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Info: Hybrid INF addon uses AutoIt during t13 to add the config settings so on first boot the firewall will be 100% up and running.

Comodo Firewall Pro, although designed for personal use, includes an industrial strength stateful inspection firewall, acting at OSI Layers 2, 3 and 4 to filter incoming and outgoing network traffic. Such an advanced filter keeps track of each and every packet sent/received and performs intelligent analysis on critical protocols such as TCP, UDP, FTP etc.


MD5: AAB2C69241B513383419B3C2B00095B2

Size: 8.49 MB

Website: http://personalfirewall.comodo.com/



- Updated v3.0.14.276


- Updated v3.0.13.268 (thanks to johndoe74 for the autoit config)


- Now 100% Unattended, uses autoit3 to enter default config settings (no email is entered)

- Fixed dbghelp.dll needing to be updated by comodo auto updater (the old addon copied the old dbghelp from i386 on the Windows CD)

Older version



Size: 7.96 MB

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does anybody know how to take my customized settings and add it to the addon already created in this forum. so when i install, it will load with my customized settings, example application behavior disabled, and so on. please help as this is my favorite firewall app.

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As v3.0.13.268 doesn't support Windows 2000, could you put the link to v2.4.18.184 back up as well?

Also your addon is about a quarter the size of the standard end-user installer, what were you able to cut out? Just language files?


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Older version link is back

@Kurt_Aust I removed nothing I simply played with the installer a bit until I understood what it did.

Its kinda hard to explain but basically in the end the install is exactly the same as if you used the installer (the same files everything)

The secret is copying only the files needed then running cfpconfg.exe -i which fully installs the program

You can see what files are the ones nessesary by running the installer with the -s switch, no config window will pop up or reg entries and shortcuts added, it only extracts the nessesary files from the installer.

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