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    I can do that in my Linux system. 1. Install the program fontforge. 2. Create a script called e.g. otf2ttf.sh in /home/$USER/bin, with the following content: #!/usr/bin/fontforge i=1 while ( i<$argc ) Open($argv[i]) Generate($argv[i]:r + ".ttf") i = i+1 endloop 3. Make this script executable. 4. Open a terminal in the directory with your .otf file(s) and enter the following command: for i in *.otf; do echo $i; fontforge -script ~/bin/otf2ttf.sh $i; done 5. Profit! [Edit] Fontforge is available for Windows as well, but I have no idea how to proceed there...
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    to create a usb bootable windows 2000 sp4 image. the method below may or may not work, and if it does, the installation part may still have issues, but this is what i wrote below for myself to do it, ( some things may not be correct, so you may have to do some tinkering of your own, as i have not tested this method for a very long time, and it was only for regular windows 2000 sp4 iso, not modified / nlite ones ), also you'll need to have already made a updated windows 2000 sp4 image using the above fixes i mentioned in my previous post FIRST, then go along with the instructions below: youtube video instructions- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cNJ_xzJMTcQ website to download the usb tool- http://www.winsetupfromusb.com/downloads/ steps in text: -have windows 2000 sp4 iso downloaded -open up the winsetupfromusb tool, version 1.8 works with filename of "WinSetupFromUSB-1-8.exe" -click rmprepusb for the usb device selected -check the xp/bartpe bootable ntldr option, ( works for windows 2000, even though windows 2000 is not listed in this section ), check NTFS for faster burning / etc, check boot as hdd ( c: 2ptns ) -then click prepare drive and then ok, then ok for erase all data -then extract the windows 2000 sp4 iso into another folder -copy the folder of the extracted files of the windows 2000 sp4 iso into the add to usb disk section for windows 2000 -then click i accept for the pop up window, then check QEMU, then click go -then it should give a job done window, click ok and safely eject usb and you are ready to install 2k from usb
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    i've only used windows 7 or windows 10's default burning feature for discs ( using the mastered burn option to allow working on most computers ). if you're trying to burn the iso image onto usb, i'm not sure if i can help you with that ( i'll look into it though and may provide a solution in a bit ). as far as the other stuff goes, i put a download link of the specific driver package for intel ahci / raid drivers below that i slipstreamed with: https://web.archive.org/web/20190502225349/http://w2k.flxsrv.org/cgi-bin/dl.cgi?file=iata76_cd2kh.cab all you need really is the driver files found in the iata76_cd2kh/winall/driver folder. select multiple driver folder / textmode drivers options, as well as bootable iso. for amd, i believe i used the driver found in the link below, make sure to use same method and do not include any x64 drivers - https://web.archive.org/web/20190503144058/http://w2k.flxsrv.org/cgi-bin/dl.cgi?file=ati1208raid2k.cab also, i uploaded the updated USB.IN_ file that MIGHT allow correct installation of usb on certain newer systems, up to intel 2nd / 3rd generation intel might work. USB.IN_
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    bernd said: > Hi Roy, for a couple of your releases, "about:downloads" (Ctrl+J) seems to be partly broken. > I use the add-on "Download Manager (S3) 4.13" (based on the well-known "Download Status Bar") > as my dowload manager of choice. It's my most important add-on and really indispensable to me. > So when I call up the Ctrl+J command, the browser immediately crashes everytime. Last working build > without problems was: https://o.rths.ml/palemoon/palemoon-27.9.7.win32-git-20200404-842aa7563-xpmod.7z > Regarding a "clean profile", I made countless adjustments/modifications in "about:config" > and won't lose them. So this would be a problem... What to do now?? Just some thoughts, am no expert.... Are you using the english version? If not, does it crash in english too? Does about:downloads still crash if that addon is removed? CCleaner and similar tools are often found culprits of weird bugs Or possibly a buggy file in profile folder? Modifications in "about:config": All changes done manually in about:config are stored in your profile folder in file prefs.js, if they are different from default settings. On about:config those are displayed in bold font and marked as "user-set". You can look inside prefs.js with a text editor. Editing is only possible while the browser is closed, but easier on about:config. You can make a backup of that file and restore it later. But better make a BACKUP copy of the whole profile folder, there's a lot other important stuff in it too. If deleting prefs.js helps, you can start experimenting by deleting half its contents to figure out which half contains the culprit. Start the closed browser again for testing. Then delete another quarter of the file and test again, etc. Another trick: Multiple Profiles You can create another, independant new profile, and choose at session startup which one to use. The old and new (or more) profiles are stored in separate subfolders, very handy. Howto: Open "about:support" and click on button "Open Folder" to open the current profile folder. Step one level higher and find file "profiles.ini". If not there, look yet another level higher... Open it with a text editor (did you make a backup already??) Does it look similar to this? [Profile0] Name=default Path=abcdefg.default IsRelative=1 Default=1 [General] StartWithLastProfile=1 Change it to Default=0 and StartWithLastProfile=0 If StartWithLastProfile is missing, create it manually. At next browser start the Profile Manager should appear. Click the button to create a NEW profile, and check the box to ASK at startups.
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    I asked about broken layers.prefer-opengl setting on Pale Moon forum. Responses were...well, you'll see.
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    I converted the newest .otf to .ttf: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/z9taofmjo76q6r9/Symbola.zip Virustotal scan: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/76185e9f80015c7079d4f68ef49cf467075ff7a6d0f737769a206a8a6c1f670d/detection
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    Virtual CloneDrive Revision History Virtual CloneDrive 2020 02 27 - Fix: Bug introduced in, ElbyCDIO did not work with Windows Server OS, Windows XP, Windows Vista - Some minor changes and improvements Virtual CloneDrive 2020 02 24 - New: ElbyCDIO driver update - New: Slightly reduced CPU load on Windows 8 or better - Fix: Some UDF images could crash VCDmount - Change: Windows 2000 is no longer supported _!!! - Some minor changes and improvements
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