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  1. 1. Which Board U think is best

    • ASUS
    • Intel
    • MSI
    • Other
    • GigaByte
    • DFI

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i didnt know what to vote for, i always used asus up until my last one died (the only seemed to last me a max of 2 years, then they would die) alot of people on here recommended that i get a DFI board. i bought the lan party UT ultra-d and i like it but ive been through three of them in the past 6 months or so. (the first one i broke myself, the second one game me the same problems as the first one (both were used, i bought a POST card to see if i can figure out what the problem actually is) and then i bought a new one, which started to give me the same problems but i monkeyed around with it and it works. it seems to be that the processor is the problem)

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Currently running an Asus Commando which is my second Asus Mboard & I'm quite happy with it. Other brands I like are Tyan (Both of my Dual PIII servers run on a S1834D-I), Supermicro (My other server, Dual Xeon/X6DAL-TG), & Gigabyte

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My loyalties lay with the EPoX line actually. Their boards have been very flexible, overclockable, long life (have yet to have one die on me yet), and most of all rock solid stable even during many of the harshest over/under clocking enviroments. :)

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