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Gosh's Registry Files


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Thanks to Aaron, i got some space to upload files.

I uploaded my unattended registry entries here

Extract the zip file to $OEM$\$$\

In your unattend file, put this:







Now when you install xp unattended, it'll import all my registry settings. These settings are only for XP Pro. As you see, i took a slightly different approach from most people. I have the registry files saved as .reg files, and reg.bat imports them. This wasy is very flexible, allowing me to add/remove reg hacks very easily.

My reg hacks do the following:

-disables 4 services

-Clears the XP start menu (i don't know why but it does)

-associates .sif and .nfo files as text files

-customizes the explorer interface

-disables simple file sharing

and more.



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why not use a command like this to process all reg files in a folder

for %%i in (%systemdrive%\install\Tweaks\*.reg) do REGEDIT /S %%i

this'll work in cmdlines.txt and guirunonce.. dont even have to cd into the folder as the variable %%i contains the full path and filename of the reg file

just a thought :rolleyes:

i use it for my hotfixes .. 3 lines of code to do all hotfixes .. nice :D

edit :: might be better to use this

for %%i in (%systemdrive%\install\Tweaks\*.reg) do start /wait REGEDIT /S %%i

dont want the machine to overload processing 100 reg files at once :)

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@Numinous, why is it that you allways s**g people off all the time, then when they respond to you, you say only joking, why do you not just keep your opinions to yourself, not everyone is as clever as you *cough* *cough* oh my i wish i was a god like you, if only i knew everything in the world just like you **NOT** most people in here have forgotten more than you will ever know, but for all those that havn't, why dont you just leave them the f**k alone and try and be a little more constructive with your comments.

Devil270975 all for NEWBIE POWER


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yeah well ..whatever lee pmsl :) maybe im piddled off with stupid a** questions that are totally not related to the subject.. i work out an answer only to find that someone jumps in with an unrelated question, meaning, anyone whos read the topic probably wont spot the post if they jump to the end like me ..how anyone can miss a pinned subject thats usually top of the topics beats me ..your entitled to your opinion lee, even if it does go in one ear and out the other ..i spend time on my thoughts, only to see them fade in a wash of dumbass questions.. aaron ..any chance of a dumbass questions topic pinned to the top.. only jokin :rolleyes: they wont spot it

your right.. i am like god .. i give with one hand and slap with the other :D

and forgotten more than i know

you say constructive with my comments, you obviously didnt read top down.. exactly my argument

someone give lee some NEWBIE POWER ffs lol ..theres actually quite a good tip in this topic if you can spot it

how you can say i slag people off all the time i dont know, and you looked my name up in a dictionary, my good god, your not a stalker are ya ..now im worried.. sorry lee i dont do gay ..if you like shaggin men thats your bag.. not your handbag, what i mean is, whatever turns you on, i got nothing against your kind, just dont do it near me :D

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  • 1 year later...

Ego or Eggo? Too much syrup! Whoooaaa!

Nice tips in the beginning of the thread, anyways...

Nominous, I see you decided to do the typical immature sexuality preference of the other poster for the sake of making yourself feel like you successfully "dissed it out". Well, congratulations on making yourself look like an id***. :thumbup

This is MSFN Unattended, not grade 6.

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Now, Jeremy, why in the world are you replying to a nearly two year old topic to add your two cents? Who is making whom look like what!?

Personally, I miss Numinous. There was a chap with brains, spunk, and loved to have fun!

Numinous! Come back!

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