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  1. Well, I followed your directions to the t, including the whole "highest priority" thing. It didn't work for me in terms of closing my currently open Chrome windows and restarting them. Maybe it wasn't intended to though, maybe your script is only intended to work for when the computer restarts and when chrome autostarts itself, or something like that. So, I closed it down again and added @Pjertan's bit to it: That worked when I restarted it myself (from my own shortcut that I re-added to the task bar). UNFORTUNATELY FOR ME (my fault), I lost ALL my tabs from all my other windows that were open. I had literally hundreds of tabs that I was "going to get to later"... but now they're all closed. That's quite disappointing. I would've thought Chrome would keep them in the "recently closed" menu even if it was from two "close windows" and restarts prior. Clearly I was wrong. :-( Well, I suppose that's one way of clearing up having too many tabs open. Ah well.
  2. Nevermind... must've been because I was using public wifi. Ran it through a VPN and no troubles downloading it. Now I'll have to try installing it.
  3. Thanks for the work you put into this @JTB3! I delayed updating Chrome so I'm a bit behind you guys on this. I'd like to try out this method, but it seems the zip file you uploaded with the task, etc., is no longer available. Could you please re-upload it so I can give it a try? Thanks a lot!
  4. OK, well, sorry, but I don't know exactly what you're referring to or what to do next. I don't actually use a donation key, so it sounds like maybe that means it works different for you? For settings, I've used the GUI you can get from the bottom of the downloads page (says something about "testing version of GUI")... you put that in your Aeroglass folder and then double-click it to launch the GUI and that's worked for me for years.
  5. Haha, sorry, I've never made a tutorial video. Let me just repost sbkw1983's directions (which were clear), but substitute in my new link and a few other clarifications that helped me: Again, this method originally came from sbkw1983's post here, so he deserves the thanks. I just updated it for the new update (based on info from NoelC here). So please visit their posts and put thanks/likes.
  6. I have the exact same version of windows (even the .191) and right after it updated to the ...191 I got the same error message as you. What I needed to do was manually download the symbols file and put them in the aeroglass directory in windows and it's working fine. Please read my previous post here: https://msfn.org/board/topic/177567-thank-you-big-muscle-for-new-aero-glass-build-159/?do=findComment&comment=1152931 And follow the links within my post if you need more clarity (sbkw1983 explains it more clearly than I do). Just make sure though you use my link for the symbols file since it's the most up-to-date one that you need, but follow sbkw1983's general instructions for how it works. Hope this helps you!
  7. OK - I figured it out for myself, in case anyone had the same problem. Basically, I followed the same general instructions from sbkw1983's post where he/she wrote about how to get the right symbols file for the experimental build. That one didn't work for this official build (or newest minor windows update?) but I saw that NoelC here had a screenshot of the funny string of characters (19D3E7CB2A1CC40D03B2B9A57D62097F1) that was the new folder for symbols and I figured I'd try replacing that string of characters for the link that sbkw1983 previously gave (now: http://msdl.microsoft.com/download/symbols/dwmcore.pdb/19D3E7CB2A1CC40D03B2B9A57D62097F1/dwmcore.pdb). I downloaded the ****.blob file and renamed it "dwmcore.pdb" (in the folder of the same name with the random string or characters), then hit "retry" on the error (all as sbkw1983 described in their previous post that I have linked above in this comment) and voila! Instant Glass!
  8. OK, I just installed the new version, after I had the experimental debug version working for a while (had the symbols file in the folder called: D1149747277D9F7BA3C1C34E145203531). But now I installed the new (non-experimental) version 1.5.9 and I get the error: "Aero glass does not know how to hook your version of dwm (0x81)" so I'm guessing I need another new symbols file. Can anyone help me figure out where to get that - like you helped with the previous challenge? (By the way, I had also had it working on Chrome, so thanks to you guys for helping with that.)
  9. How did you get transparency working for Chrome? My Windows just updated to 1803 and I followed your instructions here to get the experimental version of AG working and so far it seems to be working (using a steady 100-130MB of RAM - does that seem like a lot? - I have quite a few windows running simultaneously). However, the transparency on Chrome isn't working now and honestly it hasn't even been working since the last update of windows/AG for me (when I had the 1709 or whatever the last Windows 10 was called). But if you can get the transparency on Chrome working again, please tell me how! It's the #1 window I have going at any given time and I hate the solid flat color, which is why I've been using AG. So please let me know, thanks!
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