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  1. 1. SHould I go Intel or AMD for my next Mobo?

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Hey guys... been a bit since I've been posting.....just sold my system for $750 and looking to build from ground up all over again!

It's been way too long to know what's better out there from the good ol' 478pin sys I had...I know I've been due for an overhaul, so let's hammer it out, shall we?

My budget is MAX $225 for a proc and $150 for a motherboard, I know I'm gonna go Asus, cuz I'm just that kind of Asus fan for gaming, but what kind of Proc should I go for? I'm not a hardcore gamer but I love my gaming on occasion and I want a Vista Ultimate well-capable machine.

should I go Duo Core? Or should I go AMD? Let's just say that my LAST Proc was (see pic):

I'm so lost........been so long since I rooted around...and if I'm buying a new mobo, I gotta know what proc I'm goin for, know what I mean? P.S. I had this puppy Overclocked to 3.12Ghz ;)


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I'd say Intel, for one simple reason. Upgradability. AMD systems have been shut out from upgrades, with the transition from S754 to S939 to AM2.

Intel Core 2 Duo E6400 - $230 CAD

Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 - $290 CAD

The E6600 is a little over your price range, but you can always wait for one of the NCIX sales to come along.

Another option is to buy cheap now, get a $50 Celeron (LGA775) and OC the crap out of it (they're surprisingly cool running). As long as your motherboard supports whatever is on the horizon, you'll be able to upgrade to that later. AMD's new CPU's that are coming out later this year will drive down the price of Intel's lineup.

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I figured as much.....geez, where in Mississauga could I buy the 6600 for 230? I check out Logic Computer House and they want 279.99

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My advice... wait. Seriously.

On June 4th, motherboard manufacturers will be allowed to officially launch their new motherboards based on the new Intel chipset, the P35. Asus has already prepared their new motherboard, the P5K3. You'll want to completely read this article at Anandtech to really see how much you would gain in future proofing, speed and upgradeability just by waiting a few months for a P35 based motherboard.

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Interesting info on that link jcarle.......I'm trying to figure out the best method of approach here....wondering if I could take on a P5B board (from Asus) and considering the future possibility of DDR3 compatibility with the board as well.

Gotta admit that I'm quite confused as to why there's such a flux in price on the E6600 Core 2 Proc as well.... for some reason, I've been reading up on E6600 and not the E6400 :lol: .......but either way, I've seen the E6600 proc for the same price as the E6400 ranging up to $325..... :( .

gotta admit though, so far I'm sold on Intel at the moment still

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id wait like jcarle said, as if u buy now, ull regret wen the new boards come out!

but atm intel are leading the market, and im an AMD fan, but INTEL are knocking the socks off AMD.

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AMD systems have been shut out from upgrades, with the transition from S754 to S939 to AM2.

Don't forget AM2+.

Upgrading? so you exchange only your CPU?

Naa, most people will exchange there mobo with the CPU, DDR3 isn’t a big deal still so don’t look for upgradeability of CPUs or RAM. I would take a look at PCI-E and RAM slots combined with features and OC opportunities (if you like that), 2 RAM sloth’s isn’t enough in my opinion.

I would say iNTEL in your targeted price range, but remember that iNTEL based mobos are still more expensive then an AMD based board with the same features.

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I'd have to say that Intel may be the better way to go based on the information I have read here, but in my experience I have had very good luck with both CPU manufacturers. In my own personal experience though, I'd have to go with AMD. Just because of the track record I have had with them. Good overall chips in my opinion.

Wish you luck :)

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Thanks for the input guys, really appreciate it.......most likely going for the E6600 with this mobo:

ASUS P5B P965: 1066Mhz FSB DDR2 PCI-E Dual GBLan ESATA/SATA2 RAID/IDE Audio >>Socket LGA775 < $150.00

Once again, great input....check out the specs with this mobo, think it's worth it?

I mean, it's not the most extreme, it's flexible, overclock capable and not flimsy either ;)

and it's RoHS compliant :thumbup

Link provided is for the P5B and has morre onboard features than the P5B-VM. P5B is not RoHS compliant.

ie. P5B-VM only has 1 External Sata and Internal Sata Port

P5B has 6 internal Sata ports and 1 external

P5B-VM only has 2 PCI Slots

P5B has 4 PCI Slots

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