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  1. meh, not too interested in that time machine crap. but other than that it looks good.
  2. I'm not a huge fan of this software myself, but I know other people are so I thought I'd share: http://www.daz3d.com/program/bryce/bryce5f...?trid=446713850 "Download Bryce 5 Free It's now even easier to create breathtakingly realistic 3D landscapes and animations with Bryce. For a limited time, DAZ is pleased to offer Bryce 5 software absolutely FREE!* Now through September 6, 2006, download Bryce 5 for no charge at Download.com. Once you have completed your installation, you will be prompted to register your copy at the DAZ3D.com website to receive your Bryce 5 serial number. At that time, you'll also be able to download the Bryce 5 presets. Strike an optimum balance between power and ease of use by integrating this innovative 3D software into your creative process. This DAZ special offer is available only at Download.com and will absolutely end on September 6, 2006! So don't delay in picking up this gift of one of the finest landscaping and animation software applications available anywhere."
  3. i think sir, you confuse "invulnerable" with "effective". i would never dream that any effective method is unbreakable. what i myself would call effective is making the cracker's job exceedingly difficult. that is after all about the best one can aim for. my only agenda is to expose trolls who spout ignorant opinion portrayed as fact.
  4. How is this old news? It's only days old and it's not about Intel. I'm starting to seriously question your comprehension level Shindo. Also, applications don't have to be specially coded for support. Basic multi-threading does need to be coded into the app, but that has been mainstream for a while now.
  5. doubled the size of my code? what an ignorant thing to say. you clearly have no experience in software protections. they are neither large, slow, nor buggy. with -extensive- protection i would expect my compiled exe to grow by no more than 1% for a standard utility. for a sizable application, the size difference would be inconsequential....we're talking 20-25k max, and that's a lot of code. it's very easy to have effective software protection that has ZERO impact on usability or performance. In fact, the majority of effective copy protection tricks i know of are done in assembly, which lends itself to fewer bugs and faster execution. nothing i've talked about is "rude" or "intrusive". In fact, the only type of "intrusive" copy protection i can think of is rootkit based, and i would never recommend such a scheme. Copy protection can only be "rude" to those trying to break it. It's fine to have an opinion, but classifying all software protection as bloated and buggy is just inaccurate. I have found that programmers who develop effective copy protection tend to be the most talented in the business.
  6. yup, limited functionality is the way to go. some companies make the mistake of allowing a registration code to "unlock" the limited version, but this will always be easy to crack. true limited functionality is a good measure. making software "call home" to check a registration number can be very secure as well, but sometimes it isn't feasible to require your customers to have internet access. and of course this method can still be cracked, but at least it's harder than just cracking the check-digit algorithm for the reg code. a software developer who is -expecting- his software to be cracked can make life hell for the crackers. it's no fun tracing code for hours on end and getting nowhere. instead of having one single protection on your software, it's wise to have many failsafes distributed throughout the code. a supremely skilled programmer can add checks into his software to see if his code is being debugged. that combined with a check for known debuggers adds to the difficulty for crackers. but like ripdajacker said, limited functionality is perhaps the best way to go, because some people are just driven to break protections, even if it takes days.
  7. instead of installing in vmware from an ISO, try it from the CD you burned and see if it still works??
  8. how does sandisk buying a competitor make the market more competitive? it makes it LESS competitive which is their goal. flash technology is oldhat, they should have spent money on newer technology instead of riding it into the ground. toshiba is also fond of investing large amounts of money into old technology, so it doesn't surprise me these two companies from the dark ages are cooperating. investors should get out while they can.
  9. i think it's a very wise business decision that was inevitable. this is an acquisition that AMD absolutely needed to remain competitive, and i think the price they paid is indicative of the deal's importance to them.
  10. vista is very much not ME, if you would like to point out similarities then list them, as for longhorn, it is a server product, not a desktop product, and it is also very very good NAP is probably one of the coolest new features out for it thanks for telling me what longhorn is Vista is like ME because it's nothing more than hype which is designed to line the pockets of m$. m$ has spent a lot of money to figure out what could attract consumer spending, their consensus: shiny bling. Vista adds more bloat than it does functionality and i'm sure it's successor will be a very fine product. DigeratiPrime i cot not have said it better myself the way microsoft run there business i am thinking buying OSX Tiger next time to. in the first place Microsoft has never made anything self accept ads for there expensive products they buy everything from other companys. Microsoft look like a outsourceing gangster cartel that is protected by a Judicial System with a criminal national security policy in full action. the ugly truth is that microsoft is not a private company but US goverment front that only have one interest spying on every person that has a pc and force them to use windows. by the way the internet was created by the NSA and Microsoft together with only one purposes in mind spying one every person on the planet that has a pc . If this post is getting me banned from your forum so be it is time someone tells the truth about Microsoft and it`s Gangster boss mr Al Capone Jr aka Sire William Gates III. http://www.msboycott.com Come on, tell us what you really* think! Not an impossible scenario, but a little (a lot?) far-fetched. I'm certain that if such collusion was in the works you wouldn't know about it anyway. I don`t think anything else i know it is the truth i have from the best nvestigating journalist in the american alternative media Alex Jones . Anyway how would you know witch contact i have and who i am related to? http://www.gcnlive.com/pgmsalexjones.htm http://www.gcnlive.com/listenlive.htm http://infowars.com/ http://www.prisonplanet.com/ Government Warns Against Using Microsoft IE http://www.indybay.org/newsitems/2004/06/30/16875291.php never before on an online technology forum have i sincerely questioned the mental health of a user.
  11. i'm too am from the oldskool, and used to think the same thing. but since using XP SP2 as a server for ages now, i have to disagree. first off, i have to say that my services aren't 'mission critical' so that's why i just use XP. although i must say, i think i could turn XP into a hardened server with relative ease. it's been over 50 days since i last turned my PC off (the only reason it was turned off then was because of a move). the PC is a cheapo one built with bargain parts, the only thing in my favor is high quality RAM. the pc stays on 24/7. on average i'll reboot once every 2 weeks. this is usually due to a core system change (such as the installation of a kernel mode driver for instance). my memory usage stays stable over time, in fact the whole pc stays stable over time. so for me reboots are NOT necessary to keep things running smoothly. you could probably power a small city with all the juice my PC wastes
  12. #rootworm


