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  1. Thank you so much for these. Have been using your lists (this and Win8) for a bit now and just wanted to make sure you knew your efforts are appreciated! As you can tell, I'm a hell of a lurker... lol.
  2. I'll assume you are using the Feb one because you didn't know about the June redist. But anyhow, I "integrated" it as a silent install. What I did was, using 7-zip, I extracted the EXE to a folder and created a 7z file of the files. Then I used 7zip SFX Maker to make it extract to a temp folder silently, and execute "dxsetup.exe /silent" (from the Execute tab). After making the SFX, simply add that to your list of integrated Applications, no switches needed. For 7zip go here: http://www.7-zip.org/ And for 7zip SFX Maker: http://sfx-maker.sourceforge.net/
  3. Personally, I sort of gave up on this as it was only going to cause more work for tommyp. I have my own personal 32GB flash drive though, so to get my computer up and running the way I wanted it, I used the USB installation method in the other subforum by ilko_t (the only change I had to do was modify the HFSLIP.CMD file under SVCPACK to look for the new USB pathing). This seems to have worked flawlessly to give me the needed space I no longer had available on CD, as well as gave me a way to modify the installation without burning another new CD everytime I changed some minor detail.
  4. Yeah, I have been meaning to respond back myself about this, but haven't had much free time. Going to take this computer home and do it there as I have been rather busy here. I had done exactly what tommyp had attempted in the script, but did so manually. Everything copied just fine in text mode, but when I get to GUI, I get problems with MOF files that are part of the WBEM install as a result of the wbemoc.cab file. And even if I manually point them to files and get them to install, IE doesn't work when I get to the desktop. For my own purposes this might be more trouble that it's worth, and just going to side with tommyp's original statement that this is meant simply for a CD install. It works great there, and if you try a different method, you really are on your own unfortunately. I don't like giving up on it, but I think fixing this will open up a LOT more problems elsewhere, and this could be precedent setting.
  5. I'm going to work more at this as well tomorrow if I get any free time, but never can be sure. Oh, and it's shift+f10 for command prompt btw.
  6. Actually no, I had in the past, but not with the change in license. At work I've gone back to simply using a bare XP SP3 install and installing HFs through a script after install. This is a personal project I was doing in my downtime. I guess I should have clarified, sorry. I normally bring in my home computer where I have more work room.
  7. IE7 did the same thing with reporting files, but only advpack.mui and ieframe.mui. Kind of surprised considering that some of the files I had problems with in IE8 are named exactly the same in IE7 so apparently they were only needed in one location in IE7. Going to look into editing the TXTSETUP.SIF file so that this should all work. I will have to make duplicates of the files in question and update the TXTSETUP.SIF so that it will have a separate file per entry. Edit: Not going to be able to do that as it's the end of my work week right now, and with bad weather, I am going to get the hell out of here.
  8. Yeah, with IE8 it failed again with the ROROE section cleared. Going to try again with IE7.
  9. Those files are reported during txtmode. Unfortunately I've also found more files that happen in GUI as a result of wbemoc.cab I believe (almost all the files that are reported in GUI are listed in those files). And yeah, absolutely. Give me a few and I'll let ya know. I am attaching my log from when I used only IE8 which gave the exact same problems as when I did all the available updates as it is still relevant. HFSLIP.zip
  10. I just tried something slightly different to narrow it down to being IE8. I made a fresh HFSlip setup using a "clean" XP SP3 SOURCE and the only things slipstreamed was IE8's installer and wbemoc.cab. The same files were reported.
  11. Almost there..... GAH, I had made the zip file and forgot to attach, sorry. SetupConfigs.zip
  12. I had ran a few other tasks on the SOURCESS originally and ran into the problem I described, but to remove that from the realm of possibilities, I went ahead and tried to run again with a "clean" SOURCESS. No, I do not use HFCLEANUP. Here are the files being identified: advpack.mui iedkcs32.mui ieframe.mui msrating.mui ie4uinit.mui mshta.mui jscript.mui vbscript.mui Thanks for your time, tommyp.
  13. xyzzy, please do let us know if you figure out a workaround. I do agree with tommyp that the script itself doesn't need modified, I was unaware of the scope of the project being only from a bootable CD (I've read the documentation, but honestly it's been a very very long since then), so if you can find a way to do this regardless, that'd be great! Edit: Oh hey, post #50 and I'm finally a "Junior". Only took me 6.5 years!
  14. I've been trying to run a manual install using WINNT32.EXE. I have been using the "switches /makelocalsource /syspart:C: /tempdrive:C: /noreboot /unattend:winnt.sif". The installer appears to be running properly, copying everything from I386 over, and I have to manually copy over some additional folders myself (such as WPI, and $OEM$). After rebooting, it immediately goes into textmode setup, checks C:, and then begins copying files from the local source. It appears many of the files from IE8 are having issues with copying though, specifically the MUI files including advpack.mui. When I look in the EXE contents for the IE8 installer, there is advpack.dll and advpack.dll.mui. Is it possible that the ".dll" part of the name is erroneously being stripped out upon integration? I'm not sure how textmode setup is different depending on booting from a CD and running the manual setup from WINNT32.EXE, but if this is definitely not a supported function, just let me know and I'll try to figure something else out. The normal install via booting from a CD doesn't have this same symptom, but what I've put on the CD (DriverPacks) won't fit on a standard 700MB CD and really that's the only option I have for this old computer I'm trying to work with.
  15. DeTard

