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  1. You haven't been on the scene in a while. What do you expect, people to chase you down when you don't want to be found. You abandoned your project that was originally created by LLXX regardless if you rewrote it from scratch. She was and will always be the founder, like it or not. You chose to quit, now you want the praise. Sit your young @$$ down and develop for Win 7 and Win 8 because you are not worthy to speak on Win9x.
  2. Yeah, that would nice, but this guy seems to like his video games more.
  3. Did you blow smoke up our @$$ or are you really going to update it? So far, no actions from you, and to be honest, I don't think there will ever be
  4. Flawless ! You need a donate button because you deserve it. If you continue doing what you are doing, I will never upgrade.
  5. When will programmers learn this. People don't crack or hack things because of the price, they do it because its a challenge and because thats what they love to do. If you ask me, nothing is un-crackable just asked Sony, Microsoft, Apple and any other company who think their products are bulletproof. I'm sorry to say it, but it will be done. All it takes is one paid copy and its closed curtains from there. You better off with a donate button. Also Tihiy has been known to leave his projects in the wind. So to pay for something and not get support is absurd. People need to get realistic on here. His program is no different or no better than any other program thats out on the market. If mods wanna ban me for telling the truth, then do so. Good luck with your program Tihiy. I hope you get a million dollars.You know what bothers people the most? When you spend you hard earned money for something and you are told what you can and can not do with it. In other words, don't charge for something and give people restrictions and stipulations. All it does is motivate the rebellious.
  6. You expect users to go through 30 steps instead of 5 just to get things working? You must be out your mind to think that. Not only that, you expect us to purchase 2 of your programs when its cheaper to borrow a PS/2 device or buy one from a pawn shop. I don' t think you have common sense at all. You say WDMDTUB is flawed but you have yet to come up with a better solution. So far WDMSTUB has been working and its free.
  7. All this because one person didn't like ASPI drivers.
  8. So an unofficial patched kernel32.dll or shell32.dll should be optional. Yeah right, you sound like jds. Me personally I don't want to download a bunch of updates that going to do the same as the sp does.
  9. Why is Gape pack considered a Sp and PROBLEMCHYLD'S not? Gape has options and tweaks etc. I see no difference except more options.
  10. Also granted. But that wasn't what I meant to imply. My point does back to what I said about this project being a Service Pack. If it remains a system update that installs bugfixes or corrects issues on a wide range of systems, then it's great and it deserves the "Service Pack" title. But, if it goes into the realm of installing every single installable package for 98SE and customizing the system according to what one person or a group of people think it should be, then it should no longer be called a "Service Pack." So what you are saying is, if M$ bundled all their packages/updates/tools in to one package, its not a SP? Well gape should change the title because Sp3 only extends his works.
  11. This is what SP2 is for, a basic system.
  12. Granted. But Microsoft also does not include every single hodgepodge update or installable package that exists for a given OS. No but they create them for the system. They give you the option to download it and install it. The same option sp does.The way packages are disappearing off the net, with the sp we wont have to go searching for 300 packages or updates.
  13. Good for you PROBLEMCHYLD! I don't recall Microsoft offering any options in their OS Service Packs, you installed it or you didn't, end of story. If it broke things because of the type of hardware or configuration of your system, you sorted it out afterwards. There are always going to be a few people who will run into problems after a blanket update of system files, and you will never finish this if you try and take all their possible problems into account. People with problems are right to mention them of course, but if you decide that what's there is good enough to work in the vast majority of cases, and the flagged problems are not going to be widespread enough to modify the SP to take them into account, that is your decision and that should be accepted and respected. You should be crowned for this. Great feedback.
  14. At least the complaining and whining will stop. There will still be unhappy people regardless what you do. I think you should remove it and your stress level will go down.
  15. Whether PROBLEMCHYLD grants his request or not, if its not him complaining then it will be someone else. All or not, there will never be a time when all like the sp no matter what PROBLEMCHYLD adds or removes. He might as well add the HOST file that another member wanted. Why we at it, I would like a new NOTEPAD.
  16. Just in case : http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/optional http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/optional and while we are at it : http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/freedom http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/freedom jaclaz This is why the sp is optional, either you use the pack how it is distribute, or don't use it. Now thats optional and freedom.
  17. Why? So far, you are the only one having trouble. What about all of us who isn't having this issue?We shouldn't be inconvenienced at your expense. Try using older versions or some workarounds. The solution is NOT everytime you have an issue to remove or change things because that's how you want it.
  18. Yeah, just adding the windows files not the actual KernelEx app. Thanks
  19. The service pack is really stable. Can you reconsider the KernelEx option?
  20. Nice update. How soon before the final? Sorry I wasn't able to give more help with your error problem.
  21. jetodbc.rsp has something to do with your error message. I search high and low I didn't find much though. Hope it helps.
  22. I'm hoping for the same thing. I don't use anything this guy create because he never finishes no matter what.
  23. Why would you add Revolution Pack and KernelEx? Both are buggy and neither pack is finished. Why not add adobe flash while you @ it, and some unnecessaries? I REST MY CASE!

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