use nlite reduce xp, I don't careful reduce USB video capture support. How to add USB video capture support?
  4. I try to manual to nlite useless nls format file. below is wrong: ;nls_centraleurope c_10010.nl_ c_10029.nl_ c_10082.nl_ when those file name must use uppercap, can be delete those file. below is correct: ;nls_centraleurope C_10010.NL_ C_10029.NL_ C_10082.NL_
  5. I try to manual to nlite useless nls format file. below is wrong:;nls_centraleuropec_10010.nl_c_10029.nl_c_10082.nl_when those file name must use uppercap, can be delete those file. below is correct:;nls_centraleuropeC_10010.NL_C_10029.NL_C_10082.NL_...
  6. not install method. it's same to integrate drives or hot fix.how to integrate .net framework 2.0 to xp disk by nlite?
  7. I want to reduce media play 6.4 and 9, but I want to remain wmp core file for online play or other network-TV. how to do this?
  8. I try to manual to nlite useless nls format file. below is wrong: ;nls_centraleurope c_10010.nl_ c_10029.nl_ c_10082.nl_ when those file name must use uppercap, can be delete those file. below is correct: ;nls_centraleurope C_10010.NL_ C_10029.NL_ C_10082.NL_
  9. what's cause it? (include error bmp) min button show 0 max button show 2 close button show ,
  10. When I use first nlite components, options; nlite finish. Second I use nlite tweaks again. it's can solve this problem. It's mean when components, option, tweaks same time work, it's have crash. I guess it's may be answer, Pls check.
  11. I also think tweak function have bug. I want to nlite's tweak function how to work? About your said questions, I have found it.
  12. Enclose is my nlite sample. I have try to disable two option, if have result, I will tell you. I also think so. two option: 1. network simple file shareing 2. hide my computer in domains English_nlite_best.ini
  13. I may be found reason, but I don't know how to solve it. When I don't use Tweaks function. It's working fine. once I use tweaks, this problem will be appear. But once I use tweaks, I have new question, same winnt.sif file, use tweaks my xp will auto logon perfect, don't use tweaks my xp will stop to the welcome windows. below is my winnt.sif configure: ;SetupMgrTag [Data] AutoPartition=0 MsDosInitiated="0" UnattendedInstall="Yes" [unattended] Filesystem=0 UnattendMode=FullUnattended OemSkipEula=Yes OemPreinstall=Yes TargetPath=\WINDOWS [GuiUnattended] AdminPassword= EncryptedAdminPassword=NO OEMSkipRegional=1 TimeZone=210 OemSkipWelcome=1 (this is key) [userData] ProductKey= FullName="*" OrgName="COMLAB AG" ComputerName="*" [Display] BitsPerPel=16 Xresolution=800 YResolution=600 Vrefresh=60 [RegionalSettings] Language=0804 LanguageGroup=10 SystemLocale = "0804" UserLocale = "0804" UserLocale_DefaultUser = "0804" InputLocale = "0804:00000804" InputLocale_DefaultUser = "0804:00000804" [identification] JoinWorkgroup=WORKGROUP [GuiRunOnce]
  14. when I use nlite, I use dafault service. Below is my nlite log. [Main] Env = 1.3 - 2.0.50727.42.Microsoft Windows NT 5.1.2600 Service Pack 2 Target = Windows XP Professional SP:2 - 5.1.2600.2180 - English (United States) [Tasks] Remove Components Tweaks Create a Bootable ISO Options [Components] ;# Applications # Accessibility Options Briefcase ClipBook Viewer Defragmenter Games Internet Games NT Backup Pinball Screensavers Wordpad ;# Drivers # Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) Cameras and Camcorders Display Adapters Display Adapters (old) IBM PS/2 TrackPoint IBM Thinkpad ISDN Logitech WingMan Microsoft SideWinder Modems