    Windows Updates

    Well, I thought that myself, but looked at it more closely. The reason it was updated for Server only was an unrelated set of updates fixing DNS and WINS Server vulnerabilities (that you have listed) which apparently updated all the files included in 951748, making it obsolete. But since those updates were only for DNS server and WINS server, you naturally wouldn't want to apply that to Professional.
  16. DeTard

    Windows Updates

    Just a quick note I figured out after a little bit of digging. On your Windows 2000 list, you say that in March 2009, 951748 is to be deleted. Yes, this is true, but ONLY on Server. On Professional it is still a valid update with no successor.
  17. Some updates: 5) Root Updates have updated once again as of 11/24/2008 to version 19.0.2195.0. Use same URL as above. 12) Malicious Software Removal Tool has been updated 11/11/2008 to version 2.4. Use same URL as above.
  18. DeTard


    Yes, but you guys are making the assumption that the newer versions of Windows are faster.
  19. Firefox got updated to http://download.mozilla.org/?product=firef...〈=en-US
  20. Just an FYI - you never updated your list of addons to include this version.
  21. They are now up to http://www.personalfirewall.comodo.com/dow...d_firewall.html
  22. Thanks for the quick update Rado! And yeah I didn't know anything about the domain takeover until today actually. I had even installed version 4 and noticed something was very amiss about the software. It had the same logos and such, but it was NOTHING like the Shareaza I knew. It looked like a cheap ripoff of iTunes, and turned out to be a cheap ripoff of the real Shareaza at the same time. I really hope they get a chance to sue these guys, it really p***es (pardon my language) me off that someone is taking advantage of a non-profit project like this that doesn't even ask for donations (and refuses to take them from my understanding). Ok, done ranting! Thanks again!
  23. Thanks I'm installing johndoe's DaemonTools pack as well, so that should take care of the SPTD, right?
  24. New version is out now: http://shareaza.sourceforge.net/ PLEASE update your website link above Rado. Apparently a company bought out the domain name of shareaza.com and is now remaking their own Shareaza (what they call version 4) and putting out malware, etc using it. It's pretty devious. Do NOT update to version 4 guys! Edit: Just a note, "Shareaza" version 4 requires you to make an account to use it now, and incidentally, if you look in the email you get as a result of making the account you'll see a link to unsubscribe from further communications from them. If you click that in a non-IE browser, it tells you it cannot continue unless ActiveX is enabled. Talk about shady... Edit 2: Had the wrong version number in my post. Doh!

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