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    I do not recommend using UURollup anymore. It is old and outdated now. The BlackWingCat's extended Core and extended Kernel are the modern solution for extending Windows 2000's capabilities. Mixing UURollup with them may work but I would not do it. UURollup will install old versions of the BlackWingCat's files, so you can never be sure what the result will be. Nevertheless, you can still find the old UURollup files in the depths of my Download Archive, if you really want to . As for the other (official) updates, I recommend following my Updates Lists under http://windowsarchives.com/updates/. The only way to use all of them though is to slipstream everything with HFSLIP2000 and then install the OS from scratch. After that you can just install the BlackWingCat's packages manually. Well, I must somewhat agree with what you are saying (although reluctantly ). Especially in the beginning, I used to start a lot of small projects that ended up being scattered here and there (and thus difficult to manage). In my defence though, I can say that since around 2014 I have been trying to keep everything as concentrated and concised as possible. Correct me if I am wrong, but during the last 3 years the only major "reorganizations" were the forced domain change (which naturally broke all the old links) and the move to MEGA as the main file hosting (caused by the lack of space on Google Drive). I did discontinue and remove many old files with time because, well, most of them were just that, i.e. old, outdated, and obsolete. At the moment there are really only two places where I am active, which are http://windowsarchives.com for all information and updates, and this very thread for other news and discussion. The only two unofficial projects that are still alive and not mentioned on my website are the combined .NET Framework installer (too experimental) and the HFSLIP2000 FullPack package (somewhat risky...). I am also aware that there is lack of proper how-to and I have been working on it. It is a one-man job though, so please understand . I am always open to feedback and suggestions on how to improve the current state of things.
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    Exactly, but since you did that without PROPERLY documenting the changes, the end result is that half the internet points to "your" files that are nowhere to be found since you moved/renamed/deleted them. How much would have costed to put *somewhere* on your current http://windowsarchives.com/updates/ a simple page saying: AND once having given people the above warning, actually provide a §@ç#ing working link instead of sending people on a treasure hunt or worse a wild goose chase? The whole point of critique (not about you particularly, there are lots of people that do the same with their projects) is the deletion/erasure/removal of the past, something that is old (but that worked at the time) is not necessarily "worse" or - conversely - somethign that is new (even if it works) is not necessarily "better". Someone that wanted to update Windows 2000 in 2013/2014 would have used the UUROLLUP? Yes. Did it work just fine? Yes. WHY (the heck) do you want anyone to be prevented from replicating that (and not another one [1]) success? jaclaz [1] just using the UUROLLUP is much easier IMHO than going the whole way of the HFSLIP routine.
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    Polish Language Pack for the NewMoon version 27.7.0a2 pl.xpi
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    Copy it to another location or duplicate it under another name in the same location.
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    TestBuild 20171210 Download https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1TRiF0IoAuPg8DvH5nXnk7ngxEzrIVDNs 1. BugFix - Stop button now terminates subprocess immediately. - Support multiline code (line end with \) - Fix DirCopy overwrite bug when used with wildcard compatibility flag. - When multiline code has error, CodeParser now reports correct command. - '\' will be added to FileBox's direcotry path. - Left plugin tree will be refreshed after refresh of plugin. - SectionName/HideProgress is properly recognized in ComboBox. 2. Feature Add - If,ExistRegMulti implemented. - Escape sequence of # (##) implemented. Thanks to all who reported unknown bugs! EDIT Please redownload build 20171210, a critical bug resides in ShellExecute.
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    KM76-Goanna works without SSE/MMX(yes, just slow without them), so CPU is not a problem here.
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    Thanks for testing this new browser! Looks like we have a cascading failure. What to do: * The "box of stuff" is very important--please report it exactly. You probably don't have enough CPU (FineSSE might help). * Profile in Dependency Walker to see what module is failing to load. * Enable API logging on modules that fail to init and retest/profile with DebugWindow/KexApiLog open. * Test each (and every) module with Import Patcher. That version of Msvcr120 loads on my Via C3 system (no SSE or CMOV). I put it in C:\Windows\KernelEx\Msvc and enabled it with this registry setting: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\KernelEx\KnownDLLs] "MSVCR120"="MSVC\\MSVCR120.DLL"
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    I have had a couple of requests for the last version. While I am not supporting or developing this anymore I still will post a link to download the last version developed. http://www.mediafire.com/file/koj43dquj3gepo9/WPI_v8.7.3.7z Good luck to everyone and I am glad to see MSFN still up!
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    Just wait FranceBB, once I work out a guide for getting XP onto Coffee Lake and AMD AM4 CPUs this will boost XP to 7.00%
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    A lot has been said here. For me at least, XP is still a stable and worthy work environment, and probably has had the widest hardware and software compatibility of any modern Microsoft operating system. While I would argue that XP SP3 is much different than XP SP0 / RTM, at its core it is still NT 5.x. There aren't too many operating systems that can still be used on a daily basis after 16 years, and many third-party software and hardware manufacturers are still supporting XP, as long as it is SP3. Some examples are HP (any printer you pick up will support XP SP3), Norton/Symantec antivirus/security products, Linksys and Netgear wireless devices, Logitech keyboard/mouse products, etc. There are many other manufacturers continuing support but I have made my point. In my opinion, if the system still does what it was designed to do, it is not obsolete, and continuing operation is not an issue.