MultiFunctional Portable Audio Printers Scanners SCSI/RAID Serial Pen Tablet Sony Jog Dial Tape drives Toshiba DVD decoder card Wireless Ethernet (WLAN) ;# Hardware Support # ATM Support Brother Devices Firewire Network support Gravis Digital GamePort Iomega Zip drive Multi-port serial adapters USB Audio support USB Ethernet USB Video Capture devices Windows CE USB Host ;# Keyboards # Albanian keyboard Arabic (101) keyboard Arabic (102) AZERTY keyboard Arabic (102) keyboard Armenian Eastern keyboard Armenian Western keyboard Azeri Cyrillic keyboard Azeri Latin keyboard Belarusian keyboard Belgian (Comma) keyboard Belgian (Period) keyboard Belgian French keyboard Bengali (Inscript) keyboard Bengali keyboard Bosnian keyboard Bulgarian (Latin) keyboard Bulgarian keyboard Canadian French (Legacy) keyboard Canadian French keyboard Canadian Multilingual Standard keyboard Chinese (Simplified) - Microsoft Pinyin IME 3.0 keyboard Chinese (Simplified) - NeiMa keyboard Chinese (Simplified) - QuanPin keyboard Chinese (Simplified) - ShuangPin keyboard Chinese (Simplified) - US Keyboard keyboard Chinese (Simplified) - ZhengMa keyboard Chinese (Traditional) - Alphanumeric keyboard Chinese (Traditional) - Array keyboard Chinese (Traditional) - Big5 Code keyboard Chinese (Traditional) - ChangJie keyboard Chinese (Traditional) - DaYi keyboard Chinese (Traditional) - New ChangJie keyboard Chinese (Traditional) - New Phonetic keyboard Chinese (Traditional) - Phonetic keyboard Chinese (Traditional) - Quick keyboard Chinese (Traditional) - Unicode keyboard Chinese (Traditional) - US Keyboard keyboard Croatian keyboard Czech (QWERTY) keyboard Czech keyboard Czech Programmers keyboard Danish keyboard Devanagari - INSCRIPT keyboard Divehi Phonetic keyboard Divehi Typewriter keyboard Dutch keyboard Estonian keyboard Faeroese keyboard Farsi keyboard Finnish keyboard Finnish with Sami keyboard French keyboard FYRO Macedonian keyboard Gaelic keyboard Georgian keyboard German (IBM) keyboard German keyboard Greek (220) keyboard Greek (220) Latin keyboard Greek (319) keyboard Greek (319) Latin keyboard Greek keyboard Greek Latin keyboard Greek Polytonic keyboard Gujarati keyboard Hebrew keyboard Hindi Traditional keyboard Hungarian 101-key keyboard Hungarian keyboard Icelandic keyboard Irish keyboard Italian (142) keyboard Italian keyboard Japanese Input System (MS-IME2002) keyboard Japanese keyboard Kannada keyboard Kazakh keyboard Korean Input System (IME 2000) keyboard Korean keyboard Kyrgyz Cyrillic keyboard Latin American keyboard Latvian (QWERTY) keyboard Latvian keyboard Lithuanian IBM keyboard Lithuanian keyboard Malayalam keyboard Maltese 47-key keyboard Maltese 48-key keyboard Maori keyboard Marathi keyboard Mongolian Cyrillic keyboard Norwegian keyboard Norwegian with Sami keyboard Polish (214) keyboard Polish (Programmers) keyboard Portuguese (Brazilian ABNT) keyboard Portuguese (Brazilian ABNT2) keyboard Portuguese keyboard Punjabi keyboard Romanian keyboard Russian (Typewriter) keyboard Russian keyboard Sami Extended Finland-Sweden keyboard Sami Extended Norway keyboard Serbian (Cyrillic) keyboard Serbian (Latin) keyboard Slovak (QWERTY) keyboard Slovak keyboard Slovenian keyboard Spanish keyboard Spanish Variation keyboard Swedish keyboard Swedish with Sami keyboard Swiss French keyboard Swiss German keyboard Syriac keyboard Syriac Phonetic keyboard Tamil keyboard Tatar keyboard Telugu keyboard Thai Kedmanee (non-ShiftLock) keyboard Thai Kedmanee keyboard Thai Pattachote (non-ShiftLock) keyboard Thai Pattachote keyboard Turkish F keyboard Turkish Q keyboard Ukrainian keyboard United Kingdom Extended keyboard United Kingdom keyboard United States-Dvorak for left hand keyboard United States-Dvorak for right hand keyboard United States-Dvorak keyboard United States-International keyboard Urdu keyboard US English Table for IBM Arabic 238_L keyboard Uzbek Cyrillic keyboard Vietnamese keyboard ;# Languages # ;Arabic Arabic (Algeria) Arabic (Bahrain) Arabic (Egypt) Arabic (Iraq) Arabic (Jordan) Arabic (Kuwait) Arabic (Lebanon) Arabic (Libya) Arabic (Morocco) Arabic (Oman) Arabic (Qatar) Arabic (Saudi Arabia) Arabic (Syria) Arabic (Tunisia) Arabic (U.A.E.) Arabic (Yemen) Divehi (Maldives) Syriac (Syria) Urdu ;Armenian Armenian ;Baltic Estonian Latvian Lithuanian ;Central Europe Albanian Bosnian (Latin, Bosnia and Herzegovina) Croatian Croatian (Bosnia and Herzegovina) Czech Hungarian Polish Romanian Serbian (Latin) Serbian (Latin, Bosnia and Herzegovina) Slovak Slovenian ;Cyrillic Azeri (Cyrillic) Belarusian Bulgarian FYRO Macedonian Kazakh Kyrgyz (Kyrgyzstan) Mongolian (Mongolia) Russian Serbian (Cyrillic) Serbian (Cyrillic, Bosnia and Herzegovina) Tatar Ukrainian Uzbek (Cyrillic) ;Georgian Georgian ;Greek Greek ;Hebrew Hebrew ;Indic Bengali (India) Gujarati (India) Hindi Kannada (India) Konkani Malayalam (India) Marathi Punjabi (India) Sanskrit Tamil Telugu (India) ;Japanese Japanese ;Korean Korean ;Simplified Chinese Chinese (Singapore) ;Thai Farsi Thai ;Traditional Chinese Chinese (Hong Kong S.A.R.) Chinese (Macau S.A.R.) Chinese (Taiwan) ;Turkic Azeri (Latin) Turkish Uzbek (Latin) ;Vietnamese Vietnamese ;Western Europe and United States Afrikaans Basque Catalan Danish Dutch (Belgium) Dutch (Netherlands) English (Australia) English (Belize) English (Canada) English (Caribbean) English (Ireland) English (Jamaica) English (New Zealand) English (Philippines) English (South Africa) English (Trinidad) English (United Kingdom) English (Zimbabwe) Faeroese Finnish French (Belgium) French (Canada) French (France) French (Luxembourg) French (Monaco) French (Switzerland) Galician (Spain) German (Austria) German (Germany) German (Liechtenstein) German (Luxembourg) German (Switzerland) Icelandic Indonesian Italian (Italy) Italian (Switzerland) Malay (Brunei Darussalam) Malay (Malaysia) Maltese Maori Northern Sotho Norwegian (Bokmal) Norwegian (Nynorsk) Portuguese (Brazil) Portuguese (Portugal) Quechua (Bolivia) Quechua (Ecuador) Quechua (Peru) Sami, Inari (Finland) Sami, Lule (Norway) Sami, Lule (Sweden) Sami, Northern (Finland) Sami, Northern (Norway) Sami, Northern (Sweden) Sami, Skolt (Finland) Sami, Southern (Norway) Sami, Southern (Sweden) Spanish (Argentina) Spanish (Bolivia) Spanish (Chile) Spanish (Colombia) Spanish (Costa Rica) Spanish (Dominican Republic) Spanish (Ecuador) Spanish (El Salvador) Spanish (Guatemala) Spanish (Honduras) Spanish (International Sort) Spanish (Mexico) Spanish (Nicaragua) Spanish (Panama) Spanish (Paraguay) Spanish (Peru) Spanish (Puerto Rico) Spanish (Traditional Sort) Spanish (Uruguay) Spanish (Venezuela) Swahili Swedish Swedish (Finland) Tswana Welsh Xhosa Zulu ;# Multimedia # DirectX diagnostic tool Images and Backgrounds Intel Indeo codecs Luna desktop theme Media Center Mouse Cursors Movie Maker Music Samples Old CDPlayer and Sound Recorder Windows Media Player Windows Media Player 6.4 ;# Network # Client for Netware Networks Communication tools Comtrol Test Terminal Program Connection Manager FrontPage Extensions Internet Connection Wizard Internet Explorer Internet Information Services (IIS) IP Conferencing MAC Bridge MSN Explorer Netmeeting Network Monitor Driver and Tools Network Setup Wizard Outlook Express Peer-to-Peer Synchronization Manager TCP/IP Version 6 Vector Graphics Rendering (VML) Web Folders Windows Messenger ;# Operating System Options # .NET Framework Administrative Templates Blaster/Nachi removal tool Color Schemes Desktop Cleanup Wizard Disk and Profile Quota Disk Cleanup Document Templates DR Watson Extra Fonts FAT to NTFS converter File and Settings Wizard Manual Install and Upgrade Remote Installation Services (RIS) Search Assistant Security Center Tour User account pictures Web View Zip Folders Help and Support MS Agent Symbolic Debugger (NTSD) ;# Services # Alerter Application Layer Gateway Beep Driver Distributed Link Tracking Client IMAPI CD-Burning COM Service Messenger Remote Registry Removable Storage Secondary Logon Service Advertising Protocol SNMP System Monitor System Restore Service Telnet Terminal Services Uninterruptible Power Supply WebClient Windows Firewall/Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) ;# Directories # DOCS SUPPORT VALUEADD ;# Compatibility # [KeepFiles] msconfig.exe mw770.cat nt5iis.cat mapimig.cat fp4.cat ims.cat msmsgs.cat wmerrena.cat mediactr.cat msn7.cat msn9.cat netfx.cat [RemoveFiles] clock.avi yahoo.bmp swtchbrd.bmp telnet.exe netsetup.exe ntsd.exe sysparse.exe ;[CHS_PYIME] PINTLPHR.EXE PMIGRATE.DLL IMSCINST.EXE PINTLGC.IMD PINTLGD.IMD PINTLGDX.IMD PINTLGI.IMD PINTLGIX.IMD PINTLGL.IMD PINTLGNE.CHM PINTLGNT.CHM PINTLGNT.IME PINTLGR.IMD PINTLGS.IMD ;[CHS_PYIME_HELP] PINTLPAD.CHM PINTLPAE.CHM ;[CHS_PYIME_APPLETS] PINTLCSD.DIC PINTLCSK.DIC PINTLCSA.DLL PINTLCSD.DLL ;[CHS_PYIME_SHARED_RS] padrs804.dll wingb.chm wingb.ime winpy.chm winpy.ime winpy.mb winsp.chm winsp.ime winsp.mb winzm.chm winzm.ime winzm.mb ;[Lang other file] APP936.FO_ CHSBRKR.DL_ CHTBRKR.DL_ IMEPADEN.HL_ IMEPADSM.DL_ IMEPADSV.EX_ IMLANG.DL_ KORWBRKR.DL_ KORWBRKR.LE_ MSIR3JP.DL_ MSIR3JP.LE_ NOISE.CH_ NOISE.JP_ NOISE.KO_ S8514FIX.FO_ S8514OEM.FO_ S8514SYS.FO_ SIMHEI.TT_ SIMSUN.TT_ SVGAFIX.FO_ SVGASYS.FO_ VGA936.FO_ WINIME.CH_ ;[system32 file] actmovie.exe append.exe cacls.exe comp.exe compact.exe doskey.exe dvdplay.exe edlin.exe exe2bin.exe fsquirt.exe ftp.exe getmac.exe mem.exe mountvol.exe pathping.exe recover.exe regedit32.exe tftp.exe tracert.exe hostname.exe iexpress.exe label.exe c_037.nls c_500.nls c_737.nls c_775.nls c_850.nls c_852.nls c_855.nls c_857.nls c_858.nls c_860.nls c_861.nls c_863.nls c_865.nls c_866.nls c_867.nls c_868.nls c_869.nls c_870.nls c_874.nls c_875.nls c_949.nls c_950.nls c_1026.nls c_1047.nls c_1140.nls c_1141.nls c_1142.nls c_1143.nls c_1144.nls c_1145.nls c_1146.nls c_1147.nls c_1148.nls c_1149.nls c_1253.nls c_1254.nls c_1255.nls c_1256.nls c_1257.nls c_1258.nls c_10079.nls c_20105.nls c_20106.nls c_20107.nls c_20108.nls c_20269.nls c_20273.nls c_20277.nls c_20278.nls c_20280.nls c_20284.nls c_20285.nls c_20297.nls c_20420.nls c_20423.nls c_20424.nls c_20833.nls c_20838.nls c_20866.nls c_20871.nls c_20880.nls c_20905.nls c_20924.nls c_20930.nls c_20931.nls c_20933.nls c_20935.nls c_20937.nls c_20939.nls c_20950.nls c_21025.nls c_21866.nls c_28593.nls C_28594.NLS C_28597.NLS c_28598.nls c_28599.nls c_28603.nls cp_932.nls [Options] ClassicSetup BlackSetupBack DisableMinMem DupeFiles ProfilesDir = "%SystemDrive%\Documents and Settings" TargetPath = "WINDOWS" temp_dir = %USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Temp CleanBiosInfo CDPromptRemove NoISOPreset [Patches] TcpIp = 16777215 UsbPoll = 500 DoUxTheme DoSFC [services2] [Tweaks] Boot and Shutdown-Ctrl-Alt-Del at logon-Enabled Boot and Shutdown-Do not Parse Autoexec.bat Boot and Shutdown-Logon Page-Classic Desktop-My Computer icon-Show Desktop-My Documents icon-Show Desktop-My Network Places icon-Show Desktop-Recycle Bin icon-Hide Explorer-Add 'Command Prompt' to folder context menu Explorer-Classic Control Panel Explorer-Disable Autorun Explorer-Disable Beep on errors Explorer-Disable Prefix: Shortcut to Explorer-Disable shortcut arrow Explorer-Display the contents of system folders Explorer-Recycle Bin: delete files directly Explorer-Show extensions of known file-types Explorer-Show hidden files and folders Explorer-Show protected operating system files Explorer-Show the full path in the Address Bar Internet Explorer-Disable Download Complete notification Internet Explorer-Disable Market Place bookmark Internet Explorer-Disable Media Player 6.4 created bookmarks Internet Explorer-Set Homepage-about:blank Internet Explorer-Set Internet Explorer to accept 10 connects at a time Internet Explorer-Set popup-blocker to high My Computer-Remove Manage from Context Menu My Computer-Remove Search from Context Menu My Computer-Remove Shared Documents Network-Disable administrative shares Network-Disable Simple File Sharing Network-Hide PC in Workgroups/Domains Performance-Disable Info Tips on Files and Folders Performance-Disable Optimize harddisk when idle Performance-Disable Tracking of Broken Shortcut Links Performance-Disable Warn on low disk space Performance-Enable USB Idle Endpoint support Performance-Processor scheduling-Background services Privacy-Disable Driver Update Internet prompt Privacy-Disable Error Reporting Privacy-Remove Alexa Security-Screensaver Password-Protection-Enabled Start Menu-Clear most recently opened documents list on logoff Start Menu-Control Panel-Display as a menu Start Menu-Disable and remove Documents list from the Start Menu Start Menu-Disable Drag and Drop Start Menu-Disable Highlight newly installed programs Start Menu-Disable popup on first boot Start Menu-Do not use Personalized Menus Start Menu-My Computer-Don't display this item Start Menu-My Documents-Don't display this item Start Menu-My Music-Don't display this item Start Menu-My Network Places-Don't display this item Start Menu-My Pictures-Don't display this item Start Menu-Network Connections-Don't display this item Start Menu-Printers and Faxes-Don't display this item Start Menu-Reduce popup delay Start Menu-Remove Pinned Apps List from Start Panel Start Menu-Remove Search the Internet from Search Start Menu-Remove Windows Catalog shortcut Start Menu-Scroll Programs Start Menu-Use small icons in Start Panel Taskbar-Disable Balloon Tips Taskbar-Disable Group similar Taskbar buttons Visual Effects-Active window tracking speed-Fast Visual Effects-Animate windows when minimizing and maximizing-Disable Visual Effects-Keyboard shortcut underline-Disable Visual Effects-Menu animation-Disable [unattended] ComputerType = Default MaximumDataStorePercentOfDisk = 12 RestorePointLife = 30 DesktopTheme = Default|| AutoUDay = 5 AutoUHour = 15 ProgFilesPath = "\Program Files" [NetAdapter1] connname = "" macaddress = "" ipaddress = "" subnetmask = "" defaultgateway = "" dnsserver1 = "" dnsserver2 = "" winsserver = "" netbiossetting = "0" ipxnetworknumber = "00000000" ipxnetworkframetype = "0xFF" [GuiRunOnce] [Drivers] [Hotfixes]
  15. Have any one know this? Is't nlite bug?

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