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    First, credit where is credit is due. I originally found this posted in /r/Windows10 by /u/C-Ron. I'm reposting this here for the people that don't browse Reddit so they can benefit from it. Link to reddit post that contains original guide text (as recommended by Tripredacus) First Time Setup Settings App Scheduled Tasks Group Policy Editor Registry Editor Hosts File Or continue to the pastebin link. Doesn't matter to me. And if you want, click here for a hosts file that is complete and total overkill. From what I can tell, it's a list of every Microsoft domain known to man merged with the MVPS domain list. Useful Software/Scripts/Forum Threads Also please remember this is not an exhaustive list so feel free to post things that can improve this post an I'll add it to this post and credit you. Lastly, to paraphrase NoelC: try things for yourself. Keep good notes on what you do, on what works, and save original files. The knowledge gained from the experience of seeing how things work is invaluable. 7/29/15: Changed IPs to as recommended by NoelC. 7/31/15: Expanded telemetry list and added overkill, nuke-from-orbit list. 7/31/15: Reformatted the OP, reflected as many IPs as possible into hostnames, added Techie007's post to the relevant sections, and added gpedit.msc fix for Home users. 8/3/15: Added tomasz86's OneDrive uinstaller and automated services & scheduled tasks command script. 8/5/15: Added useful software/scripts section. 1/9/16: Renamed useful software/scripts to useful software/scripts/forum threads and added stuff to it. 6/26/16: Reformatted to be readable with the new forum software.
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    You are not really Windows Vista just as I am not really a group of ancient schemers.
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    UxTSB stops to work on build 17134.191 3rd party visual styles didn't work. On applying screen is goes black and my integrated Intel HD 530 driver stops to work! In log all right, UxTSB injects into all processes normal without errors. I tried to add visual style to registry manually and reboot, but it leads to neverending logon with black screen. On 17134.165 all works fine, 3rd party visual styles works. Looks like it's need to update UxTSB.dll
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    Haha, sorry, I've never made a tutorial video. Let me just repost sbkw1983's directions (which were clear), but substitute in my new link and a few other clarifications that helped me: Again, this method originally came from sbkw1983's post here, so he deserves the thanks. I just updated it for the new update (based on info from NoelC here). So please visit their posts and put thanks/likes.
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    I think anti virus software is overrated. I never use it on any of my legacy systems and have never been infected. If anything, I think anti virus software encourages reckless behavior because it gives a false sense of security.
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    There was a new cumulative update for me from Build 17134.112 to 17134.137. 1) A new folder in 'C:\AeroGlass\symbols\dwmcore.pdb' needs to be created named as follows: D1149747277D9F7BA3C1C34E145203531 2) A new 'dwmcore.pdb' needs to be downloaded from the following link: http://msdl.microsoft.com/download/symbols/dwmcore.pdb/D1149747277D9F7BA3C1C34E145203531/dwmcore.pdb 3) The downloaded .BLOB file needs to be renamed 'dwmcore.pdb' and copied to the folder created in the first step. 4) Click the 'retry' button in the 'incompatibility' popup window and it should work.
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