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**Windows Lupus Project**

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Ok u stopped my heart when i saw this thread.

Firstly, i didn't want to say anything until i was sure I had something full to release, and i wasn't intending to release it in alpha mode.

I'm stuck in pre-beta mostly beacuse i only covered those parts that RP didn't complete (changed all the icons) and I have some plans that are in developments still.

I would like to hear some ideas from you...

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I will keep u informed... I hope i will release some public alpha soon... And I need a help of an information junkie....

I need someone that has old RP version 1.x or 2.x to give it to me I have an issue with Native JPEG Wallpaper Support ....


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umm...isn't lupus a disease?

1. Wild animal:

Lupus = wolf in Latin [commonly known as the gray wolf] is a wild animal, closely related to the domestic dog.

The full species name is Canis Lupus:


Canis = dog in Latin:


In zoology, Canis is a genus of animal species, which includes dogs, wolves + jackals.

2. Human disease:

Lupus erythematosus [commonly known as lupus] is a chronic autoimmune human disease:


This disease was named after the red face rash, a.k.a. erythema [most common sign in lupus], which resembles the face of an enraged wolf.

HTH [Hope This Helps]

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  • 4 weeks later...

Currently testing some stuff... Doing MSN Messanger 7.0 transformation to Windows Live Messenger 7 (Look 'n' Feel)...

I'll upload a whole new site (when i finish this school year and that is till the end of this week) and I will be more active on the project...

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