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WinPE 2.0 GimageX COM based HTA


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Grab the newest zip in the first post. I think I'll putted those spaces there. You also have wrong htastyle.css, so the font sizes are also different.

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Is there any bugs found yet. I know that capture bug and I'm going to make it totally different on the next version.

Also I forgot to mention that the browse.exe works only on winpe, because there is a static mapping to X:\windows\system32\browse.txt

It could be better if I could use some temp variable, but I don't know if there is one in winpe.

You can also use the setres.exe to set the resolution bigger than 800x600. I will add support for that one also(Just place it in the Windows\system32 folder). Then I should add the browse dialog on the start if the MyFilepath gives path not found error.

Do you need more information about the drives, I just put those three values, but there is a lot more of them. The only problem is fitting those values on screen with 800x600 resolution.

I have to admit that browse folder dialog was a real pain in you now where. I had to study some AutoIt. BTW: it's a great scripting language and I think I should learn it more, since this was my first script.

If there is a "nice" admin who could put some more kb's for me so I can put the zip file here. I only need like 100kb more.

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Looks like another excellent revision Geezery,

hope you don't mind but I think I will manually add the iframe version of the disk info system I showed you, your version only seems to show the c drive. and doesn't really help with knowing where my usb drive with my wims are.

In regards to imagex info, and my diskpart list volume writing to the ram drive. there are no issues with it, as long as there is enough free memory, but that is something that always needs to watched with winpe.

Looking forward to see what you are planning for the next versions capture update.

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I think I'm going to make a separate admin console also for the WinPE hta gui, so I can remotely make installs . I actually tested the UltraVNC on Winpe and it works nicely.

The Admin Console i'm going to make is on my own purposes, but of course if there is a demand for one I can release it also. I have already planned it on my mind and it's going to be very simple, but efficient. I think I'm going to use autoit for it, because it's free and efficient enough. The only problem is that I have no experience in autoit, but it looks very simple.

Here is my plan:


- Put the computer starting from the PXE-boot (WDS)

- I'm going to write a small IP-logging function to ImageX HTA gui, so when the computer starts and goes to HTA it will send it's ip-address to distribution share logfile with timestamp etc.

- Disable the WinPE firewall with "wpeutil DisableFirewall" command.

- Start the Winvnc Server

- ImageX GUI

Admin console:

- Grabs the ip-address of the client from the distribution share automaticly and populates it in the console.

- Then you can click the ip to open vncviewer and log on to the client.

- Apply Image or Capture Image

- Reboot the client machine.

- Watch when the winvnc.exe process is available again on the client and make a new remote session

- If you have winvnc on the image you can make the whole installation remotely.

Best part comes here. Everything is FREE.

I would also need some beta testers when I have something ready.

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I have some experience with AutoIt that I may be able to help with. I've created a RC tool for my team that will push out a VNC service (using RealVNC) to remote computers and such. Some experience with WIM in AutoIt (not a whole lot but do use some of the WIM features in AutoIt to get PC information). Your admin console sounds exactly what I could use this for and would be willing to test it out with you.

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Good Morning,


I might need your help in autoit, I already started the project yesterday and I think the first beta might be available on next week.

I think I'm going to add at least two database options mssql and a csv. I just don't know if AutoIt can handle MsSql databases, can you research it a bit? Also Mysql could be one option, but I don't have MySql installed on my environment.

I think I'm going to stay on vbscript in the client side, since the Gui is good enough now and the WMI queries are easier done with vbscript.


I like your backgrounds specially the second one, can you post it here? I can pm you the download link of the Admin Console when it's ready for testing. There is going to be a new version of the Gui also, because I need to add couple of functions on it also.


I'll add those in the next version also.

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