    if you're a business and you need nlite that badly, then why not speak with nuhi privately and try to buy a license? seriously though, any business that relies on nlite has issues lol
  13. vista = windows ME wait for longhorn. the military's reliance on windows is shameful. good job contractors for designing software that requires the least secure OS.
  14. hah, i didn't notice the part where you said u tested at normal clock speeds. nm
  15. nero 6 doesn't have DVD support. like TD and Jeremy said, give nero 7 lite a try, it's compact and feature rich. i personally use the micro edition and love it....it's only a 16mb download. nero 7 lite: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=69886 re: georgepds i've burned more than 30 4.3gb DVD isos, i've never had a problem handling large files
  16. camarade tux has already said all that needs to be said. follow his instructions, they work. it's been a really long time since i tried setting visual FX in nlite, so i can't even guess as to why the t-12 nlite.inf wouldn't work for some people. for the newbs: t-12 is $oem$\cmdlines.txt
  17. if you want an idea of how to do it correctly, visit ryanvm.net and see which KBs Ryan has in his post-sp2 update pack.
  18. #rootworm


    using nlite for any business purpose is silly, especially in a corporate environment. get some real IT staff that can do a professional job. don't get me wrong, i love nlite, but using it in any business is NOT professional. doing installs is just simply inefficient for massive rollouts.
  19. disabling prefetch will only hurt system performance. what prefetching does is place files into the order in which they are loaded off the hard drive. having these files sequentially placed into the order in which they are needed decreases load times for pretty much all software. if you're still not convinced about prefetching tho, nlite isn't needed. just disable the task scheduler service, not only will you free up a bit of RAM, but prefetching will be broken until the service is restarted.
  20. that's not even related. that's for resetting passwords, which is easy as cake. this topic is about recovering passwords not resetting them.
  21. i can verify this is fact, and not even that new. i saw the video the researcher made quite a while back, and it was pretty impressive. the performance isn't instant, but the paralyzed dude would think about moving the cursor to a certain part of the screen (i.e. upper right corner) and after a second or so the cursor would move there. crazy stuff.
  22. dug the cd outta my trashbin to have another look at it. bah, stupid RVM Integrator didn't cleanup it's crap. why it uses my source as the location for it's temp files i'll never know.
  23. i don't think nlite has full support for automating the partitioning process. you can make it unattended yourself if you do a bit of research. 99% of the time missing files during setup is a corrupt driver.cab, open it in WinRAR and click 'Test'. the other 1% of the time it's a txtsetup.sif with erroneous entries (since you used nlite this shouldn't be the case)

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