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    Thankfully @Sampei.Nihira and @LoneCrusader kindly sent surgical masks to me, so I and my family have enough mask for daily works for the time being. Again, thank you very much!!
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    Now that I have some free time I have done a test to check the CVE-2020-0674 vulnerability in my I.E.8. I found the test file thanks to 0Patch: https://blog.0patch.com/2020/01/micropatching-workaround-for-cve-2020.html To make the test after the creation of the HTLM file I had to make 2 changes: but the result is unexceptionable: I.E.8 is vulnerable. I urge users to consider disabling scripts on I.E.8: F12 - Disable script and the block of executables via trick 1803: I don't use I.E.8, so I've also enabled a rule in OSArmor for total browser blocking.
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    The development of UBO 1.17.4 has stopped. The version of UBO Legacy that I and other MSFN users use is still actively developed. @mockingbird In fact, I use New Moon.............
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    After reinstalling the program, just open a file explorer window and any modern app (like the Settings app). When this happens, the program's symbol download module comes into play and downloads all the symbol files for you to the "symbols" directory in the "AeroGlass" folder. (Picture 1) If you don't have a download like this, put the file below into the AeroGlass folder and run it for forced download. sym_load.cmd
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    And 0patch's patch is for free... but no XP edition I mailed them if that's feasible. Looks like that we have first real vuln for XP after POSReady patch went away. Well, I can discard IE8 on my machine, but WMP will be a bit of a chore...
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    Hey, please, could Y'all stop arguing about your approach to security and browsers, and stick to the topic - Roytam's builds in this case? This megathread is full of OT anyways, and we ain't in need of flamewar in here. Will this OT continue,, I'll wearing sellout cap and will use "Report Post" button as often as applicable with no regard if I agree with POV you stated or not - OT is OT.
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    Yes, that is one of my pet general forum use dislikes: when somebody asks a question, gets help and then later posts some variation on:- without actually explaining exactly how they resolved the problem. So many times you look for answer to a particular question online and find a thread in some long dead or now barely used forum which is about just what you wanted to know and the thread is abruptly ended by a post like that. Frustrating and a wee bit selfish.
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    Just noticed this post. I'll give the script a try and I'll report back. If everything works fine, I'll try and include it with my Server 2008 and Server 2012 update repository. Thanks for sharing this and welcome to MSFN! Hope you have a great time here
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