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  1. I guess the setres doesn't work is because of the var RunOnce is not set to 1 when it goes to the loop : ------------------------------ If RunOnce = 1 Then Call SetRes() RunOnce = 0 End If ------------------------------ either set Runonce to a value of 1 by: Const RunOnce = 1 or take out the If loop will do it..
  2. It seems that everything works, but suddenly, I realized the background image is gone! Below is what I have, Geezrey, you used to put in the older version: <Body background="pe.jpg"> that no longer works (I just have a grey background). Then I modify your lines as follows: <BODY> <DIV id=bg> img src="e:\pe.jpg"> </DIV> What happens is I have the image at the top of the screen, and the selection comes below the image, not in the image. Do you know why? thx
  3. Jstchil, Your problem maybe due to the limitation of the memory environment required by winpe. Maybe with 256mb ram, something can't be loaded. Have to check Microsoft's website. Geezery, Take a break today. I don't know how many thanks I should tell you as I am trying your hta file out in my company environment. We need to deploy images out and we used to use OSD for this, but now we want to fit everything into a USB or DVD disc. We havn't finished the script yet.. (as I am not a scripting guy), but you sure have helped us a lot. Look forward to see what you could find out about the bug. M
  4. geezery, I changed I changed that line, but it seems the same, i.e. after diskpart, the process finished without applying the image..
  5. geezery, I already did download your new version (v.2.1), but don't know why it stops after diskpart. That's the reason I go back to v.2. What happened on my environment is after diskpart windows disappeared, nothing else happened. thx
  6. Geezzry, Thanks for your new version v21. I tried it out, but for unknown reasons, the process still stops after DISKPART.. I am still using your v2 files, and adding the Reboot option by calling a .cmd batch file. thx..
  7. I have modified the code (add a few lines) in the "ShowRadioInfo" section. It seems to work, maybe you could check it out and see if it needs further modification. geezery, I am trying to add a button to reboot the computer, but I don't know how to pass the "wpeutil reboot" thru your doTask, could you give me some ideas? thx ----- '**************************************************************************** '* showRadioInfo '* display details of radio button selection in details divider '**************************************************************************** Sub showRadioInfo Dim objText
  8. I was checking out your version 1 file yesterday and couldn't get it to work. Thank you so much for the new v2 files. I tried it out, and it seems great. However, I can't get it to deploy the image after DiskPart. Looking at your hta file, I found that you have hardcoded i:\images.wim in the following line: strTaskValue = "imagex /apply i:\images.wim " + Radio.Id + " c:" I don't know if that's the cause of problem asI am not familar with scripting language, could you help checking it? Thanks..
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