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WinPE 2.0 GimageX COM based HTA


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I think I found an error in the script.

On ParseFile Sub

Change this line

strIndx(i) = Left(tmpStr1, Len(tmpStr1) -2)

To this

strIndx(i) = Left(tmpStr1, Len(tmpStr1) -3)

Can you test it?

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for the background how about the vista one with an option of adding your own company logo (like oem.bmp) then anyone can add their own in you could even add a support button with info and docs.

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I changed I changed that line, but it seems the same, i.e. after diskpart, the process finished without applying the image..

Can someone else test the apply, because I don't have test environment here at work?

p4antb0y ->

Like I said the picture should be non commercial freely distributed. I think that vista background can't be freely added to this package.

I didn't undestand that dropdown system. Can you describe it better?

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geezer - I get the same result in ver 2.1, after diskpart completes nothing happens. If I substitute this code(which is posted on page 2) the apply button works perfectly.

'* showRadioInfo
'* display details of radio button selection in details divider
Sub showRadioInfo
Dim objTextFile, Radio, strRadioValue, strDetails, objSel1, strFile

Set objSel1 = window.document.getElementById("select1")
strFile = myFilePath + objSel1.options(objSel1.selectedindex).text

details.style.visibility = "visible"
start.style.visibility = "visible"
For Each Radio in Document.getElementsByName("radioList")
If Radio.Checked = True Then
strTaskValue = "imagex /apply " + strFile + " " + Radio.Id + " c:"
End If
Details.innerHTML = "<BR><table id='detailsTable'><tr><td>" & strDetails & "</td></tr></table><BR>"
End Sub

ccb458 - How did you call your Reboot option using a cmd.bat file to restart your computer after imagex runs?

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Sorry dudes, I cant help you today, because I can't make any tests.

jstchill ->

Did you tried it on real environment or Virtual? I got also those errors when I tried on MS VirtualPC and Innotek Virtualbox.

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Your problem maybe due to the limitation of the memory environment required by winpe. Maybe with 256mb ram, something can't be loaded. Have to check Microsoft's website.


Take a break today. I don't know how many thanks I should tell you as I am trying your hta file out in my company environment. We need to deploy images out and we used to use OSD for this, but now we want to fit everything into a USB or DVD disc. We havn't finished the script yet.. (as I am not a scripting guy), but you sure have helped us a lot.

Look forward to see what you could find out about the bug. Maybe you could tell me what lines I should add to add to your hta file to show the value of "STRTASKVALUE" in a pop-up window. Then we could troubleshot faster..


strTaskValue = "imagex /apply "+objSel2.options(objSel2.selectedindex).text+" " + Radio.Id + " c:"

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I try to fix all the errors today. Problem is that I don't have any test environment since I haven't been able to test in virtual environment. I have to try raising the virtual memory. I also havent got network working properly in virtual environment